15 Best Stage Decoration for Christian Wedding Ideas - Click Here!

Best Stage Decoration for Christian Wedding Ideas

15 Best Stage Decoration for Christian Wedding Ideas - Click Here!

Ideally, a wedding is an event that happens once in a lifetime. If you’ve ever been a bride or hope to be a bride one day, then you know how important the stage décor is to the execution of the day. Decorations can play a huge role in your special day, from photo opportunities to ambiance.


1.  A Cord of Three Strands Sign by WillieAndDollyDesign

A chord of three strands best stage decoration for christian wedding

The day I got married, I had mixed emotions. I was happy that I was going to be called a wife, and on the other hand, I was already missing my life in my parents’ house. I felt like they were giving me away, yet I was the one who organized the entire ceremony.

However, the pastor read Ecclesiastes 4:12, my nervousness vanished, and I started to thank God in my heart for blessing me with a family. I think having this on stage is a powerful visual reminder of the bond between the married couple. 

2.  Love is Patient, Love is Kind by Christian Walls

love is patient canvas best stage decoration for christian weddingThe 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 Wall Art Collection can be customized with your own photos, fonts and more. It also has a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Putting a custom canvas with this scripture on it would look great or as a present too. Don’t tell my husband, but I stopped hearing the pastor at some point during my wedding ceremony. I couldn’t concentrate on what he was saying.

Tears of joy were rolling down my cheeks as I saw the church auditorium fully packed with people, some of whom I didn’t know. I guess they were invited by my husband’s friends and my friends, but it didn’t matter. All I could see was the goodness and faithfulness of my God.

I told God in my heart that I did not deserve all that He had chosen to bless me with, but His still small voice would whisper to me, “my child, my grace is sufficient for you.”

3. Church pew décor by MJsvisions

Church pew decor best stage decoration for christian wedding

I can’t remember how the church pews were decorated on my wedding day, even though I can recall the décor at the reception. I love church weddings because of what I saw at the first wedding I ever attended. It was my uncle’s.

I was a five years old kid, and I loved how the church pews we decorated; and I told my mother, “Mom can I do a wedding tomorrow with you?” Those who overheard me laughed at my innocence, but the memory contributed to my own stage decorations when it was finally my turn. Such is the power of a properly decorated space. 

4. Wedding Aisle Runner by Supply Flora

Wedding Aisle runner best stage decoration for christian wedding

What comes to your mind when you see a bride walking down the aisle to meet the groom? Whenever I see it, I often picture Jesus descending to meet His bride in the air. The isle is one of the most fundamental elements of any wedding.

While a distracted bride may miss the wall art or perhaps not see the hand-carved centerpieces, she will always take note of the aisle. Making the aisle memorable is essential to your wedding planning. It leads up to the stage and really sets up the overall theme you'll have planned. 

5. Rustic Wedding Backdrop By BlushingDrops

Rustic wedding backdrop best stage decoration for christian wedding

Love can sometimes be complicated. Anything that requires men and women to come together for extended periods and work together has the potential to go sideways, but when love is added to the equation, everything changes.

Solomon says that he doesn’t understand the ways of love between a man and his lover. I believe that love reflects God’s character in us because we are made in His image. This tapestry would look great as wedding stage decor and would make it look very classy :)

6. Personalized Wedding Cake Topper by CandyBarSydney 

Personalized wedding cake topper best stage decoration for christian wedding

I love candies. When I was a teenager, I used to attend weddings just to enjoy a slice (sometimes two) of cake, and I used to say in my heart, “may the Lord bless and make that marriage to be as sweet as that piece of cake.”

The cake is one of those things that you will have to share with your attendees, but the topper will always be yours. Personalizing your topper is always a great idea and is a must-have part of your stage decoration. 

7. Just Married Banner by Viopvery Store

Just married banner best stage decoration for christian wedding

One day I heard a pastor preaching a sermon on how spouses should be committed to one another at all costs. He said that just as you are faithful to  Christ, you should also be to your spouse.

The first picture that came into my mind was the sight of the “just married” stage decoration banner that decorated my wedding, and I prayed that God would help me keep my vows faithfully and honestly to my husband all the days of my life. 

