15 Christian Movies About Adoption That Will Inspire You To Open Your Home and Family to Children in Need

15 Christian Movies About Adoption That Will Inspire You To Open Your Home and Family to Children in Need

The beauty of adoption is an important subject matter for me and my family. I was conceived as an unplanned pregnancy my birth mom was pressured to have me aborted but chose instead adoption.

I am very grateful to my adoptive father and mother for giving me a loving home. My husband and I have two natural-born children and two children we adopted.

We are also foster parents. Because of my personal journey, I am always looking for great stories to share. Here are a few I recommend.

It is hard to find movies about foster care and adoption that show the hardships, awkwardness, and love that you will find in the adoption journey. I really do love Pure Flix films, they have the best Christian films on the market.

They have a large selection of adoption and foster care movies that I recommend.


The 5-Day Adoption

Our adoption journey was very long and full of ups and downs. This is the case for every adoption family that I have talked with.

But this story is wild! The true story told in this documentary film follows a real-life family's fast-paced 5-day adoption journey, overcoming extreme challenges like crossing a raging river.

It is through a network of other Christians and their prayers that they find encouraging faith and trust in God's providence. This is a love story of parents willing to do anything to save their child.


Paper Dream

I often heard stories from my mother of the years she struggled with trying to get pregnant. The story of struggling with infertility and then adoption is a roller coaster of emotions.

The movie Paper Dream tells that roller coaster story. Christy Davis is a lifelong dreamer, who struggles with infertility and adoption. The happy life they show to others hides the pain they are facing.

Christy and Matt turn to adoption. But then they begin to question if they have the ability to raise young children. Paper Dream portrays the physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges couples face in the face of infertility.

This story shows that the only hope we can have is found in surrendering our expectations to God and finding hope.


In the Name of God

When people talk about the subject of adoption they tend to immediately think of a little baby. We adopted our two children at the age of 13 and 15.

While most people think of adoption in terms of a baby, there are many young children and teens looking for families. This faith-based movie In the Name of God tells the story of Mason Jones, a 17-year-old foster child.

Mason moves in with the Lewis family assuming they will like his previous foster parents. The Lewis family plans to adopt Mason who struggles with past trauma.

It is not easy to overcome past trauma, and when a child faces that trauma from both birth family and foster families it makes that trauma even harder to overcome.

But there is always hope. And this movie reminds us of that hope.


Nothing Without God

As a foster family, I have personally seen the impact abusive birth parents have on their children. Even years after being taken out of the abuse situation they continue to deal with the emotional scars.

The faith-based film, Nothing Without God tells the story of a young man who faces challenges in college that stem from his past.

His trauma comes not only from his biological parents but also from abusive foster families. He faces the fear of rejection. God sends him a teacher who transforms his direction.


October Baby

I first saw this movie when I stumbled on it by accident when looking through Netflix for a movie to watch. It became one of my most recommended movies.

This is the true story of a young woman searching for her biological mother, but the journey leads her to information she never expected. Hannah is so excited for her theatrical debut.

But when she learns her birth story includes a failed abortion attempt, she finds herself on a journey. A panic attack on stage leads her to the choice to find her biological mom.

This is a powerful story of true events showing the value of life. Her Christian faith leads her to find forgiveness in her heart for her biological parents. “You saw me before I was born.” Psalm 139:16 (NLT).


Come Alive

I speak at churches trying to encourage other Christians to think about adoption, specifically to adopt older children or sibling groups.

Come Alive tells the story of First Baptist Church in Leesburg, Florida, which laid the foundation for the Christian Care Center over 30 years ago.

The United States has many children waiting for families, and this movie tells how the church's commitment to ministry, evangelism, and community unity has touched lives, restored families, and seen thousands of hurting people come to know Jesus' love.

The story encourages pastors, church planters, and members to follow Jesus as agents of change by mobilizing their communities to serve the least of these.


Waiting for the Miracle to Come

I love musicals. If you are looking for a good musical, check out this movie starring country legend, Willie Nelson.

This movie tells the story of Adeline Winter, a trapeze artist, on her quest to find the Beautiful Place in Ransom, California.

The film captures the heartache of loss and the daring of hope, with Lowe's performance capturing the journey. This is a story of a family and adopted daughter, and hope for the future.


The Blind Side

This is the most famous movie that covers the story of adoption. It was a hit at the box office and for good reason. This is the true story of Michael Lewis a football player. We learn the story of his adoptive family.

Sandra Bullock plays his adoptive mother, who invites him into her home and then helps him finish high school. This is a story of extraordinary love and a family that opens not only their doors but their hearts.

I have seen this movie too many times to count and will still watch it many more times. This is a story of restoration and a reminder that broken people can rebuild their lives.


The Prince of Egypt Cartoon

As a child, my parents used the story of Moses to teach me about adoption. This was important because the story demonstrates a biological mother as a hero, making a sacrifice to save her own baby boy.

This cartoon is a good way to teach your children about adoption. This is the story of two brothers. The other one, Moses, is the biological son of the king, and the other is the biological son of slaves.

But God sees the true value of human life. And uses Moses to free the slaves and lead them to the promised land.



This is a Kendrick Brothers movie. They are good movies to watch as a family. The first time I realized the impact of the Kendrick Brothers Films was when I watched War Room.

When David's biological mom unexpectedly reaches out to him, longing to see the 18-year-old son she's only ever held, the family suddenly needs to make some choices.

Alex Kendrick is the lead actor and plays the main character in this latest film. With the encouragement of his adoptive parents, David sets out to find his birth story. This is a story that shows the value of every life.


Raising Izzie

If you are looking for a good film on Pure Flix, Raising Izzie is one of the best movies to share the message of adoption. After the tragic death of a young mother, two sisters are left orphaned.

A young girl, Gertie, is just 14 years old when she successfully conceals her efforts to take custody of her younger sister, Izzie.

When Gertie sees the love her teacher has for children, she wonders if this could be her answer to prayers.


Chosen By Love

I like to find a good TV show to binge-listen to when I have a big project to work on. I have a guest room upstairs that has turned into a storage room and needs to be cleaned out for a young teenager who will be moving into our home in a few weeks.

So, I am on the lookout for a series. I found this series on Pure Flix. Chosen by Love is a multi-plot story with a focus on adoption and foster care.

The show follows six distinct families as they each go on a journey toward healing, harmony, and new beginnings.


Christmas at Cadillac Jacks

I reconnected with my biological family when I was 25. I think it is important to hear adoption from the point of view of the birth parents.

This movie tells the story of Rose looking for her adopted child. During her search, she finds personal salvation when stranded at a diner on Christmas Eve by defending a small child from an abusive parent.


Meant to be

If you are looking for a feel-good movie this is a great one you can find on Pure Flix. Starring Dean Cain this movie tells the story of Nathan, a young child raised in foster care who is searching for his biological mother.



I am always on the lookout for a good family movie to watch. This is a great option. Found tells the story of a deputy sheriff who helps an abandoned child who was raised in the mountains far from civilization.

While helping these abandoned children he finds himself attempting to protect them from a greedy oil company and a perilous past.