15 Fruit Of The Spirit Gifts (Classy, Creative & Unique Ideas)

Fruit Of The Spirit Gifts

15 Fruit Of The Spirit Gifts (Classy, Creative & Unique Ideas)

Galatians 5:22-25 is one of the first passages that I memorized as a child. It is also one of the first passages that my children memorized. I taught a children’s club for many years, and we had a fun song with this passage.

This is a passage we all understand its significance for our children. But we often forget that this passage was written for adults.  Here are some great gift ideas to help our friends and family remember the importance of Galatians 5:22-25

1. Fruit of the Spirit Mug by Eden

#1 Mug - Fruit Of The Spirit Gifts

Mugs are always a great idea for a gift. This colorful mug is screaming IG post. I can imagine drinking from it and posting a fun picture of drinking coffee.

Coffee helps with things like patience and self-control. But remember, it is the Holy Spirit, not coffee, who gives us these gifts.

2. Fruit of the Spirit Apron by Berean Designs

#2 Apron - Fruit Of The Spirit Gifts

When my daughter was ten years old, she went through a stage where she wanted to be a baker. She got good at baking cookies, cupcakes, and muffins. My sister-in-law made her a cute apron.

My daughter is 18. She doesn’t wear the apron anymore, and I am ashamed to say this, but now I wear it. It looks like it was made for a ten-year-old girl. It has peace signs and fun, vibrant colors.

I need a new apron.

I like this apron because it would work for me, my grandma, or my children.

This is a great gift idea if you have a loved one who loves to bake. I know my daughter appreciated getting the apron. It told her that her aunt believed in her and wanted to help her.

3. Rainbow Print by Christian Walls

#3 Rainbow Print - Fruit Of The Spirit Gifts

I have a friend who has four-year-old triplets and a six-year-old. She is a very busy mother. I spend a lot of time with the children. Every week I spend about an hour hanging out and playing games with them. They are lovely children.

I would love to help my friend design an excellent playroom for the children. With four children under the age of seven, there are years to help the children learn the importance of love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control.

If you have a loved one creating a playroom for their children, this fantastic piece of artwork is a great gift!

4. Fruit of the Spirit Pillow by Christian life Tee Co

#4 Pillow - Fruit Of The Spirit Gifts

I am getting new pillows for my living room couch. Since we use our living room to host a weekly Bible study, I think this pillow would be a perfect addition.

Many homes host Bible studies across the country. The home Bible study movement is growing in popularity. If you want to find a way to bless the family by hosting the Bible study where you attend, this is a great gift.

5. Fruit of the Spirit Fabric by Spoon Flower

#5 Fabric - Fruit Of The Spirit Gifts

My oldest two loved sewing. They took a sewing class from a local woman in town who taught sewing classes to young girls. My girls were ten and twelve at the time. They learned a lot about sewing from that class and made a dress. I still have those dresses.

Since that time, I have bought them a lot of fabric over the years. They have made dolls, clothes, pillows, blankets, and then clothes they wear and have given away.

If you have someone that loves to sew, the fabric is a great gift idea. When you give them material, you say to them, you see them, you know their hobbies, and you believe they can make beautiful things.

6. Fruit of the Spirit Bookmarks by Faithfully Digital

#6 Bookmarks - Fruit Of The Spirit Gifts

I have a friend who has a six-year-old reading machine. Her little girl walks around with a book and reads it. She reads all the time.

Bookmarks are an excellent present for the person who loves to read. This is especially true for the person who has multiple books on the go.  If you know children who love to read, then this is a great surprise to give them.

I teach a kids Bible class. I like to have motivations for when the children memorize passages of the Bible. This is a present to give to a child when they have learned this passage of scripture.

7. Fruit of the Spirit Shadowbox by Bright Belle Shop

#7 Shadowbox - Fruit Of The Spirit Gifts

We are making a room in our home for my 94-year-old grandmother to move out of her retirement home and into our home. I want the space to be extra special, so I am looking for artwork that I know she will love. This is perfect for her!

My grandma loves games and Jesus. So, this scrabble artwork with the fruit of the Spirit is great for her.

If you are looking for a grandmother gift, this is perfect!

8. Wall Hanger by VK Woodworks Canada

#8 Wall Hanger - Fruit Of The Spirit Gifts

My entranceway needs help. It is boring and needs some artwork. But there is not a lot of wall space for art. This is an excellent piece of art for the room without much space.

