15 He is Risen Wall Art & Decor (Proud to wait for his 2nd coming)

He is Risen Wall Art & Decor

15 He is Risen Wall Art & Decor (Proud to wait for his 2nd coming)

There are several high points of our faith. We have many reasons to get excited and stare at God in wonder when we read the Bible. One of those moments is the gift of salvation made available to us through the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. To help keep this miracle at the forefront of your mind, we have some beautiful “He is Risen” wall art ideas for you.

1. “He is Not Here: For He is Risen” Matthew 28:6 - Decal  By CustomVinylDecor

1. He is Not Here For He is Risen decal

Working from home has its perks. There are some days when I feel blessed to be doing what I love in comfort, and then there are others where I just want to pack my things and march home; until I realize I’m already home, and that can be a bummer. 

On those days, a gentle reminder that God is in control comes as a real relief to me. If He conquered death, then nothing in my life or yours is too big for Him to handle.

2. Jesus Has Risen #41 Wall Art By ChristianWalls

jesus has risen wall art and decor

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When I was younger, my good friend went away for the holidays. I didn’t know that, so I rushed to her house to share some exciting news. While I can’t remember what the news was, I remember how disappointed I was when her mom told me she wasn’t there. I waited all summer for her to get back, and when she did, the news I had to share didn’t matter anymore. I was just happy to have her back.

I like to imagine this is how the disciples felt after witnessing Jesus’ death, being told the tomb was empty, and later being reunited with him. I can’t wait to be reunited with Jesus so I can share in that joy too.

3. Jesus and Lion, It is Finished He is Risen Poster By Generic

2. Jesus Has Risen #41 Wall Art

I remember my first time watching the “Passion of the Christ” movie. I was much too young, and I cried my little eyes out. I couldn’t believe what they were doing to the man on the screen. I knew it was meant to be Jesus but was his experience really that bad? 

Well, the bad news is, yes, it was, but spoiler alert! Heaven won! Jesus came back from the dead, claiming victory over death and setting us free from the bondage of death. Now that’s a happy ending if there ever was one.

4. He is Risen Wall Clock By Wangyutang

4. He is Risen Wall Clock. and wall art

If you’re anything like my nephew and struggle with being on time for just about anything, then having a mounted clock on your wall could help. I’m from the age of physical clocks, and I’m happy to know they’re not entirely out of style.

Sure, on-screen clocks are more popular now, but there’s just something nostalgic about an analog clock. Of course, the real issue is my nephew may not be able to read the clock (these Gen Zs), but if he got this one, he’d definitely be able to read the hopeful message it brings.

5. He is Risen Retro Metal Sign By Yikue

5. He is Risen Retro Metal Sign wall art

Jesus has been called the Lily of the valley and the rose of Sharon. When I look at this metal tin sign, it reminds me that the same Jesus who fought with hell for our release from sin is also the one who is gentle with us when we fall.

His loving nature and beauty are perfectly captured in the flowers he is named after. 

6. He is Risen Gold Crown of Thorns Round canvas By ERFEVBFEH

6. He is Risen Gold Crown of Thorns Round canvas wall art

I was very active in church services and ministry overall as a child. Initially, there was a minor issue with stage fright, but I quickly moved past that. As I got older and started working in the Children’s department, I noticed many shy kids wanted to blend in but still be of service. We found subtle ways for them to participate, and slowly they became braver.

This canvas reminds me of those children. With a subtle design but a bold message, it gets the point of Jesus’ miraculous resurrection across without drawing too much attention to itself. After all, it is the message and not the messenger that matters most.

7. Jesus Lion He Is Risen Vertical Poster By Cutespree

7. Jesus Lion He Is Risen Vertical Poster wall art
One of my favorite novel-movie series is the Chronicles of Narnia, written by C.S. Lewis. In this movie, the King, Aslan, is depicted as a strong and revered lion. The entire series has strong Christian overtones that sometimes brought me to tears.

One of my favorite scenes in the movie was Aslan’s decision to sacrifice himself for Edmund after he betrayed his siblings. It was Edmund’s punishment, but Aslan decided to bear the burden instead, quite like Christ did for us. 

