15 Christian Gifts Under $5 (Cheap yet Thoughtful! Click here)

Christian Gifts under $5

15 Christian Gifts Under $5 (Cheap yet Thoughtful! Click here)

Sometimes you want to send a gift that just says you are thinking about that person. Gifts don’t have to be very expensive. They can be under five dollars and still give the message you want to share.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you know the message you are sending. Once you know that, you can find the perfect present for less than five dollars.

1. Be Strong Eco Tote by Divinity Boutique

#1 Be Strong Eco Tote - Christian Gifts Under $5

I love tote bags. I always take them with me when I am shopping. Most tote bags are either business advertisements or have messages I disagree with. This tote bag has Ephesians 6:10, Be strong in the LORD.

There is no other message more needed in our world today. Be Strong.

Not only is this message to be strong, but we also see how to be strong in the LORD. That is the only place we will find strength.

2. With God All Things Are Possible Notebook by P. Graham Dunn

#2 With God All Things Are Possible Notebook - Christian Gifts Under $5

Notebooks are great gifts. I keep a notebook with me when I attend my weekly Bible study. I also have three different notebooks for work, where I keep notes, I will need for various clients.

My children use notebooks. Besides school, there are also notebooks for journals and Bible studies.

My husband also uses notebooks.

Whether it is children, teens, or adults, everyone uses notebooks.

This notebook has Matthew 19:26, “With God all things are possible” There is no more important message for our world today.

3. Personalized Keyring with Cross Charm by P. Graham Dunn

#3 Personalized, Keyring with Cross Charm - Christian Gifts Under $5

A key is a very inexpensive gift, but one that could change a life forever.

We have opened our home to foster children and other teens who need a home to live in. When teenagers move into our home, we give them a key. This is a way to show them they belong and have a place to stay.

Whether the key opens the door to a home or starts a car, the key opens worlds. Show the person you love to keep Jesus Christ at the center of the life the key opens.

4. Personalized Red Metal Cross Ringed Pen by P. Graham Dunn

#4 Personalized, Red Metal Cross Ringed Pen - Christian Gifts Under $5

One of the changes to the world over the last two years is the lack of pens available. People have become afraid to share pens. It is a little ridiculous, but something we must live with.

I have started carrying my pen. The pen I carry is a Bic pen. Not fancy.

However, a personalized pen would be great to have right now. My children bought a personalized pen for my father for Christmas. He loved it.

5. Personalized Pepper Shaker with Monogram by P. Graham Dunn

#5 Personalized, Pepper Shaker, with Monogram - Christian Gifts Under $5

I have an adorable Christmas salt and pepper shaker. When I put away my Christmas dishes and bring out my regular dishes, my Christmas salt and pepper shaker is exchanged for common bland salt and pepper shakers.

I have decided to get something cute for the rest of the year. This is a fabulous option.

6. Angel Zipper Pulls, Zipper Pull, by Guardian Angel

#6 Angel Zippers Pull, Zipper Zull - Christian Gifts Under $5

When my kids were little, they struggled with zipping up their coats. When they went to school, they didn’t have me to help them. I know their teachers could not help zipping up the coats of 20 children.

I bought them pulls for their coats. This helped them zip up their coats.

These very cute angel pulls are a way to both help your children and remind them that God is with them. Send your kids to school with this sweet reminder.

7. Scripture Bookmark by Faith Bookmark

#7 Scripture Bookmark - Christian Gifts Under $5

My daughter loves to read. She is an avid reader. In grade six, she was reading classical books. She was tested in grade eight and was placed in the advanced grade 12 reading level. Now she is in grade 12 and applying to law schools. She is the smart one in the family.

Almost every day, we have amazon packages arrive at our door. Her packages are often books. She still reads all the time.

If you have a reader in your family, give them a surprise bookmark. That way, they will think of you every time they open a book to read.

8. Psalm 46:5 God is Within Her; She Will Not Fail Digital Download by Birdsong Designs

#8 Psalm 4 65 God is Within Her; She Will Not Fail Digital Download - Christian Gifts Under $5

This year, we were given a family gift—money to makeover the girl’s bathroom. We have great plans, and we have already purchased the tile, paint, and vanity.

