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Bible Action Figurines

I am the mother of four children. My baby is sixteen years old, and they are all dressed up now. I recall when our playroom was crammed with toys. Those toys are now stored in a closet in a box. On Sundays, when we have our Bible study, I bring out the box for the kids to play with.

Toys are an important element of a child's life. They are crucial to our children's growth. Toys are used by children to role play and learn about life. Bible Action figures are a terrific method to assist our children learn Bible stories.

1. David Action Figurine by Bonanza

1. David - Bible Action Figurines

David grew up as a shepherd's son. He was the family's youngest member. His older brothers did not regard him as a significant figure. God, on the other hand, saw what his family couldn't.

David fought against creatures to protect his sheep as a shepherd, and he even killed a giant!

David's character can be used in a variety of adventures by children. As they play, remind them that God sees and loves them just as he saw and loved David!

2. Plastic Bible Character Figurines by CPH

2. Plastic Bible Characters - Bible Action Figurines

There are numerous Bible stories that our children can act out. Your children will have a lot of fun with this vast cast of characters.

Your child will be able to role play a variety of stories ranging from the life of Christ to the prophets, angels, and even animals.

I've taught a variety of children's church programmes over the years. When I teach pre-schoolers, I enjoy having them play out the narrative after I've taught it to them. This is a fantastic way to retell the narrative.

Your children will grow in faith as they play with these stories. As they grow older you will want to give them other gifts to help them learn about faith. Our children need faith just the size of a mustard seed. We can give them that gift.

3. Moses Figurine by MWC toys

3. Moses - Bible Action Figurines

Moses extends his hand in this figure. This is a fantastic miniature to use when teaching about the Red Sea. Between the Red Sea and the approaching army, the Israelites were stranded. God split the Red Sea after Moses prayed and raised his staff.

Your children will learn the value of believing in God and not being fearful.

4. David and Goliath Battle Hero Action Toy by Wroth Point

4. David and Goliath - Bible Action Figurines

While the David figurine is great, you must have the Goliath figurine to role play the whole story. I love how authentic this Goliath is. Your children will love to play with both Goliath and David.

While the David miniature is fantastic, the Goliath figurine is required to role play the entire scenario. I really like how genuine this Goliath is. Both Goliath and David will be a hit with your kids.

Get down on the floor and play with your kids while they're having fun! You can tell them about David and Goliath's battle. While you're having fun with them, tell them about moments in your life when God helped you overcome seemingly impossible challenges. It is critical that our children are aware of our testimonies.

While your children are playing, get down on the floor and play with them! You can tell them about the story of David and Goliath. While you are playing with them, take the time to tell them about times in your life when God helped you overcome obstacles that seemed impossible. It is very important that our children know our testimonies.

5. Joshua Action Toy by Daywind

5. Joshua - Bible Action Figurines

Joshua was a superb God-fearing man. Joshua was the one who led the Israelites into the promised land after Moses died. He captured the territory and divided it. He was the one who led the Hebrews to form the State of Israel.

Joshua encourages us to be courageous and fearless because the Lord, our God, is with us.

If you have a youngster in your life who is dealing with anxiety, you can share Joshua's storey with them. Joshua is an excellent role model for our children. You can offer this figurine to them as a present to help them learn about trusting God. A great verse to teach our children is  Joshua 1:9

6. Samsons Action Figurines by Bonanaza

6. Samsons - Bible Action Figurines

My nephew enjoys flexing his muscles in front of all of us. He's four years old and enjoys flexing his muscles and telling everyone to look at his massive muscles. It's adorable!

Boys enjoy talking about their muscles. That is presumably why the storey of Samson appeals to so many young boys. When we tell our boys about Samson's narrative, we must also remind them that Samson was so strong that he didn't think he needed God's help. As a result, Satan had an easy time attacking him.

7. Daniel - Bible Greats Figurines by Figure Realm

7. Daniel - Bible Action Figurines

My favourite Bible character is Daniel. My father's favourite Bible Charter is Daniel. We frequently discuss Daniel's life.

Daniel has been kidnapped, given a new name, and compelled to serve a false god in a faraway place. The meal offered to the King's idols was supposed to be eaten by Daniel. He held firm in his convictions, and God blessed him. He was quickly promoted to the top spot.

I'm grateful to my father for instilling in me a passion for Daniel's narrative. There have been numerous occasions in my life when I have been tempted to follow the crowd. Daniel's experience reminded me to always do the right thing, even if I was alone.

When we are talking to our children about God, we can read Psalm 91 to them. They can learn from this passage that God is always with them.

