14 Best Christian Bereavement Gifts (Moving on but still remembering)

Christian Bereavement Gifts

14 Best Christian Bereavement Gifts (Moving on but still remembering)

I lost my mother this year. This Christmas is going to be complicated. At the start of the new year will be my mother’s birthday. It is all these first celebrations without her that will be hard. I am not looking forward to them.

When Mom passed away, people were very kind. They sent cards and flowers. But after a week or so, people move on. Each month, grieving brings new memories and the realization that you won’t create any new memories with your loved one.

If you know someone who has lost someone, send them gifts throughout the year. Remember birthdays, holidays, and celebrations. Show them you care by remembering these days.

#1 Stone by

#1 engraved stone Christian Bereavement Gifts

This is an option for the person who enjoys gardening. Give them this stone gift to place in the garden to remember their loved ones.

This stone can be customized to the phrase that means something to your friend and the name and dates of the person who has passed away.

#2 Give it to God and Go to Sleep Sign by Christian Walls

#2 give it to god and go to sleep Christian Bereavement Gifts

Click here to see the Give it to God and Go to sleep collection. Free shipping and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

Nighttime is the hardest for me. I hear this from other people who are grieving as well. You can try to burry yourself into work and family life during the day, but at night when everything is quiet, and still the memories and pain have nowhere to hide, and they can take over your thoughts.

If you know someone who struggles at night, tell them you understand their pain. Give them this artwork to put in their bedroom and remember they can give all the pain and sadness to God and go to sleep.

Sleep is needed for healing, yet sleep is the one thing that invades the grieving person. Give your friend or loved one the knowledge that they are not alone. You are there for them, and so is God.

#3 I Thought of You Today, Open Book Bereavement Gift by DICKSONS

#3 i thought of you today Christian Bereavement Gifts

This is another example of something your friend can use in the garden. This is a stone structure that can be placed near a sitting area in the park.

Having a place, you can go to when you are sad to feel things is an excellent way to find peace. Help your friend create a place outside. A garden, a bench, some of her favorite flowers. 

#4 I will sustain you necklace by Etsy

#4 i will sustain you necklace Christian Bereavement Gifts

I have a necklace that belonged to my mother. I wear it all the time, and it is a constant reminder of her love for me. Having a chain is a way to find peace when the grief comes when you are not expecting it.

The verse on the necklace says I will sustain you in all seasons. It comes from Isaiah 46:4. God is going to maintain your friend through all the ups and downs that come with grief.  Your friend will be reminded that God is going to sustain them in those times.

#5 Willow Tree, With Sympathy Figurine By Susan Lordi

#5 sympathy willow tree Christian Bereavement Gifts

The Willow Tree is a beautiful piece of art. The collection is made to be given to people who are either celebrating something or dealing with an issue of sadness.

The person grieving could put this figurine gift in a place where they will see it every day. 

#6 Angels' Arms Keepsake Memorial Box by CARSON HOME

#6 angels arms keepsake Christian Bereavement Gifts

Those of us who have lost someone have a few pieces of unique, memorable items. Jewelry, wallet, picture, a bulletin from the funeral.  You want to keep these items in a place of honor. You can’t take these critical objects and place them in a regular box.

Give this memorial box gift to someone who you know has special items. Even better, if you have some things from the loved one who passed, you can give the box with the items inside.

#7 When Someone You Love Becomes a Memory Throw Blanket by MANUAL WOODWORKERS & WEAVERS

#7 when someone you love becomes a memory blanket Christian Bereavement Gifts

When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure

I have a blanket given to me by a youth leader as a gift when I was in high school in my office. The youth leader passed away from cancer when I was in college. This blanket sits on my chair and is a way to remember the advice and wisdom she gave me.

This blanket is custom-made with the name and date of the person who has passed. Use this blanket to bring the comfort of a warm hug when your friend needs it.

#8 Bereavement ring by K&S impressions

#8 Christian Bereavement ring gift

The necklace I talked about early is a great gift idea for females who have lost someone. This ring is the same constant reminder for the men in your life. The grieving man will have a reminder with them everywhere they go their loved one is in heaven.

