12 Fun Christian Classroom Door Decoration Ideas (Welcoming to Students)

Christian Classroom Door Decoration Ideas

12 Fun Christian Classroom Door Decoration Ideas (Welcoming to Students)

The classroom is a space for learning, growing, interacting, and exploring. It's also a fantastic place to be reminded about God and learn Christian values. Today we will look at 12 Christian decorations that are awesome for classroom doors.

1. God's Love Classroom Door Decor Kit by Countryside Teaching

01 God's Love Classroom Door Decor Kit_6_11zon Christian Classroom Door Decoration Ideas

I remember teaching some students how to tie a knot a few years ago. As I inspected the handy work that they created one by one I noticed a face full of frustration. This student was almost at the point of crying because she thought she did a terrible job.

The knot was correct but she held it backwards so it didn't look like all the others. This student misjudged herself and was caught up in a world of disappointment. I quickly adjusted things and soon she was pleased with herself.

Help your students to focus on God's love even in moments when they are not pleased with themselves or a situation. With this classroom doorway kit, students will find hope, be encouraged, and feel loved.

2. John 3:16 Religious Valentine’s Day Door Decorating Kit by Oriental Trading

02-John-3_16-Religious-Valentine_2_11zon Christian Classroom Door Decoration Ideas

Adding a fresh look to classroom doors is a great way to inspire children while helping them to enjoy various holidays and observances.

Valentine is the season of love and an excellent time to remind children of the amazing love that God has for them. This religious Valentine Day decorating kit is a great way to help children memorize John 3:16 while helping them to focus on how Jesus loves them.

3. Nativity scene door decoration by Tegeme

03 Nativity scene door decoration_3_11zon Christian Classroom Door Decoration Ideas

I enjoy saying ‘Merry Christmas’ to family and friends as I greet them or say goodbye during the festive season. Add this nativity scene to your door this year. It's a fantastic Christian classroom entrance poster that will help you to say merry Christmas to all your students and anyone else who comes close to your class.

4. God has a spot for you door decor set by Fun Express

04 God has a spot for you door decor set_1_11zon Christian Classroom Door Decoration Ideas

Do you have a special place where you go to unwind from everything and nourish yourself? Life is very cumbersome and with the many roles and responsibilities we have it's good to have a special place to retreat to.

Turn your: homeschool, VBS, or classroom into a special spot where children are able to unwind, explore, or retreat from everything else. Allow the children to help you install this decor set and help them to feel confident that God cares about them and loves them dearly.

5. We Shine for Jesus Classroom Door Decoration Kit by Countryside Teaching

05We Shine for Jesus Classroom Door Decoration Kit_11_11zon Christian Classroom Door Decoration Ideas
In Matthew 5:16 Jesus commanded us to, "let our lights shine before men". He expects us to be light bearers and beacons of hope in a dark world.

This door decorating kit is an awesome choice for the Christmas holidays. It will remind children that Jesus is the true reason for the season and encourage them to be like Christmas lights as they shine for Jesus.

6. You are a piece of God's plan door decoration by Chiazllta

06 You are a piece of God's plan door decoration_12_11zon Christian Classroom Door Decoration Ideas

I encourage my daughter to affirm herself and this is something her teacher does too. There is a lot of value in helping children to understand how important and special they are.

It's even more fascinating when they are able to realize that God sees them as special and important. This door decorating kit will help and remind students to think and feel special. An added bonus would be to place the name of each child in your class on one of the puzzle pieces.

7. Grateful Thankful Blessed banner by Leesky

07 Grateful Thankful Blessed banner_9_11zon Christian Classroom Door Decoration Ideas

Creating classroom charts and decorations is very time consuming. On top of that it's going to take even more time to set things up. This banner is a great piece to add a touch of color and fun to your classroom decor while taking as little time as possible. Secure the strings and you are done. If you color coordinate your Christmas decor you will not even need to take them down.

Add a touch of gratitude and thanksgiving to your autumn decorations by using this easy to install banner. As the students reflect on all the things that they are thankful for they will certainly realize that they are more than blessed.

8. Graduation banner by Parigo

08 Graduation banner_10_11zon Christian Classroom Door Decoration Ideas

Graduation is an important milestone that is worth celebrating. Fitting hats and gowns, practicing to march, and memorizing the words of the graduation song are very exciting.

Add to the excitement with these banners. They are great for decorating homeschool, VBS or regular school doors. They will create a great spot to take pictures to send to family and friends or post on social media.

9. Nativity scene wall decal by Outus

09 Nativity scene wall decal_7_11zon Christian Classroom Door Decoration Ideas

Christmas celebration is not complete without the Christmas story. The three wise men, the shepherds, and Mary and Joseph receiving gifts for their newborn baby while staying in a manger, is just the picture you want to paint in every mind during this festive but busy time of year.

If you have children, godchildren, nieces, nephews, a friend that teaches, or students of your own then you have a great reason to get this colorful nativity scene decal. Remind everyone of the true meaning of the season and add some Christmas cheer to a classroom door.

10. School Prayer Door Decorating Kit by Oriental Trading

10 School Prayer Door Decorating Kit_8_11zon Christian Classroom Door Decoration Ideas

It's always fun to listen to the prayers of children. They pray with such genuineness, and faith and thanksgiving are found in almost every line of their prayers.

With this school prayer door decorating kit, prayer will always be on the minds and in the hearts of students all year long. Having an awesome school year will definitely take the intervention of God and students will be reminded of this every time they step through their classroom door.

11. Christmas tree wall decal by IARTTOP

11 Christmas tree wall decal by_4_11zon Christian Classroom Door Decoration Ideas

I remember one year I used thin strips of green cartridge paper to form the shape of a Christmas tree at the entrance of my preschoolers’ playroom.
With this colorful wall decal set, you are able to form a Christmas tree topped with a star and remind students of the love and joy that make Christmas the special holiday it is.

We have joy, because God loves us and sent His son into this world to save us from sin and death. Christmas is a time to celebrate and believe in the awesome Savior who came to this world and this decal will remind your students of that.

12. Confetti motivational signs by Outus

12 Confetti motivational signs_5_11zon Christian Classroom Door Decoration Ideas

I love to smile and laugh because they help make me happy and create an optimistic mood. A positive mindset is essential for both adults and children alike. It makes us resilient and builds our sense of determination.

If you want to help children to be resilient and determined then you need to keep them motivated. These colorful confetti, black, and gold motivational signs will affirm children and create a positive mindset when you use them to decorate your classroom door.


These Christian classroom door decoration ideas are fantastic for motivating children, reminding them about God, and helping them celebrate holidays and special observances.