15 Church Sanctuary Decor Ideas that Honors God's House. Click here!

Church Sanctuary Decor Ideas

15 Church Sanctuary Decor Ideas that Honors God's House. Click here!

I was glad when they said unto me,” let us go into the house of the LORD,” is the psalm that I sing as I prepare to go to church. I feel excited knowing that I will pour out my spirit before my God.

When I get to church, the first thing that I see is the crucifix that stirs up my spirit as I recall how much pain my Lord went through for me to secure a place in the heart of our Father. We can embellish our churches with this kind of decors that will help the congregants feel the incredible love of God as they continue to worship. 

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1. Welcome, Get Ready to Worship Door Sign By CICIDY Vinyl Decal 

1 Welcome get ready to worship door sign church sanctuary decor ideas

Whenever I travel by plane, the first thing I hear once we liftoff is the voice of the pilot welcoming us aboard. I’ve come to look forward to that voice.  Something about it, over the years, has led me to feel not just safe and seen but welcomed and appreciated.

I have a similar feeling when I enter my church’s doors and see the welcome sign on the door. I would recommend that you put a welcome sign decor at the door of your church or sanctuary to help the visitors and members feel welcomed as they enter the Church Sanctuary. 

2. Amazing Grace Backdrop by Christian Walls

amazing-grace-BACKDROP church sanctuary decor ideas

Check out more Amazing Grace Wall Art & Decor designs here. They are all backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, free shipping and are all made in the USA. 

When the dreaded pandemic began, many churches around the world closed their doors and opened their social media channels. Some pastors shared the word from their couches and others from office chairs; either way, one thing was the same – when using video streaming services, their backgrounds were visible to everyone else.

The above canvas is the best for online worship sessions. It provides privacy in those moments when we have our cameras on and saves us from those awkward moments that we’ve become all too familiar with, in this video-calling age. The canvas is inscribed with the word ‘Amazing Grace,’ and it will give the most inspiring spiritual sensation for your viewers. 

This could look great in a Church Sanctuary or Church hallways too. 

3. Isaiah 9:6 Vinyl Wall Art Decal  by SoundSayings

Isaiah 9 6 vinyl art wall deal jpg church sanctuary decor ideas

My childhood memories have hardly faded away. Today, I can still remember the first Christmas tree I saw in the local sanctuary; it was beautifully decorated with well-lit string lights, all with brilliant shapes and colors.

This wall decal in the hallways at church is sure to bring back sweet memories to all who see it. As you worship, the beautiful names of Jesus will be displayed in your very eyes,

4. Jesus is Calling wall clock by MyRighteousApparel

Jesus is calling wall clock church sanctuary decor ideas

Whenever my phone rings and my father’s name is reflected on the caller I.D. I usually stop everything I am doing and talk with him. Today, Jesus is calling all the heavy-laden to give them rest.

When anyone visits your sanctuary and sees this clock hanging on your wall, even if they are going through difficulties, this wall clock will help them to take their burdens to the cross and submit to Jesus in prayer.

5. Names of God Banner By Shofars From Afar 

Names of God banner church sanctuary decor ideas

I have a habit of not concentrating when announcements are being made in church. Sometimes I’m distracted by a message on my phone or a new trending post on social media.

It can be challenging to focus, but I believe that if this banner were on my sanctuary walls, I would be too busy reading it, trying to master the different names of God and how they apply to my life instead of going online and being distracted by anything else.

6. Psalm 122:1 Vinyl Wall Decal By SoundSaying

Psalms 122 1  wall decor church sanctuary decor ideas

The joy and excitement that I experience when at church cannot be compared to any other feeling. I sometimes think to myself that if Jesus were to come at that moment for His people, He wouldn’t leave me behind.

When I am inside the sanctuary, I always feel that I am doing the right thing and at the right place. I feel embraced and loved by my Father. I experience His agape love and am convinced in my spirit that nothing can separate me from His love in Christ Jesus.

7. Church Collection and Comment Box By CeCeWorks

church collection and suggestion box church sanctuary decor ideas

It may seem odd to some, but I don’t like it when my fellow church brethren see what I give for tithe and collection. I am also the kind of person who loves dropping my questions, concerns, and ideas in our church’s comment box. I like the idea of being transparent and private all at the same time.