Heaven is a beautiful place. You don’t want to think about their last days or hours. You want to think about where they are today. In heaven with Jesus. There can be no more extraordinary place. We can be happy for them.

#9 I'll Be Here for You - Plush Giving Bear Gift by Day Spring

#9 i'll be here for you plush giving bear Christian Bereavement Gifts

When a child loses someone, grief can be tough to process. I have adopted children who lost their mothers to sickness. Children can’t understand death entirely, but they grieve the same way we do.

Give a child this stuffed bear to hug and cuddle when they need a way to process their feelings. This is a bear for them to cry into at night. This is something to talk to when they don’t want to talk about their sense with people.

#10 Garden stone by Dayspring

#10 garden stone Christian Bereavement Gifts

The impact of one life when a stone is dropped into a lake, its impact leaves behind a series of ripples that broaden and reach across the water. In the same way, the effect of tone life lived for Christ will leave behind an influence for good that will touch the lives of many others. - Roy Lessin

This is another garden stone. This is the stone for someone who has a cottage. It is a stone for the cottage garden. The quote from this stone reminds the difference a rock has when it is thrown into a pond. One little gem can create ripples, each one bigger than the last.

The choices we make throughout life will impact people in a way we will never know. Today, I am living under the influence of my mother's good decisions.

I also need to be reminded to make good choices for the same reason. I want to be an upbeat rock, creating ripples of goodness.

 #11 Plant a tree

#11 plant a tree Christian Bereavement Gifts

My daughter’s best friend passed away one year ago. On the first anniversary, the teenagers from his friend group planted a tree in his memory.

Planting a tree is a fantastic way to remember a person. If you lost someone from your friend group, perhaps you would like to work together with the others in your group to place memory for your friend. Christian friend groups are as close as family. They are sisters, sisters in Christ.

Find a place that is important to everyone in the friend group.Perhaps on your church property.

This is a gift to give yourself and everyone else who is grieving along with you.

#12 Memorial Teardrop Engraved Glass Ornament Gift by personalization mall

#12 memorial teardrop Christian Bereavement Gifts

As I said previously, my daughters lost their beautiful mothers before I adopted them. I have a particular Christmas ornament for the girls to put on the tree each year in memory of their mother. We have a day on the calendar set aside to decorate the tree. We don’t put the ornament on the tree when we put the other decorations. This special one is placed on the tree on a day marked on the calendar. This is how we remember her and make sure she is part of our Christmas celebrations.

If you have someone who is celebrating their first Christmas without a loved one, give them this gift to help them make sure the memory of the loved one is always part of Christmas. 

#13 Always in My Heart Personalized Memorial Photo Keychain Gift by personalization mall

#13 always in my heart keychain Christian Bereavement Gifts

A keychain with a picture is a way to keep your loved one with you all the time. Keys are something we have with us all the time.

Everyone grieves differently. For some, it is helpful to have a picture of that person with them. A way to see them smile all the time.

Give this keychain as a gift to a friend who wants to keep their loved ones smiling with them every day.

# 14 Feathers & Psalm 91:4 by scripture walls

#13 always in my heart keychain Christian Bereavement Gifts

The Psalm 91 Collection is 100% customizable with a 100% satisfaction. Click here to see it

He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings, you will find refuge. Psalm 91:4

Bible verses are the most comforting thing you can give a grieving person. This artwork has wings often associated with the memory of the passing of people.

During this time of grief, God is going to cover your friend with his feathers; your friend will find refuge in God's care.

This is a large, beautiful piece of artwork. As your friend goes through the first year of grief, make sure they know they will find refuge from the pain.


Grieving is the hardest thing I have ever had to go through. I don’t even know how I will get through the Christmas season. But every message I receive from friends tells me I am not alone in this journey. My friends and family have helped me. God has helped me. The Bible verse that people send me or that I encounter during my morning devotions has helped me.

Your friend is going to have a hard time. But you can help them. Make sure they understand they are not alone.