11 Christian Movies About Pastors & See Faith Grow in Them

11 Christian Movies About Pastors & See Faith Grow in Them

I grew up in a Pastor’s home and I can tell you firsthand that pastors need the power of Jesus Christ in their life the same way the rest of us do.

There have been some amazing pastors throughout history, and their stories are part of the best Christian movies to watch.

If you are looking for Christian films for your family or for a church movie night here are my top picks



When I was homeschooling, every November I would find a movie from World