13 Fresh Christian Kitchen Wall Art Ideas (Make it Look Delicious!)

Christian Kitchen Wall Art Ideas

13 Fresh Christian Kitchen Wall Art Ideas (Make it Look Delicious!)

The kitchen is a space for us to eat, drink, spend time with family members and have fun. It is also a space where we can claim the blessings of the Lord and give thanks for all the bounties He provides.

These 13 Christian kitchen wall art ideas will add a fresh look to your home while acknowledging the awesome God who provides for and protects you and your family.

1. Taste and See wall print by Daffodil Creek

01-Taste-and-See-wall-art- Christian Kitchen Wall Art Ideas

God was looking out for me when He inspired the Brooklyn Tabernacle to sing Psalm 34. This song means a lot to me. It served as a tower of strength and a beacon of hope while I endured a tragic family experience. During my hurt and trauma, I proved that the Lord is good. 

You may also have a testimony that proves the goodness of the Lord. Or you may want to remind your family and friends that God's goodness may be enjoyed in every meal or treat they eat. This wall art will be a visual sermon and testimony to anyone who enters your kitchen.

2. Fruit of the Spirit canvas by Christian Walls

02-Fruit-of-the-Spirit-wall-art-canvas-Christian Kitchen Wall Art Ideas

Check out more Fruity and colorful designs at a Fruit of the Spirit Wall Art collection. All backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, free shipping and are all made in the USA. 

As a child growing up, I enjoyed eating fruits from the trees on and around our property. Apples, bananas, grapes, grapefruit, and papayas are just a few of the delicious fruits that were available. These fruits usually made their way to the dinner table as a refreshing fruit punch that everyone enjoyed.

This fruit of the spirit canvas will be a visual reminder for adults and children alike to grab something from the fruit basket when it's snack time. It is a colorful decor item that will help you to exercise self-control as you prepare meals and eat while also helping you to be mindful of love, joy, peace and all the other spiritual fruits that you need to feast on.

3. Salt of the earth vinyl decal by Imprinted Designs Wall Decals


My husband usually cooks with more salt than I do. He does this to maximize on flavor and enhance the taste of all the ingredients included in a dish. I only use just enough salt and he sometimes complains I didn't use any at all.

Matthew 5:13 asks us to be the salt of the earth. We are to share God's love and bring others to Him by living exemplary lives. In doing so we can't be too overbearing or arrogant yet, we dare not be shy or reluctant. We have to approach others with love and gentleness as we try to draw them to Christ.

The salt of the earth decal is a great piece to add to any kitchen because it speaks to our roles as Christ's disciples. As we season our meals, we should also add flavor to the world around us.

4. Eat or drink art print by EnjoyinGenesis


Have you ever baked a cake or made a dish that everyone absolutely loved? Something so delicious that everyone was going back for more or was begging for the recipe. You did an amazing job creating the dish and others wanted you to know they are grateful.

Life is the same way. Each new day that we live to see is like a delicious dish. The food we eat, the experiences we have, the blessings and favors that God grants to us should not go unnoticed. We should show our appreciation for His mercy and grace.

This print will help you and anyone else that steps into your kitchen to glorify God for His favor and provision.

5. Bless the food before us framed print by MAINEVENT 


Sometimes I serve my daughter a snack or a meal and she is so eager to have it she bypasses washing her hands or saying grace. Saying grace is not just a routine that goes with hand washing before we eat. It acknowledges God as our provider and shows Him we are grateful.

The 'bless the food before us' kitchen wall art will show everyone that you are grateful to God for all His provision. If you have children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews then this will remind them to give thanks even if they are only snacking on a fruit.

6. Man Shall Not Live by Bread Alone Bible verse canvas by HoneycombProverbs


My brother-in-law is an absolute foodie. He loves eating great food while bonding with friends and family members. There's another thing about him. He grows a natural curiosity whenever he hears a new perspective on matters relating to the Bible. He would go on for days about 'newfound' texts or interpretation for scripture.

If you are an absolute foodie like my brother-in-law or you are super excited about the word of God then this Bible verse canvas is for you. It's a great way to showcase your personality while showing that you find 'every word that proceeds from the mouth of God' valuable.

7. Measure your blessings canvas by Etsy


I enjoy baking because a certain combination of ingredients will always yield the same results. Baking allows improvising and substituting ingredients but it also requires accuracy. This is where measuring cups, spoons, and scales come in handy. Measuring accurately means your pastries and cakes will be just perfect.

The ingredients we use to cook and bake are not the only things we should measure. We should count our blessings whether they are great or small. This Christian kitchen wall art idea will help you to focus on your blessings even on days when things may not turn out the way you would like.

8. Give us this day our daily bread wall decal by SugarCreekVinylDecor

There is a popular phrase used by many persons when praying for provision. Time after time I heard many individuals say, "Lord may their bread basket never go empty" when praying for a family member or friend. 

Years ago, Jesus used the same sentiments in the Lord's prayer as He taught us to pray. The 'give us this day our daily bread' vinyl decal will help you to keep the word of God near, ask God to always put food in your bread basket, and beautify your kitchen all at the same time. It's also a great gift idea that will let family and friends know you are praying for God to fulfil their needs.

9. Bless us O Lord Prayer gallery wrapped print by Stupell Home Décor


Where I'm from praying and eating goes together. We bless our meals, we thank God for providing food for our families, and we ask that the food will fortify our bodies and make us healthy.

The Bless us O Lord prayer will add to your décor while also showing that you are grateful for all the bounties that the Lord has blessed you with. 

10. Season everything with love decal by vgwalldecals



My husband believes it takes more than business skills and farm fresh supplies to survive in the food industry. He always says that many restaurant owners fail to thrive because they "don't cook their food with love". 

This principle may be applied to all other areas of our lives. Love should be included in whatever we do. Helping the kids with homework, making time for games night, or settling a family dispute requires love. 

This decal will help chefs, moms, and other family members to season everything with love.

11. Kitchen Prayer metal print by BleuReign

The kitchen is a place of laughter, fun, and togetherness. A lot of homework, projects, frolicking, cooking, and experimenting takes place there. Sometimes the noise of blenders and mixers break the silence in the house. At other times robust discussions and insatiable laughter fill the air.

It is a space that allows us to spend time with the ones we love as we pray, eat, and have fun. With this kitchen prayer, you can add a splash of color to your wall while asking the Lord to continually bless your home with togetherness and the sound of laughter.

12. O give thanks mural (unbranded)

12 o give thanks wall mural Christian Kitchen Wall Art Ideas
 As a teenager there was this gentleman who was always giving thanks. When he got to the church door, he gave thanks, when he found a seat to sit, he gave thanks, and when he sat in his seat he gave thanks to the Lord's. It was easy for him to show his gratitude to God and he did so unapologetically.

This lettering mural is an easy way for you to continually give thanks. Even when you are not in your kitchen or having a meal this sign will be there as a testimony to show that you are grateful to God. David declared that praise will continually be on his lips. Be like David, show gratitude to God by being thankful all the time.


13. Painted lake and Psalm 23 canvas print by Christian Walls

13-Painted-lake-and-Psalm-23-canvas-print- Christian Kitchen Wall Art Ideas

Psalm 23 is a timeless and well-known Bible verse. It looks at the relationship that we have with the Lord and the interest and care He has for our wellbeing.

This colorful canvas is awesome for nature lovers. It will add a splash of color to your kitchen walls, calm you with a beautiful lake scene, and remind you that 'the Lord is your shepherd, you shall not want'.



These awesome kitchen wall art ideas will enhance your décor while displaying true Christian values that will positively impact your family members, friends or anyone who enters your kitchen.