15 Christian Gift Bags (Super Functional & Practical too!)

Christian Gift Bags

15 Christian Gift Bags (Super Functional & Practical too!)

Wrapping presents is frustrating; you must have an arts degree to make the wrapping paper look decent. Mine always looks like a five-year-old wrapped it.  When the presents are unwrapped, the pater ends up in the garbage.

But finding the perfect bag can do two things. One, it makes for a good presentation. Two, the packs can be used again and again.

Here are some great options. 

#1 Kraft Paper Gift Bags - 12 Pc

#1 kraft paper bags christian gift bags

When hosting an event that calls for presents, use this option. These kraft sacks are very trendy, and the word Joy or Belief added to them gives it a celebration look.

If you are a ministry leader, you are probably looking to give a token of appreciation to your ministry partners. There are many teams in our churches, the children’s team, worship team, welcome center team, and so much more.

There have been times when I have arrived at the class I am teaching, and there is a gift waiting for me. This is such a great way to see that you are appreciated.

#2 Religious Gift Bags by HodgePodgeNC

#2 religious and christian gift bags

Christmas bags are always great. I have 16 nieces and nephews. So, I bring gifts to family gatherings. Once the kids pass the age of 12, I give cards and along with a chocolate treat.

I am always trying to find a great way to present the card and chocolate. These sacks would be a great way to do that. If you have a few people getting these packages, then you can arrive with all of them and allow each person to pick their favorite one.

These are fun pouches for the preteen you are giving presents to.

#3 Silent Night Hark the Herald Angels Sing by HodgePodgeNC

#3 silent night christian gift bags

Our family hosts a weekly Bible study. I teach a children’s bible study as well. I am looking to find a special treat for the children this Christmas.

These are an adorable and unique way to present Christmas treats to a large group at Christmas.

If you are a children’s choir director or Sunday school teacher, or perhaps you host a children’s bible study, use these pouches to make the Christmas event extra special. 

#4 Christian Inspiration Large Gift Bag with String Handle and Coordinating Note Card by Dollar Days

#4 inspirational christian gift bags

There are so many times I find the present I want to bring to an event, and then last minute, as I am getting ready to go, I realize I don’t have a bag or a card!

Then when my middle daughter was in grade eight, she was going on a school trip and raising funds with one of the school fundraisers. I bought a box of cards and bags. What a lifesaver that has been.  Once I used all the cards and sacks, I bought another set.

Now I don’t have to stress about what I will give.

I highly suggest this tip for you. And these pouches and cards are perfect because they can be used for any occasion. 

#5 Zipper bag Romans 1:16 by Create with Christie

#5 Romans 1 16 zipper christian gift bags

I am not ashamed of the gospel because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes. First to the Jew, then to the gentile. Romans 1:16

This is a bag that will become part of the gift. The sack is reusable, and therefore the person you are gifting will receive not only the present but also the pouch. It can be used as a beach carrier or a travel sack.

I would use this for travel. It is easy to carry and has space for your book, snack, and wallet. Exactly what you need for that airplane ride.

#6 Psalm 139:14 gift burlap bag by The Creative Christian Corner

#6 psalm 139 14 christian gift bags

God fearfully and wonderfully makes me. Psalm 139:14 What a great message!

Here is another option of a reusable sack. A package that will be used as part of the present. I love that idea. Why spend money on something that is going to be thrown away?

This product is made from burlap so that it will last a while. The color and style are very trendy. I love this!

#7 woman of God bag by Christian Streetwear

#7 woman of god christian gift bags

Are you planning something special for a friend or family member that is a true woman of God? Using this to present the gift is a great way to show you are thankful that she is a woman of God.

Who do you know needs to hear you tell them you see them as a true woman of God? Sometimes we don’t mean those people how thankful we are to have a lady in our life who is truly dedicated to pleasing God.

#8 2 Corinthians 3:17 bag by Sway girls

#8 2 corinthians 3 17 christian gift bags

Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. II Corinthians 3:17

There are a few occasions during the year when we celebrate freedom. The fourth of July is obvious; there is also Presidents’ Day and Veterans' Day.  

We need to remember that true freedom comes from Jesus during these days of celebrating freedom. He is the foundation of freedom. Wherever the spirit of the Lord is, you are going to find freedom.

So, when you give a gift on these days of celebration, remind the person you are celebrating with where they can find true freedom.

#9 world map Matthew 28:19-20 by moving mountain studio

#9 matthew 18 19 20 christian gift bags

“Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely, I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Do you have an event for someone who is leaving on a trip? Perhaps a mission trip? If you have someone heading on a journey and giving them a goodbye present, this is perfect for the occasion.

This is also the perfect travel pouch; it will work great for long plane rides.

#10 Counting it all Joy Tote Bag by Selah Paper

#10 counting it all joy christian gift bags

Joy is the greatest thing we can share with others. The Joy of having a friend and sharing with that friend. The Joy of giving. Nothing brings such great Joy as giving a present out of the blue for no reason.

It is such a joyful thing to have this kind of friendship. If you surprise someone with a token of your appreciation, use this to share the Joy of company.

#11 Be the Light Matthew 5:14 By Jenuine Graphics

#11 be the light christian gift bags

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.”

When sending your child into the world, remind them to be the light.

Do you have a graduate that will be heading into the world? This is an event that demands a token to celebrate.  There are so many great options for the graduate. Use this to carry the present and tell them to be the light.

#12 set of five gift bags by Favoured

#12 psalm 46 10 christian gift bags

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

This is another example of a set of bags. There are so many different times in life when you will be giving tokens to a group of people.

Before I had children, I was a school teacher. I taught grade seven. One of the things I did as a teacher was directing the school Christmas pageant. I had a small group of students who helped me with the pageant.

They took care of costumes, getting the little ones dressed and ready, and stage design. After the play, I had a special object for each of them.

This is the kind of event where these would be perfect. It is cute and the perfect size for a small token of appreciation.

#13 Christmas bags set of three by The Squeky Pen

#13 christmas christian gift bags

These sweet paper bags are the perfect carrier for sharing Christmas cookies.

At Christmas, I love to give and receive cookies. My favorite is the homemade ginger snap cookie. Just in case you want to provide me with some cookies this year.

Have you ever been part of a cookie exchange? If you have not, I highly recommend them. Here is how it works. You plan an outing with a group of friends.

And then, you bring a sack of your favorite homemade cookies for each woman. They also bring their favorite cookies. In the end, you return home with sacks of delicious homemade cookies.

This is the perfect paper bag for cookie exchanges. 

#14 Custom gift bag by Art by Heather Cutts

#14 custom christian gift bags

This is a custom bag for when you need something extra special!

So, you have an extraordinary event to attend. You have the perfect present, but you can’t find the tight wrapping paper!  What do you do?

Did you know you can have a package custom-made? How amazing is that?

Make this extra special.

#15 Christmas gift set of 10 by Favored

#15 joy love peace christian gift bags

Our last idea is this set often! These Christmas totes are tiny, adorable, and will stand out at a party. Are you a grandparent that has a gift for each of your grandchildren? Here is a great way to display the presents.

This is a great idea!

My grandmother always brings a little present for my children, her grandmother.  She gives each of her grandchildren a card with money in it. So sweet of her, especially since she is on a fixed income and ninety-four years old!

These sets are a great way to display presents instead of cards.


You have found the perfect item for the celebration you have. Now you must find the ideal way to present that item. I hope you enjoy some of these options. Whatever you are celebrating, I hope you enjoy the day of your celebrations.

Make the entire event special, the gift, and the display.