15 Creative Isaiah 40:31 Gifts (Fly high with these ideas!)

Isaiah 40:31 Gifts

15 Creative Isaiah 40:31 Gifts (Fly high with these ideas!)

"But those who hope in the Lord

will renew their strength.

They will soar on wings like eagles.

they will run and not grow weary

they will walk and not be faint."

 This was one of the first Bible verses that I ever memorized. I was in lower elementary, probably around grade three. I loved the picture of eagles soaring through the sky. I wanted to have that freedom. And I have learned over the years that when we give our struggle to God, He will provide us with hope. And with that hope, we will soar.

1) Isaiah 40:31 Pendant Necklace by Redeemed Jewelry

1. Isaiah 40 31 pendant necklace gift

I love this pendant! It is beautiful.  Present this lovely pendant to the lady in your life who needs to be reminded they can soar. With the love and hope of Jesus Christ, they will soar over the troubled waters they are trying so to survive. They will overcome. 

2) Isaiah 40:31 Hope in the Lord will Renew their Strength Canvas Wall Art Print by Scripture Walls

2. Isaiah 40 31 canvas gift

Isaiah 40:31 is a promise from God. It is a promise of strength for the weary person. We are made tired of the troubles of the world. The verse comes from a time when the people of Israel were living under captivity in Babylon. They were weary and broken by life under confinement. God promised a supernatural strength.

Give this canvas to someone living under pressure that could feel like captivity. Show them you understand the darkness they are living under. But no matter what they are facing, God is more prominent.

3) Isaiah 40:31 Sticker by ReVivingHoPe

3. Isaiah 40 31 sticker gift

My daughter loves stickers. Whenever I find one, I love to get it for her. She has always loved stickers. When she was a toddler, I found stickers all over the walls. However, today she is getting ready for college, and she still loves stickers. She has moved from Dora the explorer stickers to messaging stickers. Her computer is full of these messages.

Two days ago, a sticker I had ordered for her arrived, and she was so excited with the surprise. I saw that same little girl who was excited to get stickers for just a moment.

4) Isaiah 40:31 Notebook by VerShirts

4. Isaiah 40 31 notebook gift

I have two times a year when I buy my children school supplies. August and December. There are many options in August because everyone is getting school supplies, but the possibilities are more diminutive in December. But I want my children to go back to school in the new year with new notebooks, pens, pencils, and paper.

In December, I try to find notebooks with inspirational sayings. This is the perfect example. Start a new year with the message of hope and encouragement. 

5) WINGED CROSS ISAIAH 40:31 BRACELET by Christian apparel shop


5. Isaiah 40 31 bracelet gift

Young people in your life are going to love this bracelet! You can't go wrong with this bracelet. The great thing about bracelets is you don't have to worry about getting the right size or the color that goes with their skin tone. Bracelets look good on every body type and skin color.

Add the message of living your life with the energy that can only come with the power of the Holy Spirit, and you have a winning item.

6) Christian Keychain, She Will Run and Not Grow Weary Keychain by JKCE designs

6. Isaiah 40 31 keychain gift

My tack and field daughter loves this verse. We have it painted on to her wall above her trophy shelf. If you have a runner in your family, this is an excellent idea for a present.

Tell your track star you believe in them, and most importantly, with God's help, they can believe in themselves.


7) Isaiah 40:31 Personalized Sterling Silver Ring by Nadin art design

7. Isaiah 40 31 silver ring gift

When I was in college and dating my now-husband, I bought him a ring. It was my first birthday present for him. He wore it for four years until it broke one day. It is in a shadow box with other memories from our dating years.

I love this ring. It is manly and yet classical. I would recommend it this present for the man in your life. 

8) Isaiah 40:31 Bible Cover- by Christian Art Gift

8. Isaiah 40 31 bible cover gift

Bible covers are great.  When I go to Bible study, I always have a notebook, pen, and highlighter in my purse. My husband doesn't have a bag. Men also have things they can bring to Bible study with their Bible. A Bible cover gives them spaces to hold a pen, paper, etc.

