15 Awesome John 3:16 Gifts (Born-again Friends Will Love Them!)

John 3:16 Gifts

15 Awesome John 316 Gifts (Born-again Friends Will Love Them!)

"For God so loved the World He gave his Only Begotten Son,

that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life."


This is the first verse children learn in Sunday School. And for a good reason. These 24 words hold the truths of the gospel. The hope of eternal life was given to us by God, who loves us unconditionally. There is no other verse in the Bible that tells the whole gospel message. We learn about the sacrifice of God, the love of God, who the gift is offered to, and how to have eternal life. 

Here are some great options for gifts with the John 3:16 message


1) John 3:16 Shirt by Purple rush clothing

1. for god so love the world shirt as john 3 16 gifts

Today the trend is to wear clothing with messages. The verse John 3:16 is seen everywhere. Sporting Events, and even graffiti on highway overpasses. The news of John 3:16 is poplar because we all know we need a savior. 

Give this shirt to a girl in your life. Give her the chance to wear the good news of Jesus Christ with the World. 


2) John 3:16 Canvas Wall Art by Christian walls 

2. for God so loved the world canvas john 3 16 gifts

Have you ever been walking on a path and stopped to see the beauty of that path?

I love to talk walks with my dog. We have some beautiful paths in the town where I live. What is it about the path we find so inviting? This artwork makes you want to walk right into the painting. It is inviting.

The verse John 3:16 is similar to an inviting path. God is inviting us into his plan of salvation.  As you look at the picture, you are drawn into the invitation of grace and mercy. 

This artwork would be an inspiring gift for anyone. I would proudly display this artwork in any room in my home. Your loved one will also really like this statement piece. 


3) John 3: 16 Cufflinks – by Upscale Trendz

3. for God so loved the world cufflinks john 3 16 gifts

Cufflinks are vital for modern man. Picking out the perfect suit is essential, but don't forget the cufflinks. Small details like the cufflink make or break the outfit. The cufflinks are the statement piece of a gentlemen's outfit. Suppose you want to make a statement. John 3:16 is the most significant statement anyone could make. 

Give this statement piece to the gentleman in your life who wants to state the good news of Jesus Christ everywhere he goes.


4) John 3:16 Scarf by living grace

4. for God so loved the world scarf john 3 16 gifts 

While the cufflinks are the statement piece for the gentleman in our lives, the scarf is the statement piece for the lady.  The scarf is trendy, but it is not a new trend. Ladies have worn a scarf for hundreds of years. Even the queen wears a scarf.

I am a lover of history. And the history of the scarf is fascinating. During World War 2, women wore scarves that held political statements. 

"Shoulder to Shoulder"

When women were working on getting the vote, they wore scarfs that said Votes for Woman.  As followers of Jesus Christ, we have the essential message of all. The good news is that Jesus saves.  Give this gift of a scarf with the announcement of love to the lady in your life who wants to make a statement.


5) John 3:16 wrapping paper by Gift The Gospel

5. for God so loved the world wrapping paper as john 3 16 gifts

This year my husband did all the Christmas shopping. This has never happened before. Every year I do the Christmas shopping, but this year I was caring for my mother who was ill, so he took the job. I, however, got to wrap the presents. The wrapping paper is essential. 

This is wrapping paper I love.  

Whatever gift you give, don't forget the wrapping paper.


6) John 3:16 Hat by Christian gifts outlet

6. for God so loved the world trucker hat as john 3 16 gifts

The baseball cap is the essence of cool. It takes any outfit you are wearing and makes it look effortless. The great thing about the perfect baseball cap is that it finishes the weekend outlook. 

I have been to many tracks meets over the years. And I can tell you that the baseball cap did far more than the finish of my track mom look. It kept my head calm and protected by the sun. 

I wish I had this cap on those days! I would wear this cap proudly anywhere I go. 


7) John 3:16 Scripture Ring By Christian jewelry

7. for God so loved the world scripture ring as john 3 16 gifts

My firstborn is heading off to college soon. I am going to be giving her this ring. I want her to have something in her hand when she leaves home. Time has flown by so quickly. When she was entering kindergarten, she cried every day. She didn't want to be away from me. I drew a heart on her hand and told her to hold the heart and know I loved her when she missed me.

