7 Christian Movies About Track & Run the Race of Life in Confidence

7 Christian Movies About Track & Run the Race of Life in Confidence

My oldest daughter is a female athlete who competes in track. She has been part of the cross-country team at her high school as well as competing at the state championship for the triple jump and long jump.

We live in a small town, so her team practiced in the closest city. That meant a half-hour drive to and from practice. Because of that, I spent many hours watching her team practice.

I could see firsthand the hard work the team put into practice. When I am looking for Christian movies to watch as a family, I often look for stories that my children can relate to, which means I am often looking for faith-based films about the track.

You can look for new films on Amazon Prime, Netflix, Pure Flix, or even sometimes at the box office.

There are movies that tell the story of Jesus, and how his impact on our lives can change lives.

If you are looking for Christian sports movies, here is a list of Christian movies about the track.


Remember the Goal

I love watching movies about sports with my family. My daughters are Christian athletes, which means they must be successful on the track, in the gym, as well as in their life.

It is more than about winning, it is about doing what is right. My beautiful daughter was part of the cross-country team for her school as well as for the town.

When she first started the idea that she might win a race was long odds. There were many fast women on the track. But with hard work, we became one of the fastest in the township winning the award for most improved athlete of the year.

She went from coming in last to medalling in every event. “Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31 This is the verse used in this Christian film.

In this movie, we see a young female coach played by Allee-Sutton Hethcoat. This new coach Courtney Smith takes over the cross-country program at an all-girls Christian school.

She plans on taking her team to their first-ever state championship. As the runners begin their training, the top five females each have found themselves dealing with issues young teenage girls have to deal with.

The girls learn the lessons they have on the track can be used in real life as well.


The Perfect Race

If you enjoyed Remember the Goal, you will also love this movie from the same series.

In this movie, we see a female athlete from a small Christian college who is trying to overcome insurmountable odds with the National title in the 800-meter run.

Her coach Courtney Smith-Donnelly returns to this movie. You will remember her from "Remember The Goal" returns in "The Perfect Race," The third movie in the series is always a winner, a story about golf. You will love that movie as well.

Coach Courtney Helps this female runner overcome the odds and win the 800-meter national title by using her track coaching abilities.

Coach Donnelly's training regimens and life lessons are based on the idea that you must first lose in order to win.

This is something that people can not understand and there is a pushback against the coach's idea.


Chariots of Fire

This true story is one of my favorite movies that tell the truth about the Christian faith. This is the story of the great athlete Harold Abrahams.

I find that when we watch true stories we learn about our past and that will inspire us to create a better future. This is a creative way to inspire the next generation.

Harold finds anti-Semitism when he enrolls at Cambridge University in 1919. Amid the racial tension, he thrives as a track athlete.

He completes the Trinity Great Court Run first and wins the national running contest. We also met Eric Liddell. Born in China to Scottish missionaries, Eric Liddell is now in Scotland and competes side by side with Harold Abrahams.

Both of these young athletes were selected to represent Great Britain in the 1924 Olympic Games in Paris.

After years of preparation and hard work they are ready to compete, but when Liddell learns the 400-meter run is on Sunday he chooses to not run.

Abrahams accepts Liddell's invitation to take his place in the 400-meter race after he has won a silver medal in the 400-meter hurdles.

In this movie, we see the lives of two of the greatest athletes in Olympian history. After the Olympic Games, the young men are thrown into the battles of World War II and must depend even more on their faith in God.

The true events told in this movie will inspire you to live your life putting God first.



We are an adoptive family. My daughter who we adopted at age 15 loves to run track. And so when the Kendrick brothers came up with a new movie about adoption, track, and overcoming our past I knew it was the perfect movie for our family.

Although if you are an adoptive family I would watch the movie before watching it with your family. Without giving away the plot the movie does deal with issues that relate to birth family, and not all stories have the happy ending of this film.

That is the only warning I would give to this film. In this movie by executive producer Alex Kendrick, we are once again gifted a great story by the Kendrick brothers.

These brothers produced similar movies War Room and Fireproof. In this story, we see a coach asked to run the cross-country program.

It is his first time coaching track and only one student comes to practice. But that one student needs more than a coach she needs to hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

And she needs to learn how to run the perfect race.


Run the Race

This is the story of two brothers, Zach and David. These two young men are more than brothers, they are close friends. Zach is an all-state athlete, but after an injury, he is unable to compete.

What the brother learns is that the race of life is far more difficult than the race on the track. This is a great movie to inspire your children to never give up on their dreams.


1500 Steps

This is a movie about a beautiful coastal town in Sydney. A local high school in the coastal town has a student named Jonas O’Brien. Jonas is a sixteen-year-old young man.

He is from a poor single-parent family. But his father was once a great athlete, a runner. But today the man is an alcoholic grieving man.

Jobe's mother has passed away, and the family is falling apart. One day a famous Olympian sees Jobe run. While everyone else sees Jobe as a misfit juvenile delinquent, this man sees potential.

And perhaps all Jobe needed was a person who believed in him.



This movie tells the true story of college professor David Horton and the amazing races that he competes in.

However, David is so excited about the athletic events that he begins to neglect his family. Then he sets out on the biggest race he has ever done. A 2,900-mile run across America.

His goal is to inspire a nation. But what about his own family?