This beautiful portrayal of Christ as the “conquering lion of the tribe of Judah” is seen here, and it just takes my breath away. We see a lion standing tall over an empty tomb, reminding us that though He may have chosen to die for us, Jesus also rose from the dead for us.

8. Mount Calvary Sunrise & Sunset Canvas By Christian Walls

8. Mount Calvary Sunrise & Sunset Canvas he is risen wall art

I grew up singing “Jesus love me this I know” like many other Christian children, and from very young, I would say I love Jesus too. It wasn’t until I got older and understood the crucifixion and resurrection message that things really changed for me. 

Seeing that God became flesh and willingly died to save us is moving, but understanding the significance of the resurrection is empowering. The same power that raised Christ from the dead lives in us as believers, and that changes everything.

9. He Is Risen Hallelujah Farmhouse Sign By Sandhill Sage Designs

9. He Is Risen Hallelujah Farmhouse Sign wall art

For a long time, I had a problem expressing outward praise. Being brought up in a conservative faith dictated how I praised God in public. As I got older and began to see and understand God for myself, I became much more comfortable expressing praise. 

This sign captures the spirit of a soul set free by a gospel as simple and as profound as the three words, “He is risen.” The appropriate response to such fantastic news is indeed “hallelujah!” The resurrection of Christ is something to celebrate. Shout your hallelujah along with this gorgeous hand-crafted piece.

10. He is Risen Door Sign by FarCraft Store

10. He is Risen Door Sign  wall art

What does Easter mean to you? Do you have any family traditions around the season? Around this time of year, my church organizes camps around the country for the youth. It is generally open to the public, so interested families could send their children on these retreats even if they weren’t members of the church.

This openness is a big part of sharing the message of Jesus with others. How will they hear the truth if our gates are closed to them? The love of Jesus must remain at the forefront of our homes and churches, quite like the placement of this fun door sign.

11. He is Not Here He is Risen, Matthew 28:6 Print by By AHundredAffections

11. He is Not Here He is Risen, Matthew 28 6 Print wall art

Can you remember a time when someone made you a promise that got you excited? You wrote down the date in great expectancy, ready to receive what you were promised. Isn’t it a crushing feeling when the thing you have been waiting for doesn’t actually happen? (I am still waiting on my brother to take me ziplining.)

It is encouraging to know that God keeps all His promises. Jesus told the disciples that He would be crucified and that He would rise again, and you know what? He did! The tomb is empty, and so is the cross. God is a keeper of His word!

12. He Is Risen Wall Art, Bible Verse, Set of 2 Prints By ColorfulQuotesShop

12. He Is Risen Wall Art, Bible Verse, Set of 2 Prints

 The theme of love runs throughout the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. We know that in response to sin, God put in place the plan of salvation that was made complete on the cross and at the resurrection. It is only fitting then that this piece features a heart that connects both pieces of the “He is Risen” message, the same way that the love of God for us repaired the breach caused by sin.

13. He is Risen Easter Print By DropsandDots

13. He is Risen Easter Print wall art

I’ve never been great at art. I really gave it my best effort in high school, but my teacher and I both knew that it was a hopeless case. When I look at this piece, however, I am inspired to believe that just about anything is possible. With simple brush strokes and the perfect blend of colors, this canvas tells the good news of Jesus’ resurrection effectively and with whimsy.

14. He is Risen Wall Mural By SX-WE

14. He is Risen Wall Mural and wall art

Ever since I learned what an accent wall is, I’ve been in love with the idea. Having one wall in your living space completely different from the others “accentuates” the space. This Easter mural is the perfect decoration for an accent wall.

When guests or family members visit, their eyes are immediately drawn to your accent wall. In many ways, I want my life to be an accent wall for Christ, drawing attention to Him and His message, just as this mural does.

15. He is Risen Wall Sticker By Wall Pressions

15. he is risen wall sticker and wall art

I love having decorations on my walls. I was never allowed to put stickers on my walls growing up, but the idea stayed with me. Having decals in my space helps me focus on the positive messages that keep me grounded. As we approach another Easter season, it helps to stay focused on the real reason for the season; the resurrection of Christ.

It’s easy to make Christ the center of your living space with creative wall designs like these. You can even share the message by gifting art to your loved ones. The decorative possibilities are endless!