Now going to college, I will give her this ring for the same reason. But I want her not only to remember that I love her but that her heavenly father knows and loves her even more. So a ring with John 3:16 is the perfect ring. 

8) Throw Pillow Cover by Smooffly

8. for God so loved the world throw pillow cover as john 3 16 gifts

I adore pillows. My husband sometimes complains that I have too many pillows on the bed. I also really like to have pillows on the coaches. There is something about the pillow that finishes off the room. 

When I shop, the pillow aisle is where I am tempted most. The throw pillow is the best way to freshen up the room. This throw pillow does much more than freshen up the room. It states good news, Jesus saves.

This is a great gift for the friend or family member who has a new home. When you visit the new home for the first time bring this great pillow as a gift. 


9)  John 3:16 Pendant Key Ring Keychain by Dicksons Store

9. for God so loved the world pendant key as john 3 16 gifts

We have two kids with driver's licenses, one learning to drive and one who will start driving next year. It is both a wonderful and terrifying time of parenthood.

What do you do when your child gets their drivers' license? A gift of a keychain is a great idea. And here is an excellent option.  A key chain is something your child will have with them all time, so giving them one with the message of God's love will always keep the gospel front and center in their lives.


10) John 3:16 Faux Leather Journal – by Christian art gifts

10. for God so loved the world leather journal as john 3 16 gifts

Journals are my favorite go-to gift for any occasion and any age. I journal regularly, plus I keep a journal for Bible Study notes. My middle daughter also loves to journal. 

Regardless of the occasion, you celebrate, think about a journal as the perfect present. I like to fill in the first page of the journal with my thoughts about the person I am giving the journal to. 


11) John 3:16 Cross Leather Wallet by St. Patrick's Gifts & Books

11. for God so loved the world leather wallet as john 3 16 gifts


We have mentioned some statement wear earlier in this blog. The cufflink and the scarf. Another example of a statement piece is the wallet. 

I love getting new wallets. It is something I buy for myself about once a year. My teenagers also likes getting new wallets. 

Men, on the other, had don't always see the need to get a new wallet, even if the one they have is past its prime. Sometimes it is up to us to get them the new wallet they need. If you get the man in your life a wallet, give him this one, with the message of God's grace and redemption. 


12) John 3:16 Magnetic Strip by Christian art gifts

 12. for God so loved the world magnetic strip as john 3 16 gifts

I have a large metal door in my home. It came with the house. We have magnets on the door, some with pictures and some with statement pieces. 

Here is a magnet strip I could add to my collection. This would also be great to put on a vehicle when you want to use a bumper sticker. This is an excellent add-on to a gift bag if you're giving a gift.


13) Christian Art Gifts Glass Water Bottle by Christian Art Gifts Store

13. for God so loved the world water bottle as john 3 16 gifts

I used a glass water bottle for the first time a few weeks ago. WOW. So much better than the metal and plastic water bottle. I am going to have to use glass water bottles from now on. We are supposed to be drinking more water; we all know that none of us are getting the amount of water we need. So by giving this water bottle, you are not only providing a great bottle but a reminder to drink more water. 

This is a gift that people won't know they want until they use it. The bonus of the design makes it even better. 

14) John 3:16 Bracelet by Sigmo Creations

14. for God so loved the world bracelet as john 3 16 gifts

Pendant bracelets are one of my favorite trends. This gorgeous trendy bracelet is a fun way to keep the good news of Jesus Christ at her wrist. Everywhere your teenage girl goes, she will always have the gospel where she will always see it.

The Bible says to bind the law of the Lord on our children's hands. This is a way to do that. God commanded this because He knew when our children are reminded on an hourly basis of the love of God, that will change them.

15) John 3:16 KJV Wall Art

15. for God so loved the world wall art as john 3 16 gifts

Sunsets make the perfect pictures. Something about them puts you in a better mood and inspires you. When you see an evening, something about it makes you slow down and take the time to look at the beauty of God's creation.

The verse does the same thing. When we read the words and allow ourselves to embrace the message fully, it will change our mood and inspire us, making us slow down and see the beauty of God's love. 



John 3:16 is the verse we love, memorize, and teach to our children. This verse is the greatest love our earth has ever seen. God loves the people of this World with such a love that he gave the greatest sacrifice to save us and give us eternal life.  Finding products that shout this message are a great way to provide hope to those we love.