15 Faith Over Fear Gifts (Give them Strength - Click Here)

Faith Over Fear Gifts

15 Faith Over Fear Gifts (Give them Strength - Click Here)

I have a friend with extreme anxiety. Even years ago, she struggled with leaving home. Now that things have been closed and people have not been visiting for the last few years, her anxiety is far worse. She struggles with leaving her home and doesn’t like to be around people.

The last two years have caused a lot of people who struggle with anxiety to break into a million pieces.

The struggles with mental illness are out of control. We all know people who need to remember that their faith is more substantial than their fears.

1. Faith over Fear Necklace by Bonaanza

#1 Necklace - Faith Over Fear Gifts

Necklaces finish an outfit. Everyone woman knows this. There are many necklaces, and each type works with a different company.

I have never really been a huge jewelry person myself. However, recently I have been started wearing necklaces more often. My mom left me her jewelry when she passed away. The necklaces mean something to me.

It is when jewelry holds a special meaning that they give us hope. Since they are around our necks, we can reach and keep them at any time.

This fact over fear necklace can be held when your loved one needs that extra piece of courage. When you can’t be there for them, they know you care.

2. Faith Trust by Christian Wall

#2 Faith Trust - Faith Over Fear Gifts

Sometimes we go through battles that are so huge every day is a struggle. We wake up in the morning and must remind ourselves to breathe. If we don’t force ourselves to eat, we won’t remember to eat. We feel tired all the time, and yet we can’t sleep.

When we face battles such as this, having faith can seem impossible. While our faith is the only thing keeping us alive, it also appears as though it is out of our reach.

I had had a few times when I walked through a valley they deep. As I write this, I am walking such a valley.

If you know someone walking through a valley such as this, you probably want to help, and you don’t know-how. I can tell you your loved one needs a constant reminder.

Artwork such as this, hung in a place where they see it as soon as they wake up, will remind them of hope they need to help them start the day.

3. Faith over Fear Bracelet by Annie Reh

#3 Bracelet - Faith Over Fear Gifts

Like the necklace in the first post, bracelets are another tangible item that a person can keep close to them when they need a reminder to stand up to their fears.

I have a friend who has a five-year-old son with cancer. That means she spends many hours in the hospital with him while he goes through treatments. The fear that must grip her heart each day is something I can not imagine.

A bracelet with the reminder to have faith would be a good idea for someone going through a hard time. Especially over the last few years, many hospitals don’t allow extra visitors. When you would have usually been there in person holding their hand, now you can be there in spirit, with a gift such as this bracelet.

4. Faith over Fear Mug by All Things by Faith

#4 Mug - Faith Over Fear Gifts

I received a phone call today from a friend I have not seen in a while. She invited me for coffee on Saturday to talk about some of the struggles I am going through. Having a friend to talk to can make all the difference in the world.

If you have someone who needs a cup of coffee and a friend, here is my suggestion. Gift them this mug and deliver it with coffee and time to chat.

5. Faith over Fear T-Shirt by All Rabbitees

#5 T-Shirt - Faith Over Fear Gifts

T-Shirts are always a fun gift idea. I love this shirt; it looks like a perfect mom shirt for a day of chasing toddlers, folding laundry, and making meals.

Many fears attack us mothers. Thoughts that we are not good enough, moms worry that we are juggling too many balls and dropping some.

In the middle of the chaos of mom life, we can have faith that God has all this under control.

6. Faith over Fear Hat by Kick Ace

#6 Hat - Faith Over Fear Gifts

I have always loved baseball hats. I find them fun. It helps that my husband always tells me he thinks I’m cute when I wear them.

This is a hat I love. I have it on a list for myself.

This would be a gift for either a male or female. This is an excellent idea if you have someone who loves to wear baseball caps.

7. Faith over Fear Teaspoon by Samirah Collections

#7 Teaspoon - Faith Over Fear Gifts

My seventeen-year-old daughter has gotten our family into charcuterie boards. She is good at putting them together. We have discovered that the little bowls of dip need tiny spoons.

These tiny spoons are great if you have a friend who loves charcuterie boards or bowls of dip.

8. Enamel Pin by Lauren Bach Lettering

#8 Enamel Pin - Faith Over Fear Gifts

A pin is an excellent idea for a gift for a few different people. Men can wear them on their tie or lapel.

