11 Christian gifts for young girls (Educational Ideas)

Christian Gifts for Young Girls

11 Christian gifts for young girls (Educational Ideas)

I am a mother of four girls, an aunt to five nieces, and an older sister to two sisters. Although they are all grown into teenagers and young adults, I still love finding gifts for young girls. I am thankful I could find unique gifts for the girls in my life to help them grow in wisdom, stature, and grace with God and man, just as Jesus did.


  1. Radio Theatre: The Secret Garden by Focus on the family

#1 Radio Theatre The Secret Garden Christian gifts for young girls

The Secret Garden is a classic book every little girl will love. This radio theatre by Focus on the Family is an incredibly well-done radio drama that your little daughter will really appreciate. Kids love to have radio dramas to listen to while they go to sleep or during nap times.

When my girls were pre-school age, I ran a daycare out of my home—all little girls. One of our favorite times in the day was “quiet time.” Everyone laid down, and I would play audio drams for them while I cleaned up lunch.

If you are looking for a radio drama for your daughter's quiet time, I highly recombed this Focus on the Family product.

  1. Keys for Kids Devotional One Year Subscription by Keys for Kids

#2 keys for kids Christian gifts for young girls

Starting your daughter on the habit of daily connections with God is the best gift anyone can give. Keys for kids is a devotional series that has connected children with God since I was a child. Giving your child a holy book is a great idea. However, in my experience, after a few weeks, the excitement of something new begins to wane.

Keys for kids are different because they send you a new devotional each month. That means your little one will receive a gift in the mail once a month. Kids LOVE to receive mail. This keeps the excitement for doing daily devotionals.

  1. 1 Peter 4:8 Above All Love Each Other Canvas Wall Art Print by Christian Walls

#3  Peter 4 8 Above All Love Each Other Christian gifts for young girls
Do you have a picture you want to use as a background? then add your favorite scripture. All canvases come with a 100% money satisfaction guarantee! Check out our 1 Peter 4:8 wall art here

“Above all, love each other deeply because love covers over a multitude of sins.”

Is there anything more adorable than puppies and kittens playing together? Your daughter will love this large artwork in her playroom. The reminder that we are supposed to love each other all. Even dogs and cats can get along.

This happy piece of artwork is perfect for a child’s playroom. It has the spirit of love, joy, and playfulness.

As your daughter grows, she will need to know this Bible verse. There will be many times she will need to forgive someone and show them, love. Putting Bible verses on artwork to hang in a bedroom or playroom is the best way to do this.

If you are not the parent of this little girl, this gift will be a present for the parents as well.


  1. Girls Life Application Study Bible by Tyndale

#4 girls life application study bible Christian gifts for young girls

Every little girl needs her own Bible. I didn’t get my own application to study Bible until I was in college. When I was younger, application study Bibles were not made for young children. I am so happy that they are now available for children.

If you are going to give a young lady a Bible, give her an application study Bible. These Bibles are a way to show your daughter how to apply the Bible to her everyday life.

I love application study Bibles because they have extra information, such as who wrote the books or when.

When I attended a Christian University in the late 90s, I was the only girl in my theology class. Today that is changing. WE need to let our young lady's know theology is a study for all believers. Start her off young with this application study Bible.

  1. Give it to God and Go to Sleep wall art by Christian Walls

#5 give it to God and go to sleep Christian gifts for young girls
The Give it to God wall decor collection has alot of backgrounds your little girl would love. Also change the font, scripture or anything else at no extra cost


Do you have a little girl who has a hard time sleeping a night? Place this artwork above her bed and help her have sweet dreams.

When I would visit my grandma’s home, she had a large piece of artwork with a night scene on the wall. I would lay in bed, look at the picture, and imagine all kinds of beautiful things as I drifted off to sleep.

While fun artwork is lovely for playrooms, I like calming, relaxing artwork for the bedroom. This is especially true if you have a child that doesn’t want to sleep at night.

Remind your little girl one God is always in control; she can give what is bothering her to God.

  1. Girls of faith dolls by Faith Dolls

#6 girls of faith dolls Christian gifts for young girls

My daughters loved these types of dolls when they were younger. I don’t think these dolls were available when my girls were little.

My daughters spend hours every day creating stories with their dolls. They loved the videos and books that came with their dolls. These dolls have stories of faith that come with them. I just love that.

My daughters played with these dolls for years. Today while most of their toys are gone, their dolls are still in a drawer in their bedroom—even my college student. There is something extraordinary about these dolls.


  1. Bible Belles HEARD Series Collector’s Box by Bible Belles

#7 bible belles heard series Christian gifts for young girls

Bible Belles is a book series of women from the Bible told for little girls. Take your daughter through the Bible on these adventure series.

The stories of Ruth, Hannah, Deborah, Abagail.

Your little one will LOVE these books. Show her how God has always used women to do his work. God will use her as well if she opens her heart to God’s will.

  1. Fisher-Price Little People Christmas Story By fisher price

#8 little people christmas story Christian gifts for young girls

I gave this to my youngest daughter when she was a baby. Every Christmas, she set it up in her bedroom. She is now in High school, and she still wants to put it up.

When she was little, we told the story of Jesus to her, and we used this toy set. Each of my girls has its collection, and this is the set we gave your youngest.

  1. Shine Brightly magazine

#9 shine brightly magazine Christian gifts for young girls

Magazines are always fun! Your little ones will love to receive mail each month, and a magazine is a fun way to do that. Shine is a Christian magazine for little girls. She will enjoy learning about God and what God wants her to do.

This is a gift I gave to my nieces. I wanted to make sure my nieces always had the opportunity to learn about God; this gift helped me give them a new gift each month.

  1. Cactus Game Design Apples to Apples Bible Edition

#10 cactus game design Christian gifts for young girls

Family game night!

Are you looking for a fun family game night? Apples to Apples is a fun way to laugh as a family. This Christian edition is a way to play the game and talk about the Bible.

We can be educating our children all the time. Even fun family game nights are a way to teach our children about God.

  1. Mary Slessor missionary story for kids by Torch Lighters

#11 Mary Slessor missionary story Christian gifts for young girls

The first missionary story I ever received was the story of Mary Slessor. She became my hero right away. I loved everything about her story.

Today she is still in my top five favorite Christian heroes. Right now, I teach Sunday school, and I always add a missionary story to each lesson. This month I am leading the life of Mary Slessor. My class of little girls all love her.

I am excited that I am passing on my love of church history to another generation.


The little girl in your life is extraordinary. She is a little person with potential. She has the potential to grow up and live her life for God. Help her know her potential by telling her stories of women in the Bible and women in church history. So many women have gone on before us and more will come after us.

Whatever the occasion is, make sure the gift is one that will change the life of your child.