14 Thoughtful Christian Teacher Gifts (to show your appreciation!)
14 Thoughtful Christian Teacher Gifts (to show your appreciation!)

I remember my 11th-grade politics teacher. He made an impact on my life. I fell in love not only with law and politics but with learning. They have a way of impacting your life in a way no one else can.  My children have a few teachers they talk about in this same way. Someone that makes them want to learn.

As a parent, when a teacher impacts my child’s life, there are no words to say thank you. Having another person take the time to move your child is a gift you can not repay.

As Christians, we want to bless the teachers in our lives. Here are a few gifts that might help you show your appreciation.



#1 'It takes a BIG heart to shape little minds' keychain by Christian Art Gifts

#1 key chain Christian teacher gifts

“It takes a BIG heart to shape little minds” is on one side, and “Let all you do be done in love” on the other side.

Shaping little minds is not an easy thing to do. It takes patience, understanding, and love. This gift is a way to show them that you appreciate them.  

I remember a teacher I had who I always knew loved me. She was a perfect example of what it means to have a big heart. She always wanted to know about our lives and genuinely cared about our struggles, even if they were not classroom-related. 

If you have been blessed with someone like this, make sure you show them your appreciation.

#2 God Bless This Teacher Mug by Abbey Gift Store

#2 MUG  Christian teacher gifts

“God bless this teacher who has blessed young lives with what they’ll need to build a better world.”

Our children have the potential to change the world. We know our world needs some series changing. A good educator molds children into people who can build a better world. 

Every teacher can make an impact on the lives of children. This mug is a perfect present for them.

Every teacher’s desk has a favorite coffee mug sitting on it. This mug is a way to remind your student’s teacher that you are praying for them.

Let them know they are blessing the lives of the children in their classroom.

#3 'For every lesson you've prepared, Love of God has been shared' Cosmetic Bag by G2TUP

#3 bag  Christian teacher gifts

This small bag can be used for cosmetics; however, it is perfect for all the pens, pencils, markers, and highlighters they need.

This is an excellent idea for a Christian school or Sunday school teacher.

I have taught Sunday school for 20 years. There have only been a few times people took the time to leave me a special idea. Those unique ideas can give them encouragement they need when they want to give up.

As you give something for them, don’t forget about their Sunday school teacher ;)

#4 God Bless you, As you Serve the Lord through Teaching Journal by Teacher Appreciation Quotes and Gifts

#4 journal  Christian teacher gifts

I have a friend who is a teacher. They keep a book where they write down the things students say. Sometimes the sayings are funny; often, they are insightful and profound. She once had a student ask her what she did for a living.

Giving them a journal is a great idea. When you provide the journal, start by writing a message on the first page just for them.  Let them know how much you respect them.

#5 Teacher’s Encourage Hands Tote Bag by Swanson

#5 tote bag  Christian teacher gifts

Everyone needs a great tote bag.  This bag with the quote, “Teachers encourage hands to create, minds to think, and hearts to love.

This fabulous tote from is a bag for the elementary teacher in your life. Help them keep their school supplies neat and organized in the sweet tote bag.

#6 Teacher Planner Pad by Christian Art Gifts

#6 planner  Christian teacher gifts

Here is another great gift idea from Christianbook's store

Every educator needs a planner to keep their lessons plans organized. A planner is something they can not function without having. It is essential!

This planner is perfect for the Christian teacher. Across the top of each week’s plans is a quote to inspire them to continue the life-changing role they have been given.

#7 Thanks for making me one Smart Cookie by TinksTreasuresChest

#7 smart cookie gift  Christian teacher gifts

Are you looking for a small gift that is sweet? This is an idea for a small token of appreciation for someone. This idea isn't overtly Christian; however, when I saw this, I thought it was so sweet I had to add it to the list.

This is just adorably sweet.  I had to add it to the list.


#8 Mug I have teaching in veins and Jesus in my heart by Zazzle

 #8 mug teaching in my veins and jesus in my heart  Christian teacher gifts


I have a friend who is a teacher who has teaching in her veins. She ran a daycare out of her home when her kids were little, and when they got bigger, she went back to school to get her teaching degree.

She is now teaching in the school system. Although she now officially has a job as a teacher, she has always been one. It is who God created her to be.

Do you know someone like this?

#9 Thank You for Helping Me Grow in God's Love by Natashaaloaha

#9 Thank you for helping me grow  Christian teacher gifts

This is a present you can have personalized. I love personalized gifts because it shows you took the time to get a present that was for them personally. We love our teachers, and we want to say thank you. Sending a thank, you note engraved onto a key chain is a permanent way to say THANKS!


#10 Thank you for being my Teacher printable by The Arty Apples

#10 Printable quote Christian teacher gifts

There are crafty people that love to make something for teachers. I don’t have a crafty bone in my body. However, I love getting those presents.

This is a printable world art you can purchase by The Arty Apples that you can use for your homemade craft. If you are the crafty friend who makes terrific homemade gifts and you want to up your game, this is a great print!

Or, if you want to make something homemade but need some help, purchasing printable word art is a way to make your homemade gift look professional. 

11) She Speaks with Wisdom Proverbs 31:26 By Art Print Studio

#11 Proverbs 31 6 She speaks with wisdom Christian teacher gifts 

This is my favorite verse for teachers.

“She speaks with wisdom,

    and faithful instruction is on her tongue.”

If you have someone who has the knowledge and wisdom, you are very blessed. A teacher with understanding is someone who will impact your student far beyond math, reading, or writing.

They also shape the charter of our students. Having a wise one is a beautiful thing. Click here if you want to see more ideas for Proverbs 31 Gifts.

12) Made for this Esther 4:14 by shakemakerdesigns

#12 Esther 4 14 Christian teacher gifts

Do you have a friend who is in a hostile teaching environment? Unfortunately, this has become more common. I have a friend who has returned to the workplace after a few years away and has been shocked at the change in the school.

It is no longer friendly toward a Christian worldview. My friend needs daily encouragement to remember that God has placed her in this role for a reason.

If you have a friend in this circumstance, this something they will love.  It is a daily reminder of their purpose.  To do God’s work and bring Him Glory.

13) I’m not Perfect Canvas Print by Christian Walls

#13 I'm not perfect Christian teacher gifts

A canvas with his or her favorite Bible verse would be a great gift. We can change the bible verse, background or anything at no extra cost.

If you are looking for artwork with a Christian message that can be displayed in a public-school classroom, this is the perfect one for you.

“I’m not perfect. I’m a work in progress.”

This is a reminder to the students that perfection is not their goal but to constantly be improving. This is important for us to remember as Christians. God is still working in our lives.

We are not perfect. And while we are here on earth, we will never be perfect. But our goal is always to improve and grow closer to God, to be more like him.

14) Let your light shine Canvas by Christian Walls

#14 Let your light shine Christian teacher gifts



Here is another example of Christian Art that can be displayed on the walls of a public school. If Christian children are in the classroom, they will be reminded that they have to let their light shine every time they see this message.

The world needs us always to shine our light. God uses us as His tools to be His hands and feet. Your school requires you to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Let your light shine!

In conclusion: 

If you are looking for a gift, these are great ideas. Perhaps you’re looking for a small but meaningful present. Or you have a family or close friend you love and you want a present to show them you love them; whatever the reason, there are many great options for you.

I hope that you have someone in mind you can think of who impacted your life. I know that I have a couple. I pray that your children will also have someone who will impact their lives. If you are so blessed to have someone like this, make sure you let them know how much you appreciate them!