8 Christian Movies About Baseball That Will Inspire You To Win As a Family

8 Christian Movies About Baseball That Will Inspire You To Win As a Family

Across the street from our house is a baseball diamond. I can hear the sound of the ball hitting the bat and the parents cheering for their children from my front deck.

During the lockdowns when the games were canceled, the silence was horrible. At first, I didn’t understand why I missed the sound of the bat hitting the ball.

But I figured out it was the sound of families that I missed. There is something about a baseball field with a little league team playing that shows family time in a genuine way.

There is a cheer after a home run by a family excited for their children. Seeing families cheering for each other, and loving each other is the most wonderful site to see.

Baseball nights, and movie nights... both things families love to do together. If you are looking for a great baseball movie that shows Christian values, I have some great suggestions for you.

Here are some Christian movies about baseball that will inspire your family to win together.



Do you ever feel like the underdog? Seems like life is out of control and you can’t get ahead. Sometimes seeing a true story of God doing miracles can be inspiring.

Last year I went through a valley where I felt as if life could never turn right side up again. When I realized there was nothing, I could do to fix things, I learned that only God could rescue me.

There is peace in truly understanding this. When we give our future to God that is when we open our lives to the possibility of a miracle.

The movie Gibsonburg is the true story of a baseball team that opened themselves up to the possibility that God could do a miracle.

This baseball movie is based on the true story of a high school team that enters the state championships as underdogs.

They have lost seventeen games, and everyone expects them to fail, but a miracle happens, and they make history.

You will love this story of a baseball team and it will inspire your Christian faith.


Pitching Love and Catching Faith

It is Friday morning as I write this. That means tonight is date night. My plan for this week is to go for a walk into town for ice cream and then come home for a romantic comedy on the couch.

As I was looking for a movie, I came across this movie and it looks perfect for date night. I love a good romance.

This movie is a romance film wrapped up in baseball. Heather is a fun athletic girl who loves to win on the diamond.

But she fails miserably when it comes to dating. Tyler wants Heather’s help to fix his baseball game. This romantic comedy will be a good film for your next family movie night.

This is a movie with a positive message that will remind you to love Jesus Christ and put your family first. If you are looking for a fun date night this weekend, start with this movie.

Running the Bases

We live in a small town and life is very different here than in the city. We moved from the city to a small town. In the movie Running the Bases, we see the opposite.

A coach moves his family from a small town to the city to coach at a large school. The coach wants to help the young men on the diamond develop integrity and character. But life in the city is hard for a man of faith.

The superintendent is a recent widower and is angry at God. It is easy to become angry with God when bad things happen.

We can wonder if God cares, or if he is real. Can a God who claims to love us let bad things happen to us?

This is a movie to inspire us to live our lives for God and stand for our faith. In small towns, in big cities, in schools, or at home, God is still working.

More important than learning a sport is learning integrity, faith, and character.

You can be great on the diamond, but if you can not win at life then it does not matter how good we run the bases.


Full Count

My daughters are all at the age where they dream of the future. My youngest is about to start her last year of high school.

My oldest is in a relationship where she is talking about marriage. I love to see them as they dream about the future. Dreams are important.

But there are times when we can see our dreams slip through our fingers. There comes a time in every life when we realize that life is not what we thought it was going to be.

But sometimes the life we get is better than the one we dream of. If you love Christian movies as I do, you will love this story of a young baseball player who has his dreams of playing baseball crushed when he has to save his family farm.

When the fate of his family lands on his shoulders it seems like more than he can handle.

This is a film worth watching if you need encouragement to find your dreams again and look toward the future.


One Hit from Home

I have had a hard last few years. I needed encouragement to remember that with Christian faith hope grows even in dark places.

It can be very hard for an athlete when they are no longer able to play the sport that had defined them for so many years. This is a common problem many athletes face when they are done playing.

If you are looking for a great baseball movie this feather-length film is one you don’t want to miss.

This is the story of a baseball star who is no longer able to play. He finds himself depressed and looking for hope when he finds help through a friendship with a baseball player who has his own struggles.

Together they work together to find peace and hope. This movie will remind you that we all need people to lean on.

Friendships are important and we all need people in our lives to depend on. I love how this movie shows the importance of friendships to help us overcome our personal struggles.



When I was working with at-risk kids, I saw that their biggest struggle was the fact their father was missing from their home.

I think we could solve a lot of our problems if we could bring fathers and sons together. If you have a Pure Flix account, you will want to add Hero to your list of movies to watch.

This is the story of Joe Finn, a coach trying to get in touch with his son David. Joe starts a new baseball league with the goal of getting fathers and sons playing together.

This is a great movie about forgiveness, grace, and compassion.


Mercy Rule

I love to watch Christian films together as a family. In the United States, there are many options for great faith-based films.

We have easier access to Christian content today than we had when I was younger. One of the great things about Christian films is the encouragement we can get from the stories.

One of the reasons I find myself struggling is that I don’t like to ask for help. Mercy Rule is a movie for the baseball fans in your life who are looking for a great Christian film to watch.

If you are struggling it might be that you need help. But asking for help might be the hardest part. Mercy Rule is the story of John and his son Cody who don’t want to ask for help.

They struggle because they can’t do it on their own. But when they learn to ask their friends and teammates for help their life changes.

While Cody is struggling with his game, John might have lost his business. But what they discover together is that faith and family are the most important.

The lead role of John is played by Kirk Cameron and his wife Chelsea also stars in the movie.

Kirk and Chelsea Cameron became famous on 90s TV shows, mostly known for their roles on Growing Pains.


Game Changer

We are a football family. My brother played football in college, and we would go to see the games together as a family.

He then went on to coach the same team when he finished school. I loved taking my children to see his games, even when he was coaching.

Today he still coaches, but now he coaches his son’s little league. Seeing him as a father is more exciting to watch than when he was playing and coaching at the university.

Game Changer is one of the many faith-based films about sports and families. This is the story of a pro football player who has to help a group of kids learn how to play baseball.

But he teaches them more than just baseball, he teaches them how to win at life. This Christian comedy is a great family movie for your next movie night. Check out these other articles:

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