11 Christian Easter Outdoor Decorations for Your Home or Church

Christian Easter Outdoor Decorations

11 Christian Easter Outdoor Decorations for Your Home or Church

Bunnies and eggs may seem like the popular items when you are in need of decorations for Easter. However, you don’t have to give in to secular culture in order to properly decorate and keep Christ and the crucifixion at the center of the holiday. 

Today we will look at some Christian outdoor decoration ideas that is sure to remind others that this celebration is not about bunnies but the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the whole world.

1. Three crosses easter display by Front Yard Originals

1. Three crosses easter display by Front Yard Originals

The cross is an important Christian symbol. It looks very simple but it represents so much beauty, love, and hope for those who believe in it and value what took place at Calvary so many years ago.

This symbol brings salvation, provides cleansing from our sin, and offers the hope of a future where the troubles of this world will come to an end. With the help of the Three Crosses-He is risen Easter display you may point neighbors and passers-by to the Risen Savior.

2. Because He lives cushion by Zazzle

2. Because He lives cushion by Zazzle

I enjoy setting up a themed area outdoors for my daughter to enjoy, to host a mini treat for my spouse or just to relax when I want to take a break.

If you want to create an Easter themed patio or backyard set-up, adding a few of these cushions will create a cozy feel, pull all the elements together, and remind everyone that- He lives. 

Use these cushions to remind everyone that it is because of Jesus' sacrifice and His triumph over death that we have so much to celebrate during this holiday.

3. Mini resurrection garden by Hometalk

3. Mini resurrection garden Hometalk Christian Easter Decorations for yard

My grandmother loves flowers. Whenever she sees a flower she doesn't have she tries to get it and add it to her garden. She may not remember all the names but she is sure of two things; she enjoys the beautiful colors and she loves tending to her garden.

If you enjoy gardening and adore flowers the way my grandmother does, you will love adding this piece to your garden during the holidays. The mini resurrection garden is a great conversation piece. It may also give curious children a chance to hear you tell the Easter story.

4. Palm Sunday garden flag by PhyShen

4. Palm Sunday garden flag Christian Easter Outdoor Decorations

I am drawn to the natural vibrance that palms create when I add them to a space. This is why I like to use palms to decorate indoors and outdoors. Potted plants, palm leaves and palm print on cushions or wall art may add a touch of greenery, lift the spirits, and create a refreshing feeling.

This ‘Palm Sunday’ garden flag will help you to add a special touch to your outdoor decorations. It may be mounted on a special frame or simple hang from your favorite outdoor spot.


5. Easter wreath by MD2020Creations

5. Easter wreath by MD2020Creations Christian Easter Decorations for outdoor

Jesus endured humiliation and pain when a crown of thorn was placed on His head and when that mocking sign was affixed to the cross. Those who did it jeered and made fun but followers of Christ look at these same things with reverence and gratitude. 

We hail Him because He is King of the whole world. He reigns in our lives as our Savior from sin. He has dominion over death and the grave. He is our Prince of Peace and we have only the cross to thank for all these blessings.

This wreath will not just beautify your outdoors but it will remind you of the cross, the crown of thorn, and the price the King of the world paid to save you and me.

6. Easter Cross lawn decorations by Big Dot of Happiness

6. Easter Cross lawn decorations Christian Easter Outdoor Decorations
This easy to install Easter cross lawn kit is a time saver for the busy mom or anyone else who wants to share that Jesus is risen while saying Happy Easter. 

It may be used along your walkway, to add some color to your lawn during the holidays or you may arrange the pieces near your flowers. Whatever way you choose to use them is up to your style and taste. In the end others will remember that the one who died on the cross to save us from sin is not lying in a tomb but has gone to prepare a beautiful home for all of us.

7. Joy Easter yard signs by Oriental Trading

 7. Joy Easter yard signs by Oriental Trading

I love hanging out with the youth at church. Being in their company, interacting with them, and helping them in whatever way I can gives me great joy. It's even a greater joy knowing that they have accepted the call to follow Jesus and are living, volunteering, and using their time and talent to serve Him.

This is also a time when we reflect on the joy we have because of God's immeasurable love. He sent His only son to save us. This outdoor sign has the cross at the center. It signifies that Christ and God's love for us should be at the center of our celebrations and at the center of our lives.

8. Hosanna in the highest yard sign by CafePress

8. Hosanna in the highest yard sign Christian easter decorations for yard
Jesus' triumphant entry into our lives and our world is a story worth sharing with everyone. He came in humility but He reigns with power. This yard sign is a simple yet powerful outdoor decoration for the holidays. You may place it near your mail box, at the entrance of your driveway or anywhere on your lawn to help others focus on the 'lamb of the world' who died.

9. Church cross decorated for Easter by Amy's Free Ideas

9. Church cross decorated for Easter by Amy's Free Ideas

While worshipers visit the church or motorists pass by, they may see this outdoor Easter decoration piece and reflect on the amazing sacrifice that Jesus made for all of us. Children will see this sign and focus on Christ instead of candies and treasure hunts. They will learn that this celebration is not just a holiday to enjoy the outdoors and have fun but a time to think about Jesus.

10. He is risen decoration by Prudent Penny Pinchers

DIY Easter Box outdoor christian easter decorations for yard and outside

Christ's crucifixion and resurrection is a focal point for Christians. The hymns we sing, the scriptures we focus on, and the decorations we use all point to the risen Savior.

This piece is multi-functional and may be used both indoors and outdoors. It may serve as an excellent window box, patio table, or outdoor brunch or dinner table centerpiece.

11. DIY Easter cross by Coastal Charm

DIY Easter Cross - Christian outdoor easter decoration for yard

I enjoy DIY projects because I'm able to express myself while creating according to my needs, specifications, and likings. If you want a DIY easter decoration idea then this one is simple and elegant.

All you'll need are two pieces of lumber and a scarf or piece of fabric. You may have your lumber cut when you purchase it or you may take it home, grab your saw, drill, and a few screws and get things going. If you like sewing you may go to your local fabric store and select the fabric and color of your choice then sew it to fit the height of your cross. 

Secure the cross at the spot you chose, hang the fabric and there you go. A solemn piece of yard decoration that reminds everyone what and who Easter is all about.


No matter what décor style you fancy, you are able to find an idea from this list to spruce up outdoors this celebration. With these ideas, you will be able to amaze others while also pointing them to Christ.