8. Bride and Groom Chair by Ling’s moment store

Bride and groom chair best stage decoration for christian wedding

This could be an interesting idea as stage decor. When my husband and I were dating, I used to call him my king, and he would call me the queen of his heart (we still call each other those sweet names).

During the reception we sat on this chairs and it made us look like we were seated on a throne. The feeling was incredible and is one I hope every new couple gets to experience.

9. White Chair Covers by Vevor Store

White chair covers best stage decoration for christian wedding

I have a strange relationship with the color white. While I love the elegance it exudes, but I generally shy away from wearing it because it gets stained easily. Still, I couldn’t resist incorporating white into my wedding.

Chair covers bring a certain refinement to the finished look when individual chairs are used. If the theme of your wedding is elevated elegance, I highly recommend getting chair covers and flowers for your seats. While this decor is not on the stage, it will be part of it. 

10. Round Metal Cake Stand by WoodShopCraftsUa

Round metal cake stand best stage decoration for christian wedding

I asked my granny when I was younger what the purpose of a cake was at a wedding, and she told me that it represents the sweetness of marriage. I love well-made cakes, and I am always curious about the design that couples will choose for their ceremony.

Proudly display on stage with your cake on a round metal stand and ask God in faith to allow your marriage to be as sweet as the cake and as solid and unbreakable as the stand.

11. White Disposable Tablecloth by SUN ICON

White disposable table cloths best stage decoration for christian wedding

Whenever I attend a church wedding, the first thing that I do is to look at the head table where the bride and groom are seated. For most of the weddings that I attend, the head table is usually a beautifully decorated on stage with white table which always draws the attention of everyone in the church.

Consider using bright-colored decor for your tables to make them more appealing and evoke the joy and excitement befitting of a wedding ceremony.  

12. Curtain String Lights by MAGGIFT Store

Curtains string lights best stage decoration for christian wedding

Having weddings in the evenings lends itself to gorgeous stage decorations. Lights will play a significant role in the final presentation, especially at the reception.

When my brother got married, I remember the sun had set before we arrived at the reception hall. We were greeted with stunning lights, tastefully draped over tables, curtains, and walls. It was simply beautiful.

13. Love mylar balloons by TheILovelyIFactory

Love mylar balloons best stage decoration for christian wedding

I cannot imagine wedding stage decorations being complete without balloons. When I was a young girl, after every wedding in our church, I was among the people who cleaned the church the following day.

I could have never missed cleaning because I wanted to collect as many balloons as possible. I would deflate them, carry them home, inflate and hang them in my bedroom. Beautiful balloons make it look elegant and sensational.

14. Reconfigurable Metal Outdoor Arch by Tytroy

Reconfigurable outdoor arch best stage decoration for christian wedding

Have you ever thought about how the original garden of Eden looked? Whenever I think about it, the first thing that comes to mind is a dazzling golden and flowery outdoor arch God had made as a gate for Adam to enter the garden. That’s just my imagination.

I love arches and what they represent. When I see a gorgeous arch at a wedding, it warms my heart, and I pray for the union’s success. I think all wedding stages should have something like this.

15. The Lord’s Prayer Wall Art by Christian Walls

The Lords prayer wall art best stage decoration for christian wedding

Our marriage counselor told us that any man could build a house, but no man can build a home without God. God is the  one who builds homes. He emphasized that as a couple, we must play the role of praying and interceding for our family and leave the rest to God. I exercised what he told us, and I can assure you that I have seen the faithfulness of God to this very day.

16. Wedding Gift Card Box by WeddingByEli

Wedding gift card box best stage decoration for christian wedding

 Our wedding planner forgot to include the card box, and all the invitees had to drop their cards on the church’s pulpit. I was a bit disappointed. Don’t let that kind of a scene happen at your wedding. Be sure to include a gift card box to prevent any potential awkwardness.


A wedding should be an event filled with an atmosphere of love. As you do it,  do it knowing that it will be a day to remember for the rest of your life. You will see the photos, and remember that you made a vow before God and men to stick to your spouse at all times.