15 CUTE Christian School Classroom Decorations that Kids will Love! Click Here

Christian School Classroom Decorations

15 CUTE Christian School Classroom Decorations that Kids will Love! Click Here

Some of the most basic foundational principles about God that I know today were learned when I was still a young girl. There was an old wall canvas in my granny’s living room of a woman holding a young baby boy. She told me He was Jesus and that if  I believed in Him, I would go to heaven one day.

Children spend most of their active hours in school, and that’s why it is imperative to share the word of God in a language that they understand best- art and pictures. Let me share with you some of the best decorations to hang in classrooms to help them know God and His word.

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1. Ten Commandments Wall Poster by Tri-Seven Entertainment.

The ten commandments wall christian school classroom decorations

The first commandment that I mastered in school was, “you shall not steal.”  I saw a wall poster in the classroom of  Jesus crucified between two men, and our teacher told us that they were robbers. I don’t know about the other pupils, but I made up in my mind right then that I would never steal. 

If you are a teacher who wants the best for your students, you can’t go wrong with this framed poster on your classroom walls. 

2. 10 Commandments with Easy Wording for Kids Canvas by Christian Walls

10 commandments with easy words for kids christian school classroom decorations

Our 10 Commandments Wall Art & Decor has free shipping, free customization and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

 When my daughter was eleven years old, I was always afraid I hadn’t done enough to teach her the importance of being born again. One day, much to my surprise, she asked me, “mommy, what exactly does one need to do to get saved?”

Children are never too young to be introduced to the salvation gospel. Canvases such as these open the door for conversations like these by sparking curiosity. 

3. Books of the Bible Wall Art by LittleLifeDesigns.

Books of the bible  wall christian school classroom decorations

I advise junior class teachers to compose a simple melody for their students with the books of the Bible as lyrics in the order that they appear in the Bible. The students will be able to locate the relevant book whenever is necessary.

Prepare their hearts for the journey of faith which is before them, and when they grow up, they will have developed a strong foundation for their lives in the word of God, and the storms of life cannot shake them. Decorate their classrooms with this wall art and let them memorize the scriptures.

I think this is a must as a / for a Sunday school classroom decoration.

4. The Beatitudes Wall Art by catbrush. 

The beatitudes christian school classroom decorations

My daily prayer to God for my children is that He will keep them from exposure to drug abuse, pornography, and crime.

I always speak a word of protection to them whenever I drop them at school and before I leave them in the hands of their teachers. The beatitudes Christian wall art will help students know God’s sweet promises.

Having poster in your school classroom is a great reminder for your students.

5. Fruit Of The Spirit Wall Prints by BeguimaStudio.

Fruits of the spirit christian school classroom decorations

Have you ever looked closely at a young baby when he is sleeping? If He is not sick, he looks so much at peace. That’s the kind of peace God wants us to have in Him. I love it when my kids and I have peace and joy at home after school.

We dine, play, pray and then read the word together before going to bed. If you are a teacher in school, you can also enjoy this lifestyle by teaching your students the fruits of the holy spirit by hanging this printed wall art in their classroom.

It will be a source of spiritual nourishment to the souls of pupils and students in the class.

6. Prayer for Children Poster by SundaySchoolNetwork.

Prayer for children poster christian school classroom decorations
I love listening to children when they are praying. They are usually fully convinced that God is listening to them; they are so innocent to the extent that they hardly open their eyes during prayers. Their prayers are always short and very precise.

What do you think would happen if we teach them how to pray according to the scriptures? Start doing so by decorating the walls of their classrooms with this church art, and they will sooner or later become prayer warriors.

7. Cross Bible Verse Wall Art by JadeDecals. 

Cross bible wall christian school classroom decorations

When I was a student, I used to get home feeling burnt out. I used to unwind by going to the kitchen for a snack before going to watch T.V. I wish I knew the word of God as I know it today.

I should have been going straight into my room and having fellowship with God in prayers. The Lord could have given me refreshing moments. Decorate classrooms with this decal, and your students will know why to turn to Jesus when things get too hard for them.


