13 Be Still Gifts and Know I am God Gifts - Smart & Stylish Ideas! Click here

Be Still and Know I am God Gifts

13 Be Still and know I am God Gifts (Psalm 4610) - Smart & Stylish Ideas! Click here

“Be Still and Know That I Am God.”

When I was little, there was a song my mother would sing with these words. As I grew up, this song has often played in my mind. There are days when I need to remember to stop and be still.

When my “mother bear” is getting ready to roar, this comes to mind. God brings these words to mind, and I take time to stop and be still and then allow the Holy Spirit to control my words and actions.

There are also days when I look out my office window and see snow falling slowly or a bird singing in the summer. The words of God come over me, and I take time to stop and enjoy the beauty of the world God has created. Then I remember that He is God.

1. Be Still and Know that I Am God Outdoor Cushions, Hand-painted, Pillow Cover by Sipping Iced Tea

#1 Be Still and Know that I Am God, Outdoor Cushions, Hand-painted, Pillow Cover - Be Still Gifts

I love cushions. Outdoor cushions are one of my favorite things. This year we are planning on building a new deck in our backyard. I will be looking for great pillows for the new deck furniture.

When we are outside in the beauty of God’s creation, we need to remember to stop and be calm for a few moments. This outdoor cushion will look great on your friend or family member’s deck.  

If you are invited to an outdoor party and want to bring a host gift, this is a great option.

2. Print by Christian Walls

#2 Be Still Canvas print - be Still Gifts

One of my favorite memories is from twelve years ago. My daughters were five and three years old. We were taking a family walk through a field of bright yellow flowers.

My girls were giggling and dancing. I stopped for a minute and let my family walk ahead of me. I stood there watching the girls dance among the flowers. I knew at that moment I needed to remember this picture forever.

I thanked God for the blessings of my daughters, and the yellow flowers for my girls to enjoy, and the freedom to run throughout the field.

It is in these moments of gratitude and stillness that God’s love wraps around us and through us, and we know that He is God.

This canvas print would be an excellent gift for a child, a teenager, or a mother.

3. Be Still Gift Box by Full of Grace Studio

#3 Be Still Gift Box - Be Still Gifts

Gift boxes are a great idea! I love this box because it has so many beautiful prints. There are times when I talk to someone and share the stressful situations, they are going through with me.

I want to follow up with that person later and tell them I am still praying for them.  Leaving one of these cards on their desk at work would be a great present.

This is a gift box you could purchase for yourself. The box is full of small business card-sized reminders and cards to give away. Having this box on hand is a great way to prepare when someone shares care or concern with you.

4. Be Still Necklace by All Seven Sisters’ Jewelry

#4 Necklace - Be Still Gifts

I love the way this necklace has an antique look. I love antique jewelry and would wear this with pride.

Do you have a loved one who struggles with anxiety? I have a loved one like that. It is hard when someone you care about struggles with fear and panic attacks.

Giving a Be Still and Know I am God necklace is a way to provide them with something tangible to hold onto.

5. Be Still Pottery Bowl by Braidwood Pottery

#5 Pottery Bowl - Be Still Gifts

I have a friend who is a potter. She makes beautiful dishes. The dishes in my home are from her collection. I love to eat out of pottery. There is something about the pottery texture that connects me to the food.

My oldest daughter has a specific pottery bowl for her morning smoothy bowl.

If you have someone in your life who needs a morning reminder to be still and remember that He is God, this is a great gift. If that person loves smoothy bowls, this is the bowl for them.

6. Be Still Candles by Living Grace

#6 Candles - Be Still Gifts

Candles are always a go-to gift idea. These candles would work for either males or females.

Candles have a way of calming your spirit and bringing immediate peace. A few weeks ago, the power went out in my town. The whole city went dark. My kids all made their way to the kitchen, where my husband and I lit candles.

In a moment, the hustle and bustle of the home were gone, and we were all sitting calmly at the table with candlelight.

Why does the candle work this way?

When we have romantic dinners, we turn the lights off and light a candle.

If you have someone who needs to have a way to create a calming space, this is the gift for them.

7. Be Still Bracelet by Annie Rey Jewelry

#7 Bracelet - Be Still Gifts

This is another example of a piece of jewelry that can be worn as a tangible reminder to be put their anxiety away and trust God.

This is a gorgeous artistic bracelet. Something that could be worn at work or to a dinner.

This would be a great help to someone in a stressful situation and who needs God’s strength.

8. Custom Family Plaque by Northwest Gifts

#8 Custom family plaque - Be Still Gifts

When we adopted two of our daughters, we had an adoption party. One of our friends who had walked through the whole adoption journey with us gave us a gift like this. A personalized wooden plaque with our family name.  

We have that plaque on the wall by our front door. It is the first thing we see when we walk through the front door.

If you have recently married or have added to their family through adoption, this is a gift idea for you.

9. Be Still Water Bottle and Journal by Christian Art Gifts

#9 Water Bottle and Journal - Be Still Gifts

I would sit by a river, drink coffee, and write in my journal in college. I would write letters to God. It was how I communicated with God.

This is a great gift idea if you have a new Christian friend. I would recommend it for a baptism gift. Your friend is a new Christian, recently baptized; the next step is to establish a routine for daily devotions.

This water bottle and journal is how you can help your friend create the perfect time with God.

10. Be Still Children’s Book by Kathryn O’Brien

#10 Children’s Book - Be Still Gifts

Children also need reminders to be still. Take the time to listen to what God is saying to them.

Presents for kids can be tricky. You want to bring a gift, yet you don’t want to add to the chaos of clutter that can accompany children.

Books are the perfect solution. You can never have too many books. You can bring this to a birthday party, Christmas gathering, or family function.

11. Be Still Pocket Planner by Sandy Clough

#11 Pocket Planner - Be Still Gifts

You might think pocket planners are pointless with today’s technology. However, many people (including me) would rather have a paper planner.

There is something special about putting pen to paper. If you share my love of jotting down reminders, this is the gift for you.

I appreciate the fact this planner is two years. I also like the beautiful design and Bible verse. A great gift for someone who uses these alot :)

12. Large Planner by Christian Art Gifts

#12 Large planner - Be Still Gifts

If a pocket planner is not enough for you, you can use this large planner. The style of this planner can be used for either males or females. 

This is a great gift option if you have someone you love who has a new job or starts college.

Don’t shy away from this gift, thinking your friend will use technology instead. The paper calendar is making a comeback.  

13. Be Still Christmas Ornament by Christ to All

#13 Christmas ornament - Be Still Gifts

I love Christmas. I don’t understand people who don’t love Christmas. My tree has concrete ornaments. Each one is special for its reason. I had a glass ballet girl when I was six years old. I have kept it all these years. 

If you have someone who loves Christmas, this is a perfect present for them.

14. Canvas by Christian Walls

#14 Be Still Wall Art - Be Still Gifts

If anything on this planet would make you stop and be still the northern lights. 

My mother was raised in northern Canada, and she has seen this sight. She told me about the beauty of the views. You must stand in awe of the greatest of God when you see these lights.

This is stunning artwork. Anyone would be honored to have this on their walls. 


Take the time to be still and remember that God is the greatest gift you can give to someone. This may come in the form of jewelry, planners, or stunning artwork. Whatever shape you give this encouragement in, know you are giving life. For the person with anxiety, these presents can be life changing.  

Don’t forget to give this Be still and know I am God gift to yourself as well. Take the time yourself to be still.