12 Christian Movies About Marriage Problems Will Remind You That God Can Bring You Hope When You Don’t See Any Way Out

12 Christian Movies About Marriage Problems Will Remind You That God Can Bring You Hope When You Don’t See Any Way Out

My own marriage started in January 2002. As a married couple, most of our friends are also married.

I have seen so many marital problems, and many of my friends have been divorced. It is sad to see how the devil can destroy marriage.

In the last five years, I have had three close friends who have had marriages fall apart and they have either separated or divorced.

Every time I hear a story like this I am sad. I want to help other people strengthen their marriages before it is too late. Sometimes we can get perspective on a problem when we see that problem played on the screen.

Here are some moves about marriage problems from the perspective of Christian values.



I watched this when my children were very little, so the lessons I learned in this movie have impacted my marriage.

I think about scenes from this movie often. Every marriage will have problems. Remember to always love the other person, and when the person seems unlovable… that is why you love them even more.

Kirk Cameron stars in this movie about a young man trying to make his young wife Catherine fall back in love with him and avoid an extramarital affair.

He starts a 40-day experiment that he calls the love dare. What he finds is that the solution to marriage problems is found only in Jesus Christ.

This is a movie that will remind you to live a life of forgiveness, grace, and compassion. I hope this movie will impact your life as much as it has impacted mine.



I have a friend whose husband came back from the middle east with PTSD. I saw firsthand the effects the war had on their marriage.

They had to spit up for awhile while he received treatment. Marriage is hard work and facing PTSD in a marriage can seem impossible.

The faith-based film, Indivisible tells the true story of Army Chaplain Darren Turner and his wife Heather.

Darren also returns home with scars from the war, and Heather and Darren have to find a way to make their marriage survive.


Marriage Retreat

Spending an evening with the person you love watching good movies is always nice. You might think watching a movie about troubled marriages might not be the best date night movie.

However, this is a great option. In this movie, you will see the story of couples who attend a marriage retreat just to relax and have fun, but what they discover is the need to look at themselves in a different light and find the missing piece in the marriage.

The marriage therapist attempts to bring them hope, and the hope comes from Jesus Christ.

I love to watch movies that are about relationships, and the importance of showing Love, grace and Hope.



I have met friends who almost ended in a divorce, and it shocked everyone, including one of the people in the couple.

Sometimes the perfect-looking couple is the one about to fall apart. How does that happen? From my experience, it happens a lit bit at a time.

This is one of the most inspirational movies you can see. The true story of a runner who decides to run more races. But he doesn’t see that running has taken over his life, and his marriage has slipped away.

This is a movie to watch and remind yourself that your marriage and your family should be your first priority.



It may seem strange to add this movie to the list of movies about marriage problems. Because this is a movie about someone who is suddenly widowed.

But I added it for two reasons. One, watching movies about someone who loses their spouse is a way to remind yourself to never take your spouse for granted.

My husband is my best friend. It is important to always treat him with the love and respect he deserves. I want to know that if anything happened to him, I would have no regrets.

Watching a movie like this is a great way to be reminded of that. Two, losing a spouse is the worse kind of marriage trouble.

It is the kind you can’t recover from. You can’t make things right; it is too late. But there is still hope, the hope comes from God.

And if your marriage is at the end, either through death, or divorce and you are hopeless, this movie will remind you to find hope again.


War Room

Of all the movies we have watched as a family, this is my favorite one. Our whole family loved this movie. I have seen firsthand how the story of prayer has impacted my family.

The children watched this movie when they were young, and now as young adults, they are able to see the impact prayer can have on their lives.

I have a prayer chalkboard in my office, where I have my prayer request always right beside me. During the day when I have a few moments to pray I can look and be reminded to pray for the ones I love.

This is a great movie that will remind you to prioritize family life. We all need a little Miss Clara in our lives to remind us to pray when we have marriage trouble.

Priscilla Shirer is one of the best actors in the Christian Movie genre, and you will love this movie.


What If

There is a push in our society to put careers over family. I see this being pushed on my own children, and it makes me sad.

I know that happiness will not be found in a high-paying career or all of the things the money will buy. That is what this movie helps people to see.

This movie tells the story of Ben Walker who abandoned his girlfriend, community, and ministry fifteen years ago to pursue a business opportunity.

He has a lucrative career and a trophy fiancée. But then he sees what his life would have been like if he had followed the life God had created him for.



If you are looking for a Christian film that tells the power of faith, then you will want to watch any movie by the Kendrick brothers.

In this movie, Alex Kendrick did a great job showing the different aspects of marriage problems and how they affect family members.

This is the story of John Harrison who is struggling with his own identity, and his marriage is struggling. But when he helps a young girl come first place in a race and deal with her emotional pain, he learns the solution to his problem is in God.

“Marriage takes work and takes forgiveness and takes patience, there are no perfect marriages.” This is a quote from the movie and there is so much truth in this statement.

We can not fix the problems in our marriage over night. It takes time and patience. Most of all it will take forgiveness.


The Vow

This is one of my oldest daughter’s favorite movies. She has watched it many times. As so many marriages around us fall apart I often remind my children that the vow they make at the altar is one that will last for life.

So, make sure you pick the right one. This movie starring Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum, and Sam Neil was one of the most popular movies at the box office a few years ago.

What most people don’t know is that the story was based on the true story of a Christian couple Kim and Krickitt.

On November 24th, 1993, their marriage took a turn when Krickitt receives a head injury that leaves her with no memory of her husband or their life together.

This is when they have to decide what the vow, they made means. I love that this movie shows that all lives can be rebuilt. We can be restored.


New Life

There are a lot of things that can marriage difficult. Sometimes it is coming from different cultures and having to figure out what traditions you are going to use for your marriage.

My daughter is dating someone from a different country and as a mother, it is important that I support her if they marry.

They may not take all the family traditions we have passed on to her. As a couple, they will have to choose what they are going to take from both cultures.

If this is the only problem, they have to face I will be very happy. This is a love story that covers so many interesting topics.

The couple are from different countries, they face the loss of a child and cancer. Most marriage problems are ones that come from things we did ourselves.

But some are tragedies that we could not expect. This is a movie about dealing with marriage problems that come out of nowhere.


The Cookeville Miracle

I was looking on Prime for a good movie when I found this one. I had never heard of it, and I loved it! At first, it might not seem like a movie to be on a list about marriage problems.

Imagine you drop your children off at school and then head to work, only to hear that someone has taken the children at the school hostage.

That seems to me to be a situation I would not be able to live through, but when the children survive then you have to live as a family in the aftermath of such a terrible situation, I can only imagine what kind of an impact that would have on a marriage.

But then if the children had a story that was unbelievable about how they survived that would cause even more stress on a marriage.

Children who were kidnapped at their elementary school claim to have witnessed miracles, but many adults doubt that the Cokeville Miracle actually occurred.

But hard times are often what drive marriage apart. And having your children held hostage in a school and learning the awful truth that they are never truly safe is something that will drive a wedge in a marriage.


Unanswered Prayers

I have seen this story play out so many times in the lives of people I know. As marriage becomes harder, they start to dream about the “one that got away” The fantasy life they invent is of course better than the reality they are living.

But this fantasy is a lie from Satan. We have to remember that the devil is out to destroy families. We are at war with demons, and only God can win that war.

This movie tells the story of Ava and Ben. They were high school sweethearts. When Ava comes back to town for her mother's burial after 20 years, the two meet again. Ava is single, but Ben is married.

They renew their friendship. Watch the movie to find out what God can do when we give him control.