8. Fear Not for I am with You Wall Poster. By LittleLifeDesigns. 

fear not for I am with you poster christian school classroom decorations
When I gave my life to Christ, my pastor told me that I had to let go of my old friends. I was only a teenager, and I couldn’t imagine my life without them. I obeyed him, and that was the beginning of my sorrows. I felt lonely and forsaken.

I stumbled upon this verse during this trying moment, and my life changed. I realized that I am not alone, but God is with me. My faith got revived, loneliness vanished, and I made new friends.

Having this decor hung up in your school classroom is a powerful reminder that God will always be with them.

9. Be Strong and Courageous Scripture Wall Art by Maitys.

be strong and courageous wall art christian school classroom decorations
My life as a teenager was trying, but now I enjoy the fruits of the sacrificial life that I lived. I know that being courageous is not something I can do on my own and that I need to turn to God.

He has helped me in the past to make unpopular decisions for the sake of glorifying Him, and I have never regretted it.

This scripture is a powerful reminder to your students!

10. James 1:17 Classroom Poster by WeLovePrintableArt. 

James 1 17 classroom poster christian school classroom decorations
We had a Christian Union fellowship group in high school. During weekdays we could meet and practice singing worship songs. I must admit that my voice was not all that great, but my heart was in it.

The group team made fun of me, and I decided to learn to play the violin instead. I mastered it and became excellent at it.

Later on, I learned that God distributes different gifts to different people for the edification of the whole church. Some students are good in academics; others are good in sports, music, and many more fields, and that’s okay.

I think if you had this decor in your classroom, it'll be a reminder to them they are talented and is a precious gift of God. 

11. Read Your Bible Children’s Decor By LittleLifeDesigns 

read your bible children decor christian school classroom decorations
We had a family gathering once, and I told one of my nephews to open the meeting with the Lord’s prayer, and this what he said,“ Our Father in heaven, how did you know my name, your - ” his mother stopped him before he could continue, but I wish she hadn’t.

Train your kids to read the Bible daily and to pray. In the classrooms of junior students, hang this beautifully colored décor so they can read and practice what they have read daily. 

12. Let the Little Children Come to Me Décor, By EdenArtPrintables. 

let the children come to me decor christian school classroom decorations
When I was a young child, I thought that one had to become an adult to be saved. I thought it was like acquiring a driving license, which requires a grown-up. I was wrong for all that time until my Sunday school teacher taught this verse from the Bible.

Let us make our children know that Jesus loves them and wants to save them by decorating their classrooms with this décor. 

13. Love God Love Others Printable Wall Art. By WaterColorArtWork. 

love God love others christian school classroom decorations
My greatest challenge as a parent is teaching my children about love. It is not always an easy lesson to teach, especially when it’s time to share toys. If you have the same struggle as a teacher, you can save yourself from repeating yourself constantly by hanging this wall art in their classroom.

14. God is Good All the Time Wall Art by Christian Walls

God is good all the time wall art christian school classroom decorations
While God is good all the time, it is not possible to remind our children of this all the time. For starters, our children spend most of their days at school being influenced by other people. The wall art décor in their classroom will do the work of informing and reminding them that God’s love for them is unconditional and will never fail.

15. Genesis 9:13 Canvas By LilaPrints. 

Genesis 9 13 canvas wall art christian school classroom decorations
One of the most challenging things that my daughter ever asked me was to explain why I believe in an unseen God. While I can stand in my convictions with adults, for a moment, I struggled to find words simple enough to explain to a child.

Luckily, I saw a rainbow on the horizon. I told her, “That rainbow you see over there is a reminder of His glory.

Whenever you see it, remember that it comes from Him in heaven.” She seemed satisfied with the answer. I recommend hanging this canvas in a classroom that children may see it and come to know that God’s covenant with the Earth is steadfast.


The most uncomplicated message to share is the gospel because the only required currency is faith. Start sharing this sweet gospel with children by using their classroom walls as a message bearer, and you will build their faith.