10 Christian Thank You Gift ideas (Make them feel appreciated!)

Christian Thank You Gift ideas

10 Christian Thank You Gift ideas (Make them feel appreciated!)

Saying thank you an art that has been lost in the hustle and bustle of this world. There are so many people who bless us and take care of us. We can say thank-you, but showing we are thankful is so much better.

The most wonderful thank you's come when they are not expected. My recommendations are to bless people when they least expect it and tell them you care.


1) Mother in law necklace by GutsyGoodness

#1 Mother in law necklace christian thank you gifts

Do you love your husband? What are the things you love about him? His kind heart, loyalty, generosity, and work ethic? Where do you think he got those values? A mother spent many years training her son to be the man you married.

Don’t forget to tell her thankyou for all she has done in raising her son, your husband.

Mother-in-laws love presents, especially necklaces. When a daughter-in-law shows this kind of honour to her mother-in-law the outcome will be years of mutual respect.


2)  Thankful & Blessed - Christian Signs for Home by Christian Walls

#2 thankful and blessed christian thank you gifts

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Has someone been such a huge blessing in your life that you want to show your appreciation with a grand gesture?

This is a grand gesture. A large, beautiful canvas that will be the highlight of any room. These are stunning and the message is very clear. You are so very thankful, forever grateful, and unbelievably blessed.

There are people in our lives who have impacted our lives over a long period of time. Served us in ways that we can not repay. But saying we are grateful with a gesture such as this a perfect way to say thank-you.



3) Thank You Oreo® Cookies by Gourmet Gift Baskets

#3 thank you oreo cookies christian thankyou gifts

Is there a young child who has helped you in some way? Sometimes when children help us, we can take their work for granted. Don’t forget them. We need to encourage our young people to be givers. When they take the time to give of themselves, we need to appreciate that.

This is the most adorable way to say thank-you to your young volunteers! As a bonus when you show appreciation to your youngest volunteers you will create an environment the young person will want to continue to be part of. You will have a volunteer for many more years to come.


4) Thank You Wine Tumbler– by  LEADO

#4 Thank you for being awesome christian thank you gifts


Here is an idea for the employees who work with you. Instead of mug with your company logo, give them this sweet tumbler that celebrates them. This is a great option for the female employees in your workplace.

While Christmas is a time when employees expect to receive a token of your appreciation, this tumbler would be a great unexpected token. Regardless of who you are thanking, try the unexpected gift. This is the best ones to both receive and give.


5) Just for You Figurine by Willow Tree

#5 just for you figurine christian thank you gifts

I have quite a few Willow Tree figurines. One from my marriage, from each of my children, and when we bought our first home. These are very lovely and a great way to show people you care.

I would suggest using this at a cake topper. Bringing a cake to a function to show appreciation and then giving them the cake topper to take home, will make the “thank-you” into a celebration.


6) volunteer appreciation by Crystal Central

#6 crystal volunteer appreciation award christian thank you gifts 

My daughter was presented with a crystal award as a thank you for being the citizen of the week by our city. This was from a donation she made to help childhood cancers.

She was very young when she received the award. While she has received many different ribbons, and medals in her childhood, it is this award that has never come off the shelf.

If you have a volunteer that has gone far and beyond what is expected give them this stunning award. Tell them they are valuable.


7) You are Awesome Throw Blanket by inspirational blankets

#7 you are awesome throw blanket christian thank you gifts

Have you received a hug unexpectedly that came when you needed it? Sometimes when we are at the brink of giving up someone will come by and give us the hug we need.

If you have a friend who always seems to be the person who gives you that hug you need, thank them with a hug. And a blanket is the hug that keeps on giving.

This is a way to thank someone who is always there for you even when you have not asked them for help.


8) Thank You for Being Awesome 16 oz Mint Tumbler by Sodilly Store

#8 thank you for being awesome tumbler christian thank you gifts

I have a friend who always seems to show up with a coffee when I didn’t even know I needed one. I remember one example of this was a morning when I was about to give a presentation and I was feeling overwhelmed.

I was getting close to a panic attack. And then walked in my friend with a coffee from my favorite coffee shop. It was more than the coffee. It was knowing that someone knew I would be stressed and came to my rescue.

If you have a friend like that, show up when they need you with a coffee, and give it to them in this tumbler, and let them know you think they are awesome!


9) Thank You for Your Part in My Journey Necklace by Mary Steratore

#9 thank you necklace christian thankyou gifts

This necklace is created to show a journey. You have been on a journey. Perhaps your journey included a health crisis, a change at work, a death of a loved one, or another difficulty.

When we travel through difficult paths we can feel alone, but there are people who travel along side you, supporting you.

When you overcome the challenge you faced, take the time to look back at the people who were there with you and supporting you. Don’t forget to show them you are thankful.


10) Fast Life #5 Thankful, Grateful & Blessed Sign by Christian Walls

#10 thankful grateful blessed canvas christian thank you gifts

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Is there someone in your life who has helped you in such a significant way the thank-you calls for something dramatic. Here is a dramatic picture that will impact any room it is in. It is beautiful, elegant, and still full of life and vibrant.

If you want to demonstrate your appreciation in a way that will show you understand their sacrifice to help you was significant.

This is a piece of art that would look amazing in an office.


Your life has been full of people who have supported you and helped you. If we said thank-you to everyone who has served us we would be become better people. Saying these words reminds us we have the life we have because of how other people have touched our lives.

The very best thing we can do is reach out, support, and help another person. The pass it on lineage.