13 Top Christian Mother's Day Gifts for Church (Custom, Personalized & Bespoke Ideas)

13 Top Christian Mother's Day Gifts for Church (Custom, Personalized & Bespoke Ideas)

13 Top Christian Mother's Day Gifts for Church (Custom, Personalized & Bespoke Ideas)

I have noticed a trend over the last few years of churches not celebrating Mother’s Day. This is discouraging. The world has created a message that parenthood is something to be avoided and feared. The idea of raising the next generation has become a job that is seen as nonessential.

However, the Bible is clear. We are to see the raising of the next generation as an essential task. As the church, we need to encourage mothers and show them their job is necessary and perhaps the most critical ministry.

Giving gifts to moms on this special day is a great way to show mothers how much you care about them.

  1. Swizzle Berries by Edible

#1 swizzle berries Christian mother's day gifts for church

My husband always gets me chocolate-covered strawberries on Mother’s Day. It is my favorite gift. So, I had to include it. This is a great gift to give to moms. I suggest having these beautiful strawberries in a small disposable box handed out to the moms as they enter the sanctuary: a nice, sweet treat for them to eat as they make their way to the seats.

  1. Blessed Theme Gold Metal Key Chain by Wedding Favors

#2 blessed keychain Christian mother's day gifts for church

A beautiful key chain is a great gift. These come in balk so that you can buy many of them at the same time. This is a reminder for her as they carpool, circle the drop-off lane at school, and drive to the many location’s we have to go to that they are blessed. The children we are caring for our blessings. God has given these blessings to us to care for and to love.

I would suggest having a message reminding mothers they are caring for the blessings God has given them, then handing out this gift as a reminder.

  1. Large Pink Heart Shape Seed by Of The Earth Store

#3 wildflower seeds Christian mother's day gifts for church

The things we are teaching our children today are like seeds we are planting in their hearts. We will not see the tangible outcome of our work until those seeds are birthed into plants of love.

These heart-shaped gifts are Embedded with wildflower seeds. This is an easy gift to hand out to mothers in the church. This is a unique gift. This gift could easily be used in your children’s department as a way for children to create a handmade gift for their moms.

  1. Amazing Grace Wall Art by Christian Walls

#4 amazing grace canvas Christian mother's day gifts for church
Our Amazing Grace Wall Art & Decor Canvas Collection has some beautiful designs that would make your Mom's wall look amazing. Add her favorite scripture, change font and more at no extra cost with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

If your church has a mother running your music department, this is a way to show them how much you love and care for them. My mom ran the music department in our church when I was growing up. I loved to hear her practicing songs.

I saw with my mom’s ministry how much time is taken finding music and preparing it. Not just for the weekly music but also the theme on special occasions such as Christmas or Easter.

Use this day to show her the work she does in the ministry department is important they.

  1. Majestic Rose Nouveau Bible Tabs by Ellie Claire

#5 majestic rose bible tab Christian mother's day gifts for church

Tools to help with Bible study are a great gift for woman. This would be a perfect gift for a Bible study to give away to the mothers in their Bible Study. Bible studies are essential for church families. Bible studies for her is a way for the church to invest in the future.

Often, we see the children’s department as an investment at the end of the church, and I agree with that investment. However, an investment in parents is a far more significant investment.

This a very good gift to give new Christians in your church.

  1. Hi-Glider Bible Study Set by G.T. Luscombe Company, Inc.

#6 bible hilighters Christian mother's day gifts for church

This is the second example of a present that can be given through a Bible Study. When a church provides a gift to every mother in the church, it is a way to show they care about parenthood.

This is, of course, important. However, an extra gift explicitly given to the woman attending Bible studies is a way to show you see their spiritual journey as an impart investment in the church’s future. Not just your local church, but the church as a whole.

  1. Drink Coffee and read your Bible Wall art by Christian Walls

#7 drink coffee read bible Christian mother's day gifts for church
Add your mom's favorite scripture, or change the background at no extra cost. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Click here to see a closer look at this Drink Coffee & Read your bible canvas

Do you have someone in your church who goes above and beyond in volunteering at the church? Perhaps someone who runs summer programs or makes sure Coffee is always available for people who come and attend church.