If you want, you can also add a pen, notebook, and highlighter to your present. 

9) Jewelry Boxes by Run Keepsake Box

9. Isaiah 40 31 jewelry box gift

We tend to think of women when we think about jewelry boxes. However, men have essential jewelry. Wedding rings, watches, cuffing sect. This is a gorgeous jewelry box. If you have a man in your life who enjoys running, this is a great jewelry box for him to store things in while he is running.

My husband loves to run. In the summer, he runs every Sunday morning before Bible Study. Right now, he leaves his jewelry on the nightstand when he goes on his runs, although he wears his wedding ring to run. This is a great option, and it is on my list now.

10) Christian Necklace by YSK

10. Isaiah 40 31 Necklace

This is a magnetic necklace. It has the feel of a coin or token. If you have an athlete in your family, this is a fantastic option. If you have an athlete, you love who lives far from you and cannot see them compete, send them this gift. When they receive the package in the mail, they will know that you care.

It can be hard to be away from grandchildren, nephews or nieces, or siblings who are athletes. We want them to know we love them and support them. Sending them a surprise in the mail is the best way to send them your love.

11) ISAIAH 40:31 Scripture Coin by GOP SHOP

11. Isaiah 40 31 scripture coin gift

When I found this coin, I fell in love with it. I am not a coin collector, but I know a coin collector man. He has told me about exciting coins out there. I have never heard of this coin. The more I investigate specialized coins, the more interested I become.  My friend has told me about the special conferences and meetings coin collectors attend. I am quickly becoming interested in cash.

If you have a friend who is a coin collector, this is an excellent idea. Having the word of God printed onto coins is an incredible thing.

12) Eagle Statue by Chom

12. Isaiah 40 31 eagle statue gift

I have a box with trophies I won as a child, and my husband has a similar package. Two of my children are athletes and have shelves on their walls with medals. There is something about a trophy that tells people they are valuable. This statue has the feel of a trophy and looks like trophies I have on the shelf of my children's walls.

Is there someone in your life that deserves an award of some kind? A leader in your church or a ministry that has gone above and beyond what is expected? This is a great way to show them you appreciated me.

Perhaps there is someone else in your life who has overcome something such as cancer. Tell them you are proud of them, and you know they are an overcomer with this beautiful statue.  

13) Hanging bar by Allied medal hangers

13. Isaiah 40 31 hanging bar gift

My father-in-law is a woodworker, and he built a medal hanger for my daughter to display her track medals. He put this verse on her medal hanger. She will have the medal hanger for the rest of her life.

I love this verse for a medal hanger because it reminds your athlete that the strength, we find in Jesus Christ gives us the power we need to run and not grow weary.  Our athletes need to know that God will provide them with the strength they need for much more than their competition. They will be given the power to live with integrity and honor.

14) Coaster made from stone by Twelve stone art

14. Isaiah 40 31 stone coaster gift

The stonework is one of my favorite textures. I have a coaster made from stone. I got it when I was at my brother-in-law's wedding in Seattle.  I have the coaster on my stove and use it to put my stirring spoons on when cooking.

This coaster is extra special because of the words from Isaiah 40:31.

If you are invited to a friend's new home and want to bring a hostess gift, this is a great idea. 

15) Holy Spirit Power from on High Wall Art Canvas Print by Scripture Walls

15. Holy Spirit Power isaiah 40 31 gift

The Holy Spirit has the power to give us. His passion is supernatural and will provide us with wings to soar above the problems of the world. This powerful piece of artwork will be the focal point of any room it is in. If you know someone who needs to be reminded every day that the power of the Holy Spirit is available, then give them this artwork.

Everyone who enters the room will be given this message of hope, power, and strength.



This powerful verse is a gift from God. The Holy Spirit gave this verse to Isiah to write down and allow the Israelites to know they could overcome the difficulty they were living through. That verse was given to us as well. We have the same home the Israelites living under Babylonian captivity had. We have the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. 

The Holy Spirit gave us this gift, and now we can make sure other people know this truth.