14 Christian Church Altar Decorations Ideas (Radiate Reverence!)

Christian Church Altar Decorations

14 Christian Church Altar Decorations Ideas (Radiate Reverence!)

The altar of a church is a powerful space that represents hope and helps us center our attention on the Lord. It's the Most Holy place in the entire church and from it flows atonement, reconciliation, and the life-giving word of God.

Today we will look at ways to decorate this space to let reverence and solemnness exude in the entire church hall.

1. Floral arrangement altar decoration by LoveToKnow

01 Floral arrangement altar Christian Church Altar Decorations Ideas

It is common for many couples to host their wedding ceremony at a hotel or in a tranquil garden. However, some couples still want to say their vows before the Lord right at a church altar.

If your church is hosting a wedding, these flowers are perfect for making the most amazing arrangements at the church altar. Coordinate with the colors of the wedding party, display, and make this special occasion even more incredible.

2. Red robe around cross canvas by Christian Walls

02 Red robe around cross Christian Church Altar Decorations Ideas

I went to church one week and there was a huge wooden cross with fabric draped around it. On the floor there were specs of red blood-like drops that made a trail towards it. This did not just add to the Lord Supper wares that were covered in white but created a dramatic feel to the solemn theme for the day.

You may be decorating for communion, the Easter holiday or just want to add a dramatic and solemn reminder of what took place at Calvary. Whatever the occasion, this canvas by Christian Walls is an incredible piece to decorate your church altar.

3. Potted poinsettia by A&C

03 Potted Poinsettia Christian Church Altar Decorations Ideas

Flowers are amazing for adding life, color, and a wow factor for any space. As a child growing up, I always looked forward to seeing the poinsettias on our front porch turn a rich red during the Christmas season. They were somehow able to provide warmth even on the coldest days.

If you want to add a dash of color to your worship center and warm the congregants' heart, adding an arrangement of poinsettias to the altar is an excellent idea.

4. Altar candles by Church Products

04 Altar Candles Christian Church Altar Decorations Ideas

My earliest experience of a candle lighting service always reminds me of fond memories. The children enjoyed this occasion as we held our candles with excitement, and sang (Hold out your candle) at the top of our voices.

Candles are symbolic of Jesus as the light of the world and the command He gave us to, ‘let our lights shine before men’. 

If you are hosting a candlelight service or you just want worshipers to focus on the ‘Light of the world’ these candles are a fantastic choice for displaying on tables or with floral arrangements in the Most Holy Place.

5. Antique French church altar candlestick by MyVintageFrenchHouse

05 Antique French church altar candlestick_15_11zon Christian Church Altar Decorations Ideas

Decorating with candles will call for something else. Yes, you guessed right, you’ll definitely need candle holders to elegantly display candles while ensuring that worship is not interrupted by a fire hazard.

These majestic antique French church altar candlesticks will have your worship center glowing, safe, and solemn for a special occasion or regular church.

6. Linen altar frontal by Christian Brands

06-Linen-altar-frontal_10_11zon Christian Church Altar Decorations Ideas

When God revealed the pattern for the sanctuary to Moses, He gave him strict details and specifications to follow. The Israelites were living in the desert but they were still able to come up with the needed material (even linen) to make the sanctuary beautiful.

This linen altar frontal will allow you to decorate while pointing to the purity we receive from Christ when we allow Him to cleanse us from all our unrighteousness.

7. Latin cross and IHS lace altar runner by Christian Brands

07 Latin cross and IHS lace altar runner_11_11zon Christian Church Altar Decorations Ideas

Fabric has a way of softening spaces, reducing echo, and tying various design elements together. If you want to soften the strong feel of the hardwood furnishings in your worship center and tie various elements together an altar runner may do the trick while maintaining simplicity and reverence.

If you need to add a touch of simplicity, modesty, and echo control to your church hall this classic IHS lace altar runner is a great item to use.

8. White linen altar cloth with cross embroidery by Integrity Designs

08 White linen altar cloth with cross embroidery_8_11zon Christian Church Altar Decorations Ideas

As a child, I waited patiently for the day when I would be able to participate in the Lord's Supper. I was drawn to the intricate display used on communion day. The flowing white cloth that covered the vessels, the metal cup holders with a tiny cross on the top, and the smell of unleavened bread made worship exciting. 

