15 Strong Armor of God Gifts to Protect You from Satan. Click here!

Armor of God Gifts

15 Strong Armor of God Gifts to Protect You from Satan. Click here!

As followers of Jesus Christ, we are constantly under the attack of Satan. We need protection. He knew this, which is why He gave us the Armor of God. We are called to be soldiers for Christ, and every soldier needs armor.

As soldiers in God’s army, we also must live by a code of conduct. We need the constant reminder that we are on His side and fighting the good fight. Giving a gift with a reminder is a great way to show you care.  

#1 Pen and Key Chain by Catholic Company

#1 Pen and Key Chain  - armor of god gifts

The presentation of this gift is my favorite part. The box is beautiful and manly. This would be a fantastic option for a pastor. 

I would also recommend this as a graduation gift.

My father always keeps a pen in his shirt. He used to be one of a few people who did this. However, because most people have become germ phobic over the last two years, many people are caring their own pens. But no one want to carry a BIC pen around with them.

This is a great idea for the man in your life who wants a statement piece for a pen. The matching keychain is a bonus. 

#2 God has made you robust Wall Art Canvas Print

#2 God has made you robust - armor of god gifts

“God has made you strong He will help you make it through.”

He knew that you would face difficult times. He prepared a way for you to escape. He has given us the armor of God. When we use it, we survive the fight.

Do you know someone who needs the constant reminder that He has made them strong? Perhaps someone is fighting health issues or facing family problems. When we go through these valleys, we can feel all our strength has been sucked out. You can remind them, “they are strong.”

#3 Dog Tag by Walmart

#3 Dog Tag - Armor of God Gifts

Jewelry is a statement piece. The dog tag is known for being a statement piece. The dog tag would be a great gift idea for the young man who doesn’t like fancy things—the young man in your life who is outgoing and not ashamed of his faith.

Dog Tags are known for lasting a long time. This is an excellent option for the active young person in your life.

#4 Full Armor of God Bible Cover by Christian gifts outlet

#4 Bible Cover-Full Armor of God - armor of god gifts

The Bible cover is the church purse for men. It holds their pens, paper, bulletins, and personal items. The Bible cover also protects the Bible.

There are many different designs for the Bible Cover; the armor of God is a great design. This would be especially nice for men.

#5 Put on The Full Armor of God Shirt, by Earth Custom

#5 Put on The Full Armor of God Shirt - Armor of God Gifts

As soon as I saw this shirt, I loved it!  I think I am going to order it for myself. When I am shopping for others, I keep finding things I want. This is one of those things.  I would give this shirt to someone heading on a mission trip or planning on working at a Christian summer camp.

The other person who would love this shirt is the soccer mom.  This is an excellent option for the mom who wants to witness wherever she goes.

For your sister in Christ, this is a great way to show you care about them. 

 #6 Armor of God | Christian ART PRINT by Walking by faith art

#6 Armor of God  Christian ART PRINT - Armor of God Gifts

This is an excellent piece of one-of-a-kind artwork. I love supporting artists, and this artist is great. I would recommend this artwork for the young lady in your life.

Most of the armor of God gift options are geared toward men. Our young ladies need to know they are soldiers in His army as well. He doesn’t give a different set to our Christian sisters. Each soldier is given the same equipment.

Make sure the young ladies in your life know they have all the need to defeat the wiles of the devil.

#7 PUT On Full ARMOR of GOD Patch by Unikat CA

#7 PUT On Full ARMOR of GOD Patch - Armor of God Gifts

When I was in college, I was shopping with my boyfriend; now husband, we found our way into a store that sold vintage clothes. We found a backpack that my boyfriend fell in love with.  It was an old backpack with patches on it. We also saw more patches we added to the bag. In a few days, we will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary. We still have that bag.

Patches on backpacks are back in style again. Suppose you have someone who loves patches—this is a great option. I would send them in the mail as a surprise gift idea.

