11 Cool Christian gifts for youth (ideas for Teenagers)

Christian Gifts for Youth

11 Cool Christian gifts for youth (ideas for Teenagers)

There are many reasons to give a youth a gift. It could be a birthday, Christmas, a memorable moment, or you just want to say I love you.

There are many ways to say I love you to a teenager. We can give them gifts that show we see them, and we want to encourage them in their walk with Jesus Christ. Here are some suggestions of presents that send that message

  1. Radio Theatre: The Screwtape Letters by Focus on the Family

#1 screwtape letters Christian gifts for youth

I had heard about the Screwtape letters when I was in college but didn’t read the book until I was an adult. Then I heard the Focus on the family radio theatre version of the book. It was so good. I wish I had listened to this when I was in high school.

Although this book takes time during World War one, it is very relevant today. The audio is so well done that it will draw your youth into the work.

Your youth needs to know they are in spiritual warfare. This audiobook will give that knowledge while also exposing them to the classic writings of C.S. Lewis. This would make a great Easter gift!

  1. Teens with Christ Box by Crate joy

#2 teens with christ subscription box Christian gifts for youth


Many teens will make decisions for Christ during summer camps or retreats, but once the pressures of day-to-day come along, they can forget about the promises they made to God.

A monthly subscription is a way to give teenagers a regular reminder of their commitment to Christ and a really awesome present they can look forward to every month.

This subscription box is designed to provide your son or daughter the encouragement and tools they need to follow God.

They will enjoy getting something in the mail once a month. If the youth you are sending this present to lives far away from you, this is a great way to show them you are thinking of them even though you can’t be with them.

  1. God is our Father He Loves His Kids Wall Art Canvas Print by Christian walls

#3 god is our father Christian gifts for youth
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I love this artwork because it has the trendy sunset in the hand heart that teens love and the reminder that God is the one who loves us. You love your children, their family, their friends, but it is God that loves them with a love no human can have.

They can trust God no matter what happens. God loves us even more than we love ourselves. His plans for us are so much greater than any plan we could ever for ourselves.

Give your teens this daily reminder.

  1. Be Bold Brave Courageous Short Sleeve Shirt by Made in USA Miami

#4 be bold brave courageous Christian gifts for youth

Joshua 1:9 “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Moses gave Joshua this message when he knew that Joshua would have to continue without him. Be strong and courageous. It is a command, not a request. Our children are commanded to be strong and brave. This message is essential today in our world.

Send your children out into the world with the message of courage.

  1. Build Your Own Gratitude Journal by xo Exhale

#5 gratitude journal Christian gifts for youth

I love this idea. Your son or daughter can learn how to have gratitude. This is a skill that is known. Naturally, we will be prone to be self-centered and entitled. It goes against our nature to be thankful and shows gratitude.

When you practice this skill, it will change you into a person that sees the world more positively.

A thankful person is a happy person. Giving your children this opportunity to learn the skill of gratitude will be giving your teenager the gift of a joyful life.

  1. Washed Bracelet by Route22 Designs

#6 washed bracelet Christian gifts for youth

This bracelet is suitable for either a boy or a girl. It is a way to remember a specific moment in time. If your son or daughter chooses to follow Jesus into believers’ baptism, this is a way to mark this choice. You can customize this bracelet with the date of your teenager’s baptism.

I like this idea for several reasons. I know that I was 13 when I was baptized. But I don’t remember the exact date. I would have loved to have something like this to keep as a memory.

I also like this idea because it shows them that you care about their faith journey.

  1. Matthew 5:16 Let your Light Shine Before Men Canvas Wall Art Print - Christian Walls

#7 matthew 5 16 canvas Christian gifts for youth
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In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

There is so much to unpack in this one verse! We are to be shining our light to others, and in doing so, God will be glorified. What a great message & present to give our youth. Every day our children go out into the world as ambassadors for Jesus Christ.

God gave us this message in the Bible, and He tells us to put God’s words in front of our children every day. Having artwork with Bible verses such as Mathew 5:16 on your walls is a way to always follow God’s commands to keep His words in front of our children.

  1. Let it not be said I was silent- Mug by Church History

#8 let it not be said i was silent Christian gifts for youth

“Let it not be said I was silent when they needed me” William Wilberforce, the man who ended slavery.

We want our teenagers to care about those who are hurt. We want them to stand for those who cannot stand for themselves and speak for those who can not speak.

Whether it is a single person or a marginalized group of people, we want our young people to fight for Justice.

Our world needs more William Wilberforce in our world. Let us pray that our young people will be great men and women who follow in the footsteps of William.

  1. Christian Concert by Godtube

#9 christian concert Christian gifts for youth

Tickets to a Christian concert are an excellent idea for as Christian gifts for your youth. There are many options for this, depending on where you live. This website will give you options for shows in your area.

If you want to make your gift even better, get tickets for your children and a few of their closest friends. Give them a great day out.

You can also make the gift an outing out for just you and your teenager. Make a whole weekend out of this idea and get a hotel room for the night.

We often think of Gifts as needing to be something tangible. However, experiences are often the best gifts.

  1. Passion Conference tickets

#10 passion conference Christian gifts for youth

If you want to give your child a life-changing experience, send them to the Passion conference. This is one of the most significant Christian conferences for youth in America and a present they will never forget.

I have personally seen the impact of this youth conference. The time spent with their friends passionate about their relationship with God is a gift you can’t put a monetary value on.

You can check out videos from past conferences to see how unique this experience is.

  1. Personal Charging Hub by elago store

#11 personal charging hub Christian gifts for youth

We have a rule in our home that all devices go on a charger in the evening, an hour before our children go to bed. And the devices stay on the charger all night.

Having a personal charger system is a great idea, and you can help them learn good sleeping techniques by giving them a place to put their device to charge overnight.



Raising teenagers in this time is much more complicated than it was just a few years ago. Our youth have different temptations than we had at their age. The world is changing so quickly, and as parents, it is impossible to keep up with all the new ways Satan is trying to destroy our kids.

Give them a gift that will help them grow closer to God, make good choices, and create new habits that will form them into men and women of God.