I want people to have a message of love and joy, and peace as they enter my home. I also want them to be reminded to take that message into the world as they leave my house.

This is another excellent gift idea for the person who hosts Bible Studies. This would also be a great addition to a classroom in a Christian school.

If you have a loved one who hosts a Bible study or is a Christian School teacher, this is an excellent present for them.

9. Wallpaper by Spoonflower

#9 Wallpaper - Fruit Of The Spirit Gifts

The wallpaper is back in style. I still don’t believe my husband, but I have friends who have used wallpaper. The rooms look fabulous.

This wallpaper would be suitable for a small area, an accent wall in an office.

Wallpaper is not for everyone, so make sure your loved one will use this. But I have to say; I think this is awesome. It would look good in a small space such as a reading area.

10. Wall Decal by Wild Eyes Signs

#10 Wall Decal - Fruit Of The Spirit Gifts

When we moved into our home, we called the basement the dungeon. It was scary. Slowly we have been fixing it up, becoming a rather lovely place. But the staircase still looks like it is leading you to a torture chamber dungeon.  The next step is going to be fixing up the stairs.

I am thinking paint, and then a wall Decal. This would be the type I am looking for. At one point, I had a nice piece of art hanging in the area, but it kept getting bumped by laundry baskets as I was carrying the laundry to the wash.

Wall Decals are a great alternative to art, especially for areas where art might get knocked off the wall. This could be a staircase or a children’s playroom. Both are areas where it would be nice to have artwork permanently attached to the wall.

11. Fruit of the Spirit Tote Bag by ALM Store

#11 Tote bag - Fruit Of The Spirit Gifts

I teach a children’s Bible class, which means I need supplies to keep from week to week. The bag a teacher uses is essential. I use a tote bag that has the name of a grocery store on it. Not great.

If you are looking for gift ideas for your Sunday school teachers, this is a cute little gift idea. I would fill the bag with exceptional coffee and tea, a mug, and a gift card.

12. Fruit of the Spirit Bible Cover by Psalm Tree Products

#12 Bible Cover - Fruit Of The Spirit Gifts

The gifts of the Holy Spirit don’t appear all at once, nor do we receive them at full strength. The fruit grows from a seed to a large fruit tree as we spend time in the Bible.

Recently a man attending our weekly Bible Study accepted Christ as his savor. Another person in our Bible Study gifted him with a new Bible.

A Bible cover is an excellent idea for the new believer. Giving them a place to keep their notes and questions as they read the Bible.

If you have a new believer's loved one, this is a great present to give them.

13. Fruit of the Spirit Bracelet by Be Genuine

#13 Bracelet - Fruit Of The Spirit Gifts

Before I had my children, I was a grade seven teacher at a Christian school. One of the things I did was give presents to my class at the end of the year. This is a great idea when you want to give something meaningful to children. This would work for a Sunday school class, a camp cabin, or a small group Bible Study.

If you are leading a group and want to give everyone a gift as it ends, this is a perfect option.

14. Hoop Art by Embroidery by Faith

#14 Hoop Art - Fruit Of The Spirit Gifts

My mother-in-law does hoop art. She is very gifted. She loves to do this art. I am planning on getting this for her.

When you give supplies for an art hobby to someone, you show them that you see them, know what makes them happy, and believe in them.

15. Retro Print by Christian Walls

#15 Fruit of the Spirit Wall Art - Fruit Of The Spirit Gifts

My middle daughter is going to be moving out in a few months. She is waiting to decide what school she is going to attend. She has already started to get college acceptances in the mail.

Her first home will need the artwork to make an apartment a home. I love this piece because it is suffocated and has one of the first Bible Memory passages she memorized as a child.  I want her to look forward to her adult life and remember where she came from and the truths, we instilled into her as a child.


Imagine what the world would be like if each of us, as followers of Jesus, had the fruit of the Spirit! It would be an incredible world. One of the ways we can grow as followers of Jesus is to constantly be reminded of the gifts the Holy Spirit wants us to have. Those reminders can come from a mug, jewelry, artwork, and of course, our Bible. 

Giving items with this Bible Passage imprinted on them is a great way to keep that reminder close to our loved ones all the time.