#8 Armor of God Printable Activity, by Arros and Applesauce

#8 Armor of God Printable Activity - Armor of God Gifts

I teach a Bible study for six-year-olds. Little kids are sponges and learn everything quickly. They are also tactile learners. Having options such as this is a great way to teach children about the armor of God.

If you have a child in your life that you are mentoring and teaching, this is a great idea to help them learn. This can be used repeatedly, and so children can continue to learn. 

#9 Ephesians 6:13 wall decal, by Wild Eyes Signs

#8 Armor of God Printable Activity - Armor of God Gifts

We bought an old house, taking it back to its original charm room by room. Each time we finish a room, we add a wall decal with Bible verses. The Old Testament tells us that we are to keep the law of the Lord on the doorposts of our homes. When we put the Bible on the walls for our children to see every day, He will honor that.

When they are grown, and out of our home, the verses that have been sketched into their memory will come back when they need them most.

#10 Cabin style Christian wall decor: shield of faith by Carved Verses

#10 Cabin style Christian wall decor shield of faith - Armor of God Gifts

Every summer is growing up I went camping. When I was too old for camp, I worked as a camp counselor.  As a young mother, I worked for a Christian organization that ran a few weeks of summer camp, and I was the chapel teacher. I have spent a lot of time at camp.

As soon as I saw this, I was returning to the camp time.

Do you have someone who will be spending time at camp this summer? Perhaps your teen will be serving Him at a Christian camp. This is an excellent thing for them to bring to the center and decorate their cabin.

#11  Scripture Sword Wall Décor by campfire arts

#11 Scripture Sword Wall Décor - Armor of God Gifts

Swords are a great wall, Décor. This sword has an antique look, with the scripture carved into the blade. Since He gave us the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God, using the sword to host the engraved words is fabulous.

If you have a young man in your life who needs this reminder, this is an excellent gift for him. 

#12 Lord's Prayer Armor of God Bracelet by Steadfast gifts

#12 Lord's Prayer Armor of God Bracelet - Armor of God Gifts

There are many bracelet options for females in our life. There are fewer options for the men we care about. This is a great masculine piece of jewelry that any man could wear.

On one side of the bracelet is the Lord’s prayer; the other side has the armor of God.

For the businessman in your life, this is a great stylish piece of men’s jewelry they could wear proudly while being reminded He is with them all the time. 

#13 Armor of God Graduation Class Ring Style by steadfast gifts

#13 Armor of God Graduation Class Ring Style - Armor of God Gifts

Last year my oldest graduated from High School; this year, my second daughter gradates. This isn’t a ring for your daughter’s graduation; this is an excellent option for your son.

If you have a son who has completed high school while staying true to their faith and loving God, show them how proud you are of them. Give this ring to say, “I am thankful and proud of you.”

#14 Rugged Look #11 American Flag Patriotic Wall Art

#14 Rugged Look #11 American Flag Patriotic Wall Art - Armor of God Gifts

My best friend in college had an older brother that served in the military. When we started, college life was very peaceful. But at the start of our third year, we saw the towers fall, and her brother was suddenly being sent to war.

I saw firsthand the pain and concern a family goes through when their loved one is sent to war.

For those left behind, the fear is real.

If you know someone going through that right now, remind them we are all soldiers in 'Christ's army. He will help them through their struggle at home, just as he is helping their loved ones overseas. 


The armor of God is how we fight against the wiles of the Devil. When we place our faith in Jesus Christ, we are no longer bound by our flesh and desires. His salvation is a miracle. Now of salvation, we are no longer enemies of Him but friends. We are on the same side.

Who do you have in your life that needs to be reminded of this? Giving a gift with the armor of God is a way to make show them you love them. You want to help them on their journey with Jesus Christ. That could be done with a pen, jewelry, wall décor, or art.

Whatever you choose, make sure your loved one knows you have their back.