13 Psalm 23 Gifts (Ideas to bring comfort and guidance through life)

Psalm 23 Gifts

13 Psalm 23 Gifts (Ideas to bring comfort and guidance through life)

This is an excellent chapter for children to memorize because it will bring peace, comfort, and guidance through life. We learn through this chapter that the Lord is our shepherd; he is always with us. We can trust Him to protect us, guide us, and heal us.

Below are a few ways to share this scripture in the theme of being a Psalm 23 gift to give to the people we love. 


#1 Psalm 23 Scarf by LiteratiClub

1. Psalm 23 scarf gifts

Scarfs are an essential part of the wardrobe for women over 60. I am well below the 60 mark, and I love the scarf. There is something about the texture, colors, patterns that I am drawn toward. 

This particular scarf is unique because it has the words of Psalm 23. If you have a woman in your life, you want to express your love to give this stunning fashionable scarf


#2 The Lord is my Shepherd Canvas Print by Christian Walls

2. the lord is my shepherd Psalm 23 gifts

In Deuteronomy chapter six, God commands His people to write His laws on the doorframes of our houses and the gates of our homes. What does that mean? It means we should be putting the Bible in the front and center of our children. One way to do that is to put scripture art on the walls. 

Imagine having a large print from Psalm 23 on the wall to read. I love how there are different texts and photographs on the photo. 

This would be a great addition to your home or a friend’s home. You can gift this print or keep one for yourself.


#3 Psalm 23:4 Re-usable Sneaker Sticker - Nike AF1, Adidas Superstar by nsd sneaker decals

3. Psalm 23 sneaker sticker

I have four teenage daughters, and they love their sneakers. They are always looking for ways to make their sneakers stand out, finding unique versions of sneakers. 

When I found these sneaker decals, I was excited—what a great idea. Adding a scripture reference is a perfect way to make your sneaker stand out. 

You can stomp all over the Devil, let him know God is your shepherd, and you will follow Jesus everywhere. Go about your day declaring Jesus is your shepherd.


#4 Psalm 23 Bracelet by Mary Clare Art

4. Psalm 23 bracelet gift

In high school, I had a bracelet with colored beads. The beads told the stories of God’s love story with us, the good news of Jesus Christ. I wore the bracelet, and it was a constant reminder of God’s love and sacrifice of grace and mercy.

This bracelet is similar. It tells the story of Psalm 23; each bead is a color that represents another part of the chapter.

This is an excellent gift for someone going through hard times. 


#5 Psalm 23 Car Window Sticker, by Walking by Faith Art

5. Psalm 23 window sticker

Car decals are trendy. Almost every car I see has decals on the back. Some have families; some have dogs; some have home party companies they work for; some have inappropriate pictures and swear words. 

You can know a lot about a person by the decal on the back of the vehicle. 

Put this scripture on the back of your vehicle. Tell the world you are under the care of the great shepherd. This is an excellent idea for your car and friends. A car decal is personal, so know the person well before getting this. 


#6 Psalm 23 Walk through the Valley Gold Foil Hebrew Art Print – by Boutique Lumiere

6. walk through the valley Psalm 23 gift

I love Hebrew; it is beautiful. This artwork is the Hebrew of Psalm 23 and is created out of real gold foil. How stunning is that!

If you have a pastor or someone in ministry that you want to appreciate, this is a unique artwork. I would highly recommend it. 

Gold foil, and Hebrews words of Psalm 23. That is amazing!

#7 Psalm 23 Illustrated Book by Richard Jesse Watson ZONDERKIDZ 

7. Psalm 23 illustrated book

One of the things I miss now that my children are grown is reading to my babies. Reading books to my children was the highlight of the day every day. My children are all grown, and I am waiting until I have grandchildren to start the tradition again.

Because I loved reading books to my children, I loved when people gave them books. Birthdays and Christmas are a time when children receive glittery, flashy toys that they stop playing with hours after opening them. 

I tell grandparents two suggestions: one is an adventure, and the second one is books. Both are gifts that will last without adding to the clutter of the playroom.


#8 Don't Give the Enemy a Seat at Your Table Study Guide: Taking Control of Your Thoughts and Fears Through Psalm 23 By Louie Giglio

8. taking control of your thoughts through Psalm 23 as a gift

The last gift idea was a children’s book. This idea is an adult book. I first heard about this book when I listened to a podcast, and Louis Giglio was a guest talking about this book. The book walks the reader through the scripture and reminds you of the table the excellent shepherd sits before you in the presence of your enemies.  Louie also reminds you not to invite the devil to the table. 


#9 Psalm 23 Engraved Cross by DICKSONS

9. Psalm 23 wall cross gift

I have a shelf in my living room to display my favorite things. This cross is the kind of thing I would show on this shelf. I love the way the scripture is carved into the cross. 

The cross is the symbol of love, grace, and mercy. The good shepherd becomes the lamb. That is the greatest sacrifice the world has ever seen. 

I would give this gift to my grandmother to display on her wall in the nursing home where she lives. I know that she would love it, and so would the others in her home.


#10 Psalms - A Prayer Journal by Dayspring

10. Psalm 23 prayer journal gift

Prayer journals help a person navigate their spiritual journey. Have a new Christian friend learn about prayer. Give them a prayer journal to grow in Christ through worship.

This journal uses Psalm 23 to help the reader learn more about prayer. 

Journaling is incredible, and a prayer journal is fantastic. 


#11 Goodness & Mercy - Psalm 23 Market Jute Tote Bag by Dayspring

11. goodness and mercy tote bag Psalm 23 gift

Shopping bags are great. I keep mine in the car, so when I must take a sudden trip to the grocery store to pick up bread or a salad kit, I have my bag ready to go. My bag is an ugly red zipped bag. I think I may need to get this bag for myself. It is cute, plus I love the message. 

I would give this gift to any mother. Since we all have trips to the grocery store, we could use this bag.

I would give this gift with food, maybe some fresh homemade bread. 


#12 The Lord Refreshes My Soul Psalm 23:6 Mug by Refreshes my Soul

12. the lord refreshes my soul gift

Mugs are always a great idea for a gift. This mug is beautiful. It is the kind of mug to give to an elegant and sophisticated lady. This is the mug a lady uses to have her tea.

As the lady in your life is being refreshed with her favorite tea, she will be reminded that the Lord will only restore her soul. 


#13 The Lord is my Shepherd Canvas Wall Art Print by Christian walls

13. psalm 23 the lord is my shephard art print gift

Sunset over mountains with still water, could there be anything more spectacular? Well, let’s add this scripture. This piece of artwork would look amazing over the bed of your child. 

There is a time when our children move from rooms with superhero’s/princesses to a sophisticated adult room. This is a piece of artwork to put in your child’s room when transitioning into an adult space. 

As they make this transition make sure they know that the Lord is their shepherd, he is your child’s guide through life. Now that they are growing up, they will need to know this. Make sure they never forget by putting this artwork in their bedroom.



Psalm 23 is by far the most famous chapter in the Bible. It is the most memorized chapter. The words have been made into songs, art, and books. God cares for us; He provides for us and guides us literally and spiritually. 

Every person has faced pain and hardship in their lives; your friends and family are no different. They have met hard times, and they will face more adversity in the future. Giving them the calming and peaceful reassurance of the good shepherd is the greatest gift you can give.