10 Christian Movies About Creation will Help Your Family Stand Strong in their Faith

10 Christian Movies About Creation will Help Your Family Stand Strong in their Faith

The debate of creation is one the church has been fighting for years. An attack on biblical creation is an attack on the Word of God.

When we think about the start of our universe from a Biblical perspective some think we go against science. But the reality is that you can believe in science and the book of Genesis.

Part of standing for our Christian faith and the existence of God is talking about the creation of the world.

If we want our families to be prepared to stand for their Christian beliefs, then we need to find Christian movies for our family movie night that will tell the true story of Creation.

Here is a list of Christian movies about the topic of Creation that will help your family stand strong in their faith.


The Animated Bible Stories: Creation

If you are looking for a great movie for your toddlers to help them understand the story of creation. Animated Bible movies are great for younger children. This movie does a great job of telling the story of creation.

Before the heavens and the earth were created, God spoke, and life was created. Everything was perfect.

Then the devil came in the form of a serpent and asked the question, "Did God really say, 'You shall not eat of any tree in the garden'?"

In this movie, you will see the story of creation in the 1st episode, and the fall of man in the 2nd and 3rd episodes. This is a great movie for a young child who is learning about creation for the first time.

Younger kids will appreciate the short episodes.


The Genesis Code

I have two children who are university students. I know that this is a hard time to tell people you believe in God and think the Bible story is true, especially the Bible stories in the Book of Genesis.

In this movie, we see a university student willing to stand strong in the face of a self-proclaimed atheist. This is the story of a female journalism student and a college hockey player who find it difficult to reconcile their religious beliefs with academic pursuits.

This is a great movie if you are looking for a romantic drama that will also give the message of standing for your faith. I found this movie very interesting.

I wish that today's colleges would be willing to allow students to speak openly about topics that are difficult.

Perhaps this movie will be a way to open up a dialogue with someone you care about.


Wonders of God's Creation: Unforgettable Evidence of the Creator's Handiwork

I am a homeschooled mom. I have some who are done homeschooling and some who are still being homeschooled. Because of that, I am always on the hunt for great movies to be supplementary to the curriculum that I buy.

This is a great option for that. In this movie, you will find a series of programs that aim to inspire viewers with their beauty and the Creator's handiwork.

In the 1st episode, your family will explore the Milky Way and our solar system. In the 2nd episode, they will explore our planet Earth as a sanctuary of life.

In the third episode, you will see beautiful thundering Earth and Roaring Waters, and dive deep into the Earth's center, revealing hidden miracles vital to our survival.

The fourth episode offers an in-depth look at our atmosphere, dispelling the mysteries of weather with exciting graphics and insightful explanations.

The final episode Animal Kingdom, explores the complex potential of the human brain, hand, skeletal system, and heart, highlighting the magnificent provision found in the human body.

The series concludes with a look at the human body, as described by the Greek writer Sophocles. God’s creation points us to God and reminds us to worship Him.


The Young Sun

If you are looking for information to teach your children about creation, Answers in Genesis is a great resource. In this documentary, Christian filmmakers look at the 4th day of creation.

The questions they answer surround the topic of the sun. You will hear from people in the scientific community as they explain the size, distance, structure, energy production, internal workings, and sheer uniqueness of the source of light and heat that God created on day four of Creation.

The theory of evolution can be refuted, and Dr. Jason Lisle, an astrophysicist, gives us reasons to believe in the creation message.

This is a great movie to show to your youth group or small group. This movie will give your friends and loved ones a way to answer their own doubts and questions.


Life's Story: The One That Hasn't Been Told

Since the writing of Charles Darwin, the church has been debating the story of creation. The evolution vs. creation debate has been ongoing for over 150 years, but modern DNA research now proves that evolution is impossible.

In modern times people think that new scientific discoveries all prove evolution to be true. But the reality is the exact opposite.

We have to wonder if the public understands Darwin's theories and the scientific evidence that proves this theory to be false.

The God movie, Life's Story, explores the long-held beliefs of natural selection, exploring how animals change, survival, instinct, and intelligence.

The program, filmed and researched over a five-year period in over ten countries, offers a visually stunning and informative exploration of various species and their evolution.

This is a great scientific resource for youth groups, Christian schools, and homeschooling families.


A Matter of Faith

In my lifetime, we took the Lord’s prayer, the Ten Commandments, and any biblical worldview out of the public school system.

Since then, the school system has gone downhill very quickly. In this movie, we see the story of a college student forced to make a choice about what side she will take in the debate about the truth of the Bible.

It is her first time away from home and she is in her first year of college. Rachel Whitaker a Christian woman starts to be influenced by a popular biology professor named Harry Anderson.

This well-liked biology professor believes that evolution is the best explanation for the origins of life. At home, Rachel begins to change.

When Rachel's father notices a change in his daughter, he starts to investigate, and what he finds absolutely surprises him. He becomes worried that Rachel is losing her trust in Jesus Christ.

Does she still believe the gospel message of the New Testament? Does she believe in the stories of the Old Testament?

If you are a parent of a child being influenced by teachers, or the internet to walk away from God, this is a great movie to encourage both of you to stand strong in your belief and remember the love of God is what will hold your family together.


Evolution on Trial

Our family hosts apologetic bible studies in our home. We often look for movies to watch, and I came across this amazing one when I was looking for a video to show on the topic of creation vs evolution.

Did you know that there was once a four-day scientific hearing held by the Kansas State Board of Education to allow an evolutionary Debate to be held by the Public Schools?

I was shocked to hear about this, and very happy when I heard that it was recorded. You can hear educators and students critically evaluate the evolution debate.

This video has 23 expert witnesses giving testimony regarding the scientific veracity of the evolution debate.


Genesis: Paradise Lost

The best way to teach our children about science is through great visual arts. I found this movie when I was looking for a great way to get my children interested in nature.

This is an amazingly beautiful piece of artwork that will leave you in awe of our awesome creator. In the movie Genesis: Paradise Lost you will see a 3D-animated documentary that explores the first week of Creation.

The visual effects are almost as amazing as the epic orchestration. The film also challenges the people who ridiculed the Bible's teaching of God creating the heavens and earth.

You will the reason to believe in intelligent design in this movie which highlights the idea of an intelligently designed universe.

The proof shown is both science and Scripture. God’s creation will remind you of God’s love for us. He created just the world we would need to live a happy and healthy life.


Creation vs Evolution by Answers in Genesis

I had the chance to visit the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter. This was a fun way to look at Noah’s Ark and learn more about the theory of intelligent design. At the store, I found this movie.

The movie is an hour long and answers the historical question many people ask. I understand that many people don't think Genesis is factual and think it has little relevance in today's society.

In this movie, we see Avery Foley who explains why questions of biblical authority are very important when it comes to how we perceive creation, evolution, and the age of the world.

This is a great resource for your family. Although I still suggest a trip to the Ark Encounter if you can.


The Wild Brothers


I first heard about the Wild Brothers on social media. I have been watching them for a few years now and have enjoyed seeing the brother grow up.

If you are looking for a great social media account to follow, I highly recommend them. In this movie, you will meet the Wild family.

Mike and Libby are missionaries and their sons have become known as the Wild Brothers. If you want to give your children a genuinely Christian perspective and let them encounter creation these four boys are a fun way to do that.

The boys filmed themselves as they explored a Pacific island's jungle and its diverse wildlife on a journey deep into God's creation. They introduce us to their mother Libby and father Mike.

This homeschooling missionary family lives deep in a remote Pacific island's rainforest. The children explore the depths of creation and learn about the animals and tribal cultures of the South Seas Islands.

Your family is going to love this.