Women can also wear them on their jackets.

Pins are often given at particular milestones. This is a great way to show you care. If you know someone who has reached a milestone, this is a great way to show you care.

9. Faith over Fear Ring by Personalized by LD

#9 Ring - Faith Over Fear Gifts

Like the necklace and bracelet mentioned above, a ring is a way to keep an extra memory close. This faith ring will be a constant reminder that we can trust God.

A ring is a symbol of commitment. When we become Christians, we are committing to Christ. We are going to serve Him and follow Him.

Sometimes we need a reminder of this.

This ring would be a great gift to give someone on the day of their baptism.

10. Faith over Fear Watch Strap by Maple and Bloom

#10 Watch Strap - Faith Over Fear Gifts

My daughter got a watch this year for Christmas. It is a watch that can have multiple straps. This is an excellent idea because you can switch up the strap depending on the outfit you are wearing.

I love this strap. The script with the words faith over fear is beautiful.

This gift would only work for someone who has a watch that can switch up the straps. It is a perfect gift idea if you know someone with a watch like this.

11. Faith over Fear Key Chain by Mntns to Sea Creativity

#11 Key Chain - Faith Over Fear Gifts

When I was 16 years old, a friend picked me up to drive me to a baseball game. He had just gotten his license a few hours before. This boy was very reckless; we picked up another friend on the way. The other boy sat in the front seat.

The two boys were having fun. One of them decided it would be fun to drive on the wrong side of the road. When a car came around the corner, my friend had to turn quickly to avoid a head-on collision. We hit a telephone pole, flipped three times, and ended up in a ditch.

That was the scariest moment in my life. I was sure I was going to die.

Because of that moment, I didn’t get my license until I was nineteen years old. It took me a long time to get the courage to drive. Even once I got my license, I still struggled with driving. Every time I heard a horn, my heart would race, and I would panic.

This is more common than you would think. People who experience traffic accidents can often be afraid to drive again.

If you know someone who has experienced a traffic accident and is afraid to drive, this keychain is a great way to show them you have faith they can drive again.

12. Faith over Fear Kitchen Tea Towel by Mnt Ridge Farm Designs

#12 Kitchen Tea Towel - Faith Over Fear Gifts

The kitchen tea towel, hung in just the right place, is the perfect way to finish a kitchen. This is an adorable towel with a great message. I love the design of it.

If you have a friend who has recently moved, and you are visiting the home for the first time, this is a great gift to bring.

A perfect housewarming present. 

13. Faith over Fear Air Pod Case by Tykhee

#13 Air Pod Case - Faith Over Fear Gifts

We got our sixteen-year-old daughter air pods this year for Christmas. The case we got her has her name engraved on them.

This air pods case is great! I didn’t know you could buy exceptional circumstances. This one has Faith above fear engraved onto it.

If you have a teenager with air pods, you will know that the case is part of their everyday life. So, make sure there is a message on the case for them to see every day.

14. Faith over Fear Candle by Sunday’s Treasures

#14 Candle - Faith Over Fear Gifts

“Let your faith be bigger than your fears.”

Such a great massage.

Is there anything more relaxing than a candle? Think of any relaxing scene, a bathtub, a meal, a patio, a beach; then add candles to that picture. Suddenly the atmosphere changes to one of peace and tranquility.

A candle has a way of bringing peace and calm.

If you have a friend who struggles with anxiety and needs a way to bring peace and calm to a situation, a candle is a perfect way to do that.

15. Swirly Stars #6 Give It To God And Go To Sleep Sign

#15 Swirly Stars #6 Give It To God And Go To Sleep Sign - Faith Over Fear Gifts

I am in love with this artwork. The swirly stars lull you into a state of calm and prepare you for sleep. Having this above a bed will help anyone fall asleep.

Give it to God and go to sleep.”

How many times did you need this message at night when you could not go to sleep? Thoughts from the day race through your mind. Did I say the wrong thing? Did I get everything done? Tomorrow has its new stressors. Things always seem so much worse at night.

This is an excellent gift for someone who struggles with anxiety and sleep.


Perhaps you are the person struggling with anxiety. Maybe it is your loved one that is dealing with fear. Fear can cripple us and steal joy from us. Make sure your loved one knows that you are on their side. Knowing that you are not alone is the essential thing your loved one needs.  These gifts are all great ways to show you care