We are going for a spa look. I am looking for one piece of artwork to finish off the room. This is an excellent piece of artwork for a teenage daughter’s bathroom. “God is within her; she will not fail.” Psalm 46:5

9. Amazing Grace Sheet Music Printable Download Digital Art Wall by Twisters N Tumble Weeds

#9 Amazing Grace Sheet Music Printable Download Digital Art Wall - Christian Gifts Under $5

I love hymns. I love the way the music is written. It brings me back to church in the old days. Not that I don’t appreciate the music we see in churches today, but I do miss the hymn book.

In my living room, on my shelf, I have an old Bible and three old hymnals. I love them.

I am thinking about getting this piece of artwork for our music room. If you have a loved one who loves hymns, they would appreciate this present.

10. Pillow Cover by Hello Felicity SVG

#10 Pillow Cover - Christian Gifts Under $5

Pillow Covers are great. You can change up a living room, bedroom, or office with a simple pillow cover. This cover has the verse “I will walk by faith even when I can not see” 2 Corinthians 5:7

This is a fabulous idea for someone who has recently moved into their new home. If you are visiting a new home, you can bring the gift of a pillow cover. Because the colors on this cover are neutral, it can be used with any color scheme.

11. Men’s Necklace by Christian

#11 Men’s Necklace - Christian Gifts Under $5

Psalm 103:12 “As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us.”

Do you have a loved one that has come back to God after some time living in sin? I have a family member that walked away from the church, Jesus, and the Bible. However, a few weeks ago, he was faced with a life-altering event and went to the only place where he could find hope. He returned to Church.

If you have a loved one with this same story, you will know the joy our family feels.

When a person returns to Jesus, they can feel shame and guilt for what they did in the years they were away from God. This necklace is a way to help them remember that God has forgiven their sins, and they don’t need to live under shame and guilt.

12. Kerusso Jeep Coaster by

#12 Kerusso Jeep Coaster - Christian Gifts Under $5

Joshua 1:9.

Be Strong. Be Brave. Be Fearless.

This is a message people need to hear today. It appears fear and cowardness are controlling the minds and hearts of people. People need to remember that God did not give us a spirit of fear, so if we live under the spirit of fear, it comes from Satan.

This charming coaster has a trendy look and this great reminder to be strong, brave, and fearless.

13. Smile Face Man by Christian Dollar Store

#13 Smile Face Man - Christian Gifts Under $5

Sometimes, I leave funny gifts for my husband in his lunch box. Something he won’t find until he is at work. 

When we were first married, sometimes, when I would get the mail, I would leave a gift for him, so when he got the mail the next day, he would find it in the mailbox.

These gifts were always cute and funny.

I love this hilarious man. This is the kind of thing I would leave for my husband. Something that would make him smile.

14. Jumbo Mug Hope in God by DaySpring

#14 Jumbo Mug Hope in God - Christian Gifts Under $5

Hope in God, Renew strength, Sore like eagles.

A few years ago, I was struggling with a work project. I was working for a Christian company writing VBS children’s material. I was feeling disheartened by the struggles I had. That day a box arrived. There was a gift form, someone I had met a few months earlier when I spoke at a conference. The mug had the message that I needed that day. God used that woman to be encouraged me when I needed it most.

This is a sweet mug. The script comes from one of my favorite verses.

Sometimes we need to be reminded that God will renew our strength and let us sore like eagles. When we are facing hard times, this seems impossible. But with God, nothing is impossible.

Do you know someone who needs a little encouragement? This mug is the perfect way to encourage them.

15. Cards by Christian Discount Shop

#15 Cards - Christian Gifts Under $5

Sometimes a card in the mail can change your life.

Today most people send texts or emails.

But when you receive a handwritten note in the mail, you know someone took the time to give you part of themselves. They took the time to write a message, go to the post office, buy a stamp, and mail the letter. All to tell you they care about you. That makes me feel loved.

I have a box of cards here in my office. I keep the box stocked to send cards when I need to tell people they are loved.


Letting people know they are loved is the greatest gift you can give. You don’t need to spend lots of money to send that message. Send your love through a note and a small donation. Show that you care.

These presents can be given secretly, leaving them in a location they will be found. Or they can be sent through the mail.

Know that you tell the person you love them, and they are not alone. Not only do you love them, but God loves them as well. They are not alone.