I think sanctuaries should definitely have this box. It would be helpful for both the members making the suggestions (privacy) and for the church board handling them (convenience).  

8. Two Doves Wooden Wall Decor, by Master Oak

two doves wooden wall decor church sanctuary decor ideas church sanctuary decor ideas

Many Christians know that the dove symbol represents the Holy Spirit. When Jesus was baptized, the Holy Spirit descended from Heaven in a bodily form of a dove.

A church sanctuary with this beautiful wooden décor will create an atmosphere that will remind the saints of the Holy Spirit’s presence. He is invisible, but the décor will serve as a reminder of His presence, just like the ark of the covenant reminded the Israelites about God’s presence.

9. Jesus - The Way the Truth and the Life Church Sanctuary Decor 

Jesus - The Way the Truth and the Life Church Sanctuary Decor

My closest friend is my husband, but there are some things he can’t do for me, for example, healing me when I am sick. That is why I always say that the best friend to have is Jesus. He lifts me when I am spiritually down, He gives me hope, and He has promised me eternal life in Heaven after I leave this world.

This church sanctuary wall art will quicken the spirits of the saints by reminding them how Jesus laid down His life for them, and their love for Him will grow.

10. 3 Nails 1 Cross Metal Sign. By LiztonSignShop 

3 nails 1 cross sign church sanctuary decor ideas

I think every sanctuary should have this image on the wall. Whenever I am seated in our church during services, I often find myself staring at the cross on the pulpit stand.

It fills me with emotion, and I have to humbly ask, “where would I be without the cross of Jesus?” The answer to this question leaves me broken before God and overwhelmed by His mercy and love. This metal sign amplifies the message of the cross.

11. Philippians 4:13 Door Mat By DestineeDesignsOfTx 

Philippians 4 13 door mat church sanctuary decor ideas

There is a hymn we used to sing in high school called “standing on the promises of Christ my King.” The hymn is one of my favorites, and whenever I see this doormat, it reminds me of this song. 

You can quite literally stand on the promises of God when you put this doormat at the entrance of your church sanctuary and boldly say, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”  

12. Pulpit Lectern with Cross by FixtureDisplays Store 

pulpit lectern with cross church sanctuary decor ideas church sanctuary decor ideas

This could look great in the sanctuary. The Bible says that the name of Christ is highly exalted above every name in this world and the next. Whenever I see a pastor boldly sharing the word of God from the pulpit, I always celebrate in my heart to see and hear the exalted name being preached from an elevated, beautiful place. 

13. Wooden Communion Table  By Christian Brands Church 

wooden communion table church sanctuary decor ideas

I don’t have any skill in carpentry, but I love wooden tables more than glass or metallic ones. Jesus, was a carpenter by profession. Any furniture made of wood reminds me of Jesus’ occupation. I can only imagine the high-quality pieces He would make.

This communion table may be a great addition to your church community. As you are breaking bread in the sanctuary on the table, remember that you are breaking the body of Christ.

14. Faith Love Family Canvas by Christian Walls

faith love family canvas church sanctuary decor ideas

Every time I look at my family, I thank God for everyone in it. I want the best for them, and I guide my children, disciplining and teaching them the way of the Lord. God is a father who also wants the best for you as His children.

He wants to give you peace, health, and prosperity in this life, and in the life to come, He will give you eternal life. He also wants to see you walking in love and faith. 

That is why I am referring this unique canvas to your church. Hang it in the sanctuary and let it serve as a constant reminder to the worshippers that they are part of God’s family 

15. White Curtains Drapes Panels  - Backdrop Draping by Sedona Designz.

white curtain drapes panels church sanctuary decor ideas

I love changing curtains in my house according to the seasons. Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year because it lends itself to very creative decorative styles. With festive pattern, pictures, and ornaments, we can enjoy the true blessing of the season.


A picture is worth a thousand words; you can share the word of God with the saints in the sanctuary by simply using pictures as decors on the walls, and you may unknowingly uplift a downcast soul.