Take the time to look through your volunteers and find a mother who volunteers for your church in a way that has hugely impacted the church but has done their work behind the scenes, and they have gone unnoticed. Show that person you noticed what they were doing.

In our church, we have a person who comes early every week and makes Coffee. They organize an area in the welcome center with snacks and Coffee for people who come. The other volunteers who arrive early to set up children’s church or practice for the worship team find Coffee and snacks already for them.

This is a person who works quietly behind the scenes and goes united. This is the type of person I would give a special gift like artwork.

  1. Keep a Quiet Heart by Elisabeth Elliot

#8 keep a quiet heart book Christian mother's day gifts for church

Elisabeth Elliot is on my list of top five women in history. If you are unaware of her story, Elisabeth’s husband was killed on a mission field. Instead of leaving the mission field and returning home, Elisabeth stayed with the tribe that killed her husband and led them to Christ. The man who killed her husband later baptized their son.

The journey of forgiveness in the heart of Elisabeth makes her a hero for all women to follow. This is an excellent gift for churches to give to mothers.

I travel and speak in churches about children’s ministry and volunteer support. One of the things I tell churches is to feed into your volunteers and show them you care about their spiritual journal. Here is one way to do that. While you may have smaller bulk gifts to give to all the woman attending services, having another advantage for the moms who are volunteering in your church shows that you care about them and you are thankful for the work they do.

  1. Bible Prayer Journal 'Gracious' STARTER Kit by Christian Lettering Co

#9 bible prayer journal Christian mother's day gifts for church

On Mother’s Day, a sermon encouraging her to make bible study an essential part of their day is a great way to show them they are vital to God as an individual. They are critical to the future of the church because they are raising the next generation. But she is also important to God as an individual. God wants to have a relationship with them individually.

After a sermon such as this, ask her to commit to starting a daily Bible study to grow their relationship with God. This is a gift to give to her when she makes this commitment.

  1. Christian Planner by We Abide together

#10 Christian planner Christian mother's day gifts for church

We are busy people. This planner is a way to make sure they keep everything organized and have time set aside for their relationship with God.

This is an excellent gift for churches to give to the woman on staff at the church. You could write in the organization some extra days off. That would make the gift extra special.

  1. Essential Oil 6 Set by The Edens Garden Store

#11 essential oils Christian mother's day gifts for church

Essential oils are prevalent right now. The Bible tells us to anoint each other with oil. If there are women in your church who organize care teams, this is a way to show them you love them.

Those who are gifted with caring for others often forget to care about themselves. They also deliver and receive love in care. Often the person who helps care for others can sometimes feel forgotten because there is no one caring for them.

Give them a gift that says you want to care for them. And remind them to have self-care for themselves.

  1. Embera Bead Project

#12 embera bead project Christian mother's day gifts for church

Your youth group can give gifts to the mothers in the church. Start this project in January and have them raise money for the Embera Bead Project. Here is what the website says about the project “The Embera Bead Project works to help indigenous families living in Medellin to help fight poverty and restore hope one bead at a time.

The profits from each unit sold go directly to help families meet basic living needs and take a step toward a better life.” If your youth raise money for this project, they will be helping mothers in Medellin while also giving gifts in their own church.

Youth today are far more interested in world events than the generation before them. This is a way to show them how the church can help organizations serving around the world.

  1. “I am with you always.” Necklaces by Joycuff

#1 swizzle berries Christian mother's day gifts for church

Giving a necklace is an excellent gift for mothers. This gift is extraordinary because it has the message from Jesus, I am with you always. God will be with the mothers in your church in the nighttime crying fits that don’t end, or the laundry and dishes that never end, or the slammed doors of the upset teenager.

There are many great times in parenthood. We see those moments on Instagram posts. But parenthood also has hard times, and that is when we need to remember that Jesus is right there with us.

In conclusion

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate the moms in your church. It is also a time to celebrate the moms who are volunteers and staff in your church. Take the time to show her you see her investment in your church is essential.

Don’t skip this day. Instead, fully embrace it.