14 Funny Christian Gifts (Hilarious Gags and More - Click here)

Funny Christian Gifts

Gifts can inspire, encourage, give hope, or bring a smile. These are gift ideas that bring smiles to people. Sometimes a gift can bring cheer and joy to everyone in the room. Funny gifts are always the hit of every party.

Here are some Funny Christian gift ideas if you want to bring something hilarious to your next party.

1) Funny Journal by SDG Clothing

1. Funny Journal - Funny Christian Gifts

Journals are always great. But this journal is extra funny. It is called "How to tell friends they are technically heretics. A guide to dying alone."

Do you have a friend who loves theology? A friend who likes to explain to other people what heresy is? This is a fun journal gift to make your friend laugh.

2) 'Nailed It' Funny Martin Luther Mug by Way down South Crafts

2. Nailed It, Martin Luther Mug - Funny Christian Gifts

On October 31st, 1517, Martin Luther nailed his theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany changing the course of history. One man asking people to be willing to question everything the had been told to believe in.

This mug uses humor to remember the importance of this monumental event in Church History. For the reformer in your life this is the perfect funny Christian gift.

3) 'I saw that' Funny Wall Tapestry by Space Embellishment

3. I saw that Wall Tapestry - Funny Christian Gifts

As soon as I saw this, I started to laugh right away. This is a tapestry so that it can be hung for a party. This is a hilarious Christian gift.

Imagine leaving your children for a few days alone in the house while you as a couple take some time away. You hang this up in the home, but don't say anything to them.

When your teenagers walk into the room, they will laugh so hard. This is a much better and lighthearted way to say… do not break the rules while away.

We have left our teenagers home alone, and this would have been a better idea than the long lecture we gave them before we left. Parenting can be fun if we find lighthearted ways to communicate.

4) 'Hebrews it' Funny Word-pun Mug by Trendzee

4. Mug - Funny Christian Gifts

Q: How does Jesus Make His Coffee?

A: Hebrews it.

This is the Christian Dad joke. Do you have a man in your life who loves his "dad jokes"? This is a fun way to say I love you.

I have a friend who loves the "dad jokes." He is always saying funny Q & A and knock-knock jokes. I think we all have at least one friend like that. This mug shows the jokester in your life; you appreciate their sense of humor. I think this is a great funny Christian gift.

5) Funny Bathroom Sign by Simply Sara Signs

5. Bathroom Sign - Funny Christian Gifts

I have four teenage daughters. We have a bathroom in our house the four girls share. There have been many times I have tried to educate the girls on how to keep it clean. I have even tried putting direction in the picture frame and hanging it on the wall.

This is a way to use humor to remind your children to take responsibility in the bathroom.

If you are a mother, you know the frustration of family members not taking responsibility for the daily clean-up of the bathroom. Use this fun gift to remind your family to help clean up.

6) Funny Sweater by Zoe LA Studio

6. Sweater - Funny Christian Gifts (1)

I want this sweater!

We live in a world where people rely on the government to save them. That can depend on the government programs or a political leader. If you have a vocal friend about being independent of the government, this is a great Christian gift idea.

I was given four shirts with similar sayings. I always wear them when I grocery shop. I like to spread the message while I am at the grocery store.

If you have a loved one in your life who is passionate about liberty and loves God, I guarantee they will love this sweater.

7) Tee Shirt by Fast Custom Tees

7. Tee Shirt - Funny Christian Gifts (1)

When I was younger, my parents listened to a music group that sang a song called "I've read the back of the book, and He wins."

This is the same idea. In the world today, there is a lot of uncertainty. War, disease, lies, propaganda, and the celebration of sin. This chaos can leave us in fear, where Satan wants us to live.

But as Christians, we know that God is sovereign. He is still on the throne. Here is a spoiler, God wins.

Share this truth everywhere you go. If you have a vibrant friend who shares their faith unaskable, then give them this shirt. This is a shirt that will remind your friend to have faith over fear.

This is a message of truth, given with a sense of humor.

8) 'Not Today Satan' ' Why ya'll trying to test the Jesus in me' Funny towel by Climbing Calvary

8. Not Today Satan towel - Funny Christian Gifts (1)

The kitchen is the hub of the home. It is where the family meets first thing in the morning, the first place the kids come when they come home from school, and the last place the children come before heading to bed.

There are also the beautiful meals you share as a family.

As a mother, sometimes I feel like I live in my kitchen. Sometimes it can be the place where Satan temps me. Satan would like nothing better than to turn my kitchen of love into a place where families fight and argue.

This tea towel set is a fun way to remind everyone not to give in to the devil's temptations.

I would recommend this for a bridal shower or a new hostess gift.

9) Funny Pastor Gift by RX Grins

9. Funny Pastor Gift - Funny Christian Gifts (1)

This is a hilarious gift for your pastor or youth pastor. October is pastor appreciation month.

These sugar pills to help with burnout are funny; however, pastors need to be careful not to get burned out. So, taping some gift cards to the package would be recommended. Since the pills help with burnout, the gift card could be for a restaurant or a getaway.

Don't you think this would be a great Gag Funny Christian gift :)

10) Tee Shirt by Arise Apparel Co

10. Tee Shirt - Funny Christian Gifts (1)

(Born)Two or born squared.

Do you have a Christian friend or family member that loves math? This is the best way I have seen born again written.

We have a math genius that attends our Bible study. She teaches calculous. She often talks about different math concepts. I don't know to understand math at all.

This shirt is a great fun way to say born again—a humorous gift for the math lover in our life.

11) Tee Shirt by Inspire Zilla

11. Tee Shirt - Funny Christian Gifts (1)

I want to get this for my husband. I love it. He is a stud, and he runs our weekly bible study. I am not sure he would wear it since he is pretty humble. But I love this.

Woman, tell me how much you love to see a man in his Bible! Seeing a man reading and studying his Bible is a way to make a man look great.

12) Funny Magnets by Call me Artsy

12. Magnets - Funny Christian Gifts

Growing up, our fridge was full of magnets. In my home, we have magnets on the side of our fridge; I think everyone does. This is a fun magnet. "Lettuce Pray"

This is an idea if you are looking for a cheap, yet fun gift. Or you can add the magnet to another gift.

If you are giving something away to a large group of people, a gift like a magnet is fun to add to a gift. My mother-in-law loves to gift baskets of canned homemade jams and salsas.

If you are giving away a basket of homemade goodies, I would recommend this funny magnet to finish the basket.

13) Magnets by Rocket Mountain Creation

13. Magnets - Funny Christian Gifts (1)

This is a very funny magnet to put on the back of your car. "I can ignore you for as long as it takes… resist the devil, and he will flee from you. James 4:7"

I hate making left-hand turns. I mean, I panic when I get to a left-hand turn that doesn't have lights. There have been times when people start to honk at me. Next time that happens, I will think about this verse and laugh instead of stressing out.

If you have a friend who has similar driving tendencies, this is a fun idea for their vehicle.

14) Doormat by Doormat decor

14. Doormat - Funny Christian Gifts

Doormats are a way to tell the world who your family is. If you are the type of family that enjoys laughing, this is a great doormat for you.

The verse Mathew 7:7 “Knock and the door will be opened to you.”

This verse tells us that God wants to give us blessings. But he is waiting for us to ask. Simply knock and ask. Placing this message on a doormat shows a sense of humor, and shows that you value the Bible.


Giving a gift that makes people laugh is a way to provide joy and happiness. Make your friends and family laugh at the next celebration you attend. The critical thing to remember is to know your audience. If you have a silly, even slightly obnoxious friend, then a gag gift is a great idea.