11 Christian Movies About The Power of the Holy Spirit

11 Christian Movies About The Power of the Holy Spirit


I grew up in a Baptist pastor’s home, so the Holy Ghost was not a topic that was mentioned often.

However, my best friend who lived just one block away was the Pentecostal pastor’s daughter. And they talked about the Holy Spirit’s presence often.

Jesus Christ, the son of God, said when he was leaving that he was going to give us the power of God through the Holy Ghost. When we look at the faith of our fathers, we see the finger of God moving in their lives.

When we use the power of prayer we come into the presence of God, and with his help, the love of God can shine through us to our family and friends.

If you are looking for a movie to watch with your family that has religious themes of the power of the Holy Spirit, then let me share some of my favorites.

Here is a list of the best Christian movies that will help you understand the spiritual matters of the Holy Spirit and all to the glory of God.


The Sound of the Spirit

I love the Jewish people. I love to watch movies about the Jewish people especially when the movie helps me to learn more about the customs.

In this religious movie, we will meet a young girl named Rivka. Rivka, a 12-year-old Messianic Jewish girl, is beautiful and intelligent, but when she discovers that her father, who was her only surviving parent, has passed away, her life is completely turned upside down.

As a result of her father's decision to accept Jesus as his Messiah, Rivka is forced to live with her aunt and uncle, a traditional Jewish couple.

Rivka starts getting ready for her bat mitzvah in the uncomfortable and oftentimes hostile atmosphere of their synagogue. Along the way, Rivka finds her calling and learns life lessons that help her faith grow.

She learns how to see the tragedies in her life in a new way and use what is in her life for the Glory of God.


God is at Work: Inspiring Stories of Faith

Sometimes I feel alone. I feel as if everyone around me hates God and everything he stands for. The world today is a dark place. But still today there are many people all around the world being used by God to do great things.

The world is full of dark places. In my own life, I see people calling good evil and evil good. But when I see the true story of a man or woman living today shining their life for Jesus Christ I am encouraged.

This motivational series is a good movie to watch if you want to hear the testimonies of your brothers and sisters in Christ.

This Christian film explores how God uses people all throughout the world to further His purposes and bring Glory to God. You will see how God's presence and the working of His Spirit help regular people show the love of God.

You will see children, teachers, neighbors, churches, women, refugees, and even the homeless all doing the work of God. Each of these people has taken a leap of faith in their life to serve God.

We hear about community service done in the name of Jesus Christ and the great jobs these people do to serve God.


Holy Ghost

Imagine if God directed a movie. What would a movie like that look and sound like? The movie Holy Ghost is directed by God…. Well, kind of.

This documentary was directed by Darren Wilson, the director of the popular movies Finger of God, Furious Love, and Father of Lights.

The faith-based movie seeks to tell a story that is wholly inspired by the Holy Spirit. Without a plan, a script, or a safety net, Darren went anywhere he thought the Spirit was leading him.

Darren did this as a way to go on an adventure with God. You will love going on this adventure along with Darren and God.


‘Almost Holy’

Here is the fourth film that I recommend that shows the power of the Holy Spirit. In this movie, we see what happens when one man is used by God and willing to be led by the Holy Spirit.

Today Ukraine is a topic on everyone’s mind. There are Ukrainian flags flying in our little town, and everyone knows what is happening there. But this movie was made in 2015 before most people knew anything about Ukraine.

In Steve Hoover's documentary, the Ukrainian city of Mariupol is brutally portrayed as it was in the early 2000s post-communist aftermath of the fall of the Soviet Union.

When communism left Ukraine, the country didn’t embrace freedom the way people hoped. Instead, it became a very corrupt country. In this motion picture, we see the Pentecostal pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko.

He works with the children left on the streets. We see him convincing young people into drug treatment, he fights pedophiles, and trying to destroy illegal drug trafficking.

In this motion picture, we see that the Ukraine government says a lot of things that sound good, but the reality is the government is very corrupt.

If you are looking for a film that shows the Holy Spirit working in a dark place, this is a movie to see.



This is another true story in the form of a documentary. This is the story of Mully. Every once in and while you come across a story that drills itself into your mind and you never forget it.