As followers of God, we are excited about Calvary and what the Lord was able to accomplish by offering His son as a ransom for our sins. Every time we prepare ourselves and the physical church for communion, we get excited knowing we receive eternal life when Christ died for us.

These white linen altar cloth with an embroidered cross captures the essence of this holy service because they exude solemnity and excitement all at the same time.

9. Collapsible Rosewood Prayer Book and Bible Stand by Christian Brands

09 Collapsible Rosewood Prayer Book and Bible Stand_9_11zon Christian Church Altar Decorations Ideas

The word of God is central to the life and spiritual development of each believer. It is profitable for reprove, for correction, instruction in righteousness, and it is a powerful weapon to battle against spiritual warfare. Without the Bible we wouldn’t be where we are today.

This collapsible rosewood Bible stand will not just add to the décor of your church altar. It will also elevate the Bible so it doesn’t just lay hidden on the flat surface of the pulpit. 

10. Reversible pulpit lectern scarf with gold trim by GraduatePro

10 Reversible pulpit lectern scarf with gold trim_6_11zon Christian Church Altar Decorations Ideas

I have fond memories of sitting in church and listening to a presenter while admiring the rich soft fabric that decked the altar. Burgundy, purple, and other rich colors were used and they all had one thing in common.

They had gold trimming that formed flowing shapes and patterns accentuated by the corners and edges of the handcrafted wooden pulpit.

This reversible pulpit lectern scarf will add rich colors to your church while protecting your pulpit from ‘wear’ for years to come.

11. Clear Acrylic Lucite Pulpit by FixtureDisplays

11 Clear Acrylic Lucite Pulpit_7_11zon Christian Church Altar Decorations Ideas
I grew up worshiping in traditional spaces decked with beautiful hand-crafted hardwood furnishings, rich colored drapery, table cloths, runners, and sturdy wooden benches. However, this does not prevent me from admiring or appreciating a church that has a more modern feel.

If your worship center décor has a modern feel then this transparent pulpit will fit right in. You will not need to worry about polishing for it to sparkle, the surface is easy to sanitize and it will allow light to flow through the space naturally.

You may go ahead and have your church name and logo inscribed then dedicate it to be used in the sanctuary. 

12. Metal Flower Trumpet Vase with Crystal Bead by Nuptio

12 Metal flower trumpet vase _5_11zon Christian Church Altar Decorations Ideas

If you give me the choice between gold and silver decorations, nine out of ten times I would choose silver. I find it fresh, uplifting, and elegant. If you want to add a rich and elegant touch to your floral arrangements these metal trumpet vases are the perfect décor items for your altar.

They will help you to add the beauty and splendor similar to Solomon’s temple to regular church worship and special occasions alike.

13. Ice silk backdrop by Myoyay

13 Ice silk backdrop_4_11zon Christian Church Altar Decorations Ideas

Some churches have beautiful pictures painted on the wall behind the pulpit. At my mother’s church a refreshing water scene extends from the roof to the floor and seamlessly blends into the baptismal pool. At my church, fabric is used to soften the space and provide a refreshing backdrop.

This ice silk backdrop is an excellent choice if you are hosting a special event like a wedding, thanksgiving or homecoming celebration. It will lend itself well to gold, crystal or silver accessories such as vases and candle holders and make the surroundings feel light and airy.

14. The ten commandments wall art by Christian Walls

14-The-ten-commandments-wall-art_13_11zon Christian Church Altar Decorations Ideas

I have two vivid memories about the altar at my grandmother’s church. There was a beautiful antique clock and a huge wall art of the ten commandments behind the pulpit. Each week during divine hour everyone stood and repeated the ten commandments.

If you didn’t know it by heart or you were a visitor you could read it and not feel left out while the members recited it.

This will not only remind members of your congregation about God’s laws but will be a nudge for them to be kept in the heart and mind of everyone not just during worship but every day of the week.

If you or someone you know is thinking about getting some décor items for your worship center, these Christian church altar decorations are incredible ideas that will provide the inspiration you need to help you get started right away.