8. Prophet and Donkeys Character Figurines by Christian Gift Ideas

8. Prophet and donkeys - Bible Action Figurines

In the Bible, there are numerous prophets. "Shape up, or God will take you out of the land He gave you," they were told.

The prophets appear in numerous stories throughout the Bible. The prophets' fundamental message to our children is to prioritise God in their life.

We can discuss how the prophets were ordinary people who tried their hardest to please God as we sit and play with our children. Your children, like them, can conduct their lives with the goal of pleasing God.

9. Christmas Scene Quest Figurines by Fabt in Toys

9. Christmas Scene - Bible Action Figurines

This manger scene belongs to my daughter. When she was two years old, I gave her this Christmas toy. She brings out this manger scene and sets it up every year when I take down the Christmas decorations. She is now sixteen and still decorates her room for the month of December.

She used to act out the Christmas narrative using the manger scene when she was a child. Watching her play with this brings back some of my best Christmas memories.

When my daughter was younger, she struggled with ADHD. She found it difficult to sit and listen to a storey. But, when I narrated the narrative to her, she was able to relate to it by playing with toys and connecting with them. Christmas gifts are my favorite types of gifts.

10. Noah and the Ark Bible Action Figurines by Nativity Bricks

10. Noah and the Ark - Bible Action Figurines

Do you have a Lego-obsessed child in your life? Here's a project you and your child can do together. You can teach them the narrative of Noah and the ark as you build the Ark.

There are numerous lessons that your children can learn from Noah's life. We can teach our children that what other people think of us is irrelevant. Noah didn't mind if others laughed at him. He continued to serve God and do what he was told.

We may instil in our children the values of being faithful to God, trusting in him, and drawing strength from him.

11. Advent Calendar Clings by Cactus Games Design

11. Advent Calendar Clings - Bible Action Figurines

One of the best Christmas traditions is the advent calendar. This one appeals to me for several reasons. One, the focus is on the tale of Jesus. Every day you can add a new part to the scenario while saying that section of the story to your children.

I also think it's a great idea to hang it on the window. Our kitchen featured glass sliding doors that extended into the back yard when our children were small. We would put decorations on the glass at Christmas.

It was a wonderful approach to ensure that our children remembered the story of Jesus' birth as they played in the snow.

12. Galilean Boat with Jesus and Apostles Character Figurines by Cactus Games Design

12. Galilean Boat with Jesus and apostles - Bible Action Figurines

Bath time was one of my children's favourite activities when they were younger. In fact, when it was too cold to go outside during the long winter months, we would have bath time in the middle of the day to keep us occupied.

My children enjoyed playing in the bathtub and would play until the water was too cold to stay in the tub any longer. Bath toys were a particular favourite.

This bath toy with Jesus and the apostles is a fantastic idea. As you are sitting next to the bathtub playing with your children you might tell them storey of Jesus soothing the storey.

You can even let your kids make a ruckus in the bathtub. I can assure you that they will love it!

13. Noah’s Ark Build a Story Playset by Cactus Games Design

13. Noah’s Ark Build a Story Playset - Bible Action Figurines

My parents purchased me a set of flannelgraphs when I was a kid so I could play Sunday School with them. I used to have a lot of fun pretending to be a Sunday school teacher and teaching a lesson. I forced my younger brother to sit in my class as a student.

He trusted Christ as his Saviour and became a Christian during one of my pretend Sunday school classes when he was five years old. He was the very first person I ever led to faith in Jesus Christ.

This experience confirmed to me that I was capable of teaching others the Gospel. I started Bible clubs for other kids in my neighbourhood.

This playset is a way for children to present the story to others. You are giving your children a way to learn how to preach the Gospel. That is the best gift you could give them.

14. Jesus Death and Resurrection Figurines by DTC Store

14. Jesus death and resurrection - Bible Action Figurines

For many years, I ran a children's club at a school. I was telling the Easter story one of my first years of teaching. "He died?" one of the children exclaimed as I told them about Jesus' death on the cross. "Jesus was crucified!" He was inconsolably upset.

I had no idea there were kids in the class who had never heard the Easter narrative before.

It can be difficult to tell children the Easter tale for the first time. We're discussing death, and the cause of death is our sin. Teaching our children this can be difficult for us as parents.

This item is a terrific approach for parents to sit with our kids and teach them about the significance of the Easter story.

Easter is a great time to give presents  that teach our children biblical truths.


Your playroom probably has many toys. It is important for our children to play. This is how they learn. The most important lessons they need come from the Bible. Make sure your children have toys that give them the biblical lessons they need.