This is one of those stories. After you watch this God movie you will never forget the life of Mully. As a young boy in Kenya, Charles Mully woke up in his hut to find that his family had abandoned him.

He was alone. He spent ten years begging on the streets to support himself. In the movie, we hear Mully tell us "I hardened. "I started to loathe things a lot. I became a street kid”.

He hated his life and wanted to end it. Had he ended his life he would have been one more dead street kid to add to the stats.

Someone we would never know about. But God had a plan for this life, and thankfully Mully didn’t end his life. When a young man offered Mully an invitation to attend a church for worship Mully agreed.

He was at this time at his lowest point.  He heard the message "Work hard and by faith, there is nothing impossible before God," The words of the preacher impacted his life.

You have to watch the movie for yourself to see what God does with this life. You will not be disappointed.


Free Burma Rangers

PTSD is a hot topic right now. You can find a secular movie on this topic. But it is more important to find a Christian movie that shows how God can still use the lives of men and women dealing with PTSD.

Our soldiers can be used by God if they allow the Holy Spirit to move through them.

In the movie The Free Burma Rangers, we see how former U.S. Army Special Forces officer David Eubank, provided medical assistance to the people targeted by the Burmese government for genocide.

The movie shows the real-life horrors of war. We see real footage of women being dragged over rocks, and men being shot. In this movie, we see how angry David Eubank feels at the horror of war.

The real footage of the Rangers' efforts as they follow overseas orders will make you want to fight for justice in the face of genocide.



I remember the day I heard the name Dylann Roof. It was the day we all heard about the racist white supremacist who entered a church and then did what Satan wanted him to do.

That was the day the world saw that evil racism and hate were still a part of this country.

This is the movie about the day Dylann entered Mother Emanuel AME Church, saw a group of black men and women praying, and sat with them he was invited to join.

He sat for the entire 30-minute prayer meeting. After a 30-minute prayer, Roof opened fire and killed nine members. The movie "Emanuel" pays appropriate respect to the victims by giving detailed accounts of how the shooting impacted family members.

We see those who want to offer forgiveness and those who are angry at the survivors for showing forgiveness. Only the Holy Spirit can give people the power to forgive the way these survivors did.

What they showed is a furious love that is only possible in the Power of the Holy Ghost.  Those who don’t have the power of the Holy Spirit can’t understand how this is possible This is a movie you should see.

In this movie, you will find the ultimate hope for the nation.


The Messengers: The Birth of the Church

If you want your younger children to know about the Holy Spirit then I highly recommend this animated movie for children that covers the topic of the birth of the church.

This movie is of very high quality and was made by the voice of the Martyrs. They do great jobs with all their movies.

In this movie, we see that Following His resurrection, Jesus Christ appeared to His people and gave them the following piece of advice: "Remain in Jerusalem until you are filled with power from Heaven!"

They wait in prayer as Jesus has commanded, and the day comes when the Holy Spirit is poured out upon them with great force and wonder! This movie is based on the Book of the Acts of the Apostles Chapters 1-9.


A.D. The Bible Continues (Mini-Series)

This is not a movie but a mini-series. This is the story of the New Testament that shows the Holy Spirit impacting the world through the church.

We watched this series when it first came out. Our children were babies at the time. Now they are old enough to watch so we are watching it again as a family.

In this series, we see Christ's followers, his mother Mary, and significant religious and political personalities of the day all experienced enormous effects in the immediate aftermath of his death, which quickly changed the entire world.

As they guide us from the agony of Christ's ultimate sacrifice to the stunning wonder of the Resurrection and beyond, the disciples' battles for survival and the dissemination of their ideas will be on display.


The Bible – Miniseries

Here is a second mini-series that tells the story of the Holy Spirit. This one tells the story of the Old Testament.

We can see how the Holy Spirit worked differently in the Old Testament than he does today. As you watch this series with your family have a conversation about what is different today than it was during the time of the Old Testament.

The Executive Producers for this epic 10-part miniseries are Roma Downey and Mark Burnett.

With powerful performances, exotic locations, and astounding visual effects, this series brings the epic narratives of faith and daring from Genesis through Revelation to magnificent life.

You will experience the stories from the Bible in a scale and scope that are breathtaking.