15 Top Christian 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts (Make them Cry!)

15 Top Christian 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts (Make them Cry!)

15 Unforgettable Christian 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

When we are married, we take a vow before God. Two souls are standing before God, vowing to love each other and be faithful. If you have been invited to celebrate 50 years of marriage, take this invitation as an honor.

It is rare for a marriage to survive twenty years, let alone fifty years. Two years ago, my parents celebrated their fifty years of marriage. I was happy their celebration was before the shutdown, so I celebrated with them, so were all their friends and family.

I am so proud of my parents. They have not only spent 50 years loving each other, but they have also spent 50 years serving God together.  I am sure you are just as proud of the couple you are celebrating.
Here are some gift ideas for you.


1. Custom 50th Anniversary Cross by Occasionally Inspire

#1 Cross Christian 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

If you are a grandchild of the couple, this is a great gift. Think about this; your whole life would not exist if it weren’t for your grandparents love story. That is a little mind-blowing, right?

This memory is shaped like a cross. It was a reminder that their love for God inspired them to raise their children, your parents, to honor God. You have Christian parents because they had your grandparents to raise them.

Your children will one day exist and be raised by parents who love God because your grandparents loved each other and God.

All of that is called a legacy. Thank your grandparents for the legacy.

2. 50th Wedding Personalized Cutting Board by OSO home

#2 cutting board Christian 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
If you are part of planning the party, then you are probably family or very close friends. You will want to show your love on a more personal level. You can bring this present to them before the party. Show them how much you really adore them. Then you can use the facility at the party.

This is a personalized gift so that you can add the reference for their favorite Bible verse. When looking for a Christian present for a specific event, sometimes it can be hard to find the right thing. An idea I often use is to find something that can be personalized. Then you can add your favorite Bible verse or Christian quote.

3. Brighten up their room! With a picture of their favorite memory with their favorite Bible Verse

 #3 custom family canvas Christian 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts


Have favorite lake or a cabin? What about putting a picture of their most memorable place with one of their favorite Bible verses. This type of present would really light up their room, don't you think? They would be reminded of this beautiful place with God's word.  

4.  50th anniversary By Fortivo

#4 mugs Christian 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
You might think that giving a mug for the 50th anniversary is tacky. And I would agree unless you find a very classy mug set. This would be that example.
This is a good gift if you are invited to the 50th anniversary of a couple you know, but you don’t know well.

I have been part of a church community for over 40 years. I have been invited to 50th-anniversary parties within the church community. I really like to celebrate with love and commitment.

However, if I don’t know them personally, then finding something can be challenging. This is a good idea for that situation. Everyone can't get enough of mugs, and this is packaged appropriately.

5. 50 Years Together- Frame by the grandparent gift co

#5 custom frame Christian 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
This is an extraordinary gift. This frame has a spot for pictures through the life of the couple. You are celebrating all the events of the 50 years.

You could simply give the frame to them the way it is packaged. However, I would suggest you find the pictures for this frame. This will take a little bit of extra time, especially since you need to do it without the help of them.
When you give this present, you will be sharing the couple’s memories.

6. Custom 50th Wedding Anniversary Engraved Sundial by Star Seller

#6 sundial Christian 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Suppose they really enjoy gardening and has a unique garden this is the perfect idea. This is another example gift that can be customized. My mom and dad have been married for 51 years now. They have a beautiful garden, with a beautiful bench. Their garden is the talk of the street. It is inspiring. They really like to spend time together in the garden.

If they are the same way, give them a special gift for their garden.

7. Personalized Infinity Love Crystal Gift by Crystal Central Store

#7 1 corinthians 13 4 love crystal Christian 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
What is love? How does love to survive? I Corinthians 13:4-7 is the biblical passage that tells us the answer to these questions. If you want your marriage to last 50 years, this is how to do it.

This is a stunning crystal that will look amazing on a shelf in the couple’s home.

This is another example you could give ahead of time and then use it as part of the decoration for the party.

8. Then and Now Picture Frame, 50th Anniversary Gift by River Roots Collective

#8 frame Christian 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

This is a small plaque for a shelf. It may be small, but it is beautiful. This is a present for you to give to your parents. This is another example of a customized gift where you can add your parent’s favorite verse.

You can do so much more to this gift. You can also add a letter telling your parents why you appreciate them. 

9. Christian Wedding Anniversary Custom Collage Photo Canvas By 365 Canvas

#8 photo collage Christian 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

This is a custom art that looks like it could be for a newlywed. I am adding this in case you are celebrating is renewing their vows.

This is a way to remember the renewal of vows. This is another customized gift so that you can add your message.

10. Photo Books By collage

#9 Photo book Christian 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
I remember growing up and visiting my grandparent and looking through their photo album. They probably has many photos. This is a way to create a present that the couple will really like it, and it will be passed down to future generations—a way to remember the couple forever.

I would recommend using both pictures of them has as well as finding pictures from family and friends.

The thing with making a photo book is that you can also add personalized letters. Have family and close friends write letters remembering different decades from the 50 years.

11. Custom Wedding Anniversary Metal Art by The Metal Shack

#10 metal art Christian 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
The marriage 50 years ago established a family. A family that has probably created more families. You are celebrating the creation of a legacy.

This is a metal artwork that can be hung both outside and inside.

I would recommend this idea as another example that can be given before the party and then used as a decoration.

12. The Anniversary Clock by The Anniversary Clock 

#11 clock Christian 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

This clock Shows the Years, Months, Days, and times since your Wedding Day and plays your song! How amazing is that! This would look amazing in a home office or on the piano.
Let them know that you understand the significance of the time.
This is another example of a customized gift where you can add a bible verse or biblical saying that is special to them.

13. Capture your special moment by the night sky

#12 night sky Christian 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

I gave this gift to my in-laws. This is such a great idea. This is a picture of what the sky looked like right above the place where they were married at the time of their marriage.

I love this idea so much. You were most likely not at the wedding since it was 50 years ago. Most of the people celebrating the anniversary were probably not at the wedding. This is a way to show you are standing under the same stars today they stood under 50 years ago.

This is another example that can be customized. 

14. Trust in the Lord Wall Art Canvas

#13 wall art trust in the lord Christian 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Our designs have some of the most beautiful places on earth. Check out our Proverbs 3:5-7 collection here 


“Trust in the LORD with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and He shall direct thy paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6

A milestone like 50 years needs a significant gesture. This is a beautiful large artwork on canvas that can be displayed in any room. The couple survived 50 years because they trusted the Lord and let God direct their paths.

The path that lies ahead will not be easy.  In this stage of life, there are choices to make and significant life changes.  God will be with the couple the same way He was with them in the last 50 years.

15. Love one another Wall Art Canvas

#14 wall art love one another Christian 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Take any background we have and put John 15:42 or any scripture on it. Check out our Christian signs


If you want to know to have a happy marriage after 50 years, here is how. Love each other the way God has loved us. That means being willing to put your own life down for them.

Tell them that their love inspires you. Find examples from their life where they put down their own needs and wants to help their spouse. Tell them you are looking at their love as an example for your marriage.

This is the gift the couple wants. They want to know that their marriage was more than a love story. They want to know that their life mattered and is helping others to live their lives the way God has called them.
In conclusion
I hope this day of celebration is a wonderful time for everyone involved. Take the time to talk to the couple. Tell them how much you love them. Learn from them. God has done something wonderful. He has created a family, and then sustained the family. Praise God for this couple. Take time to worship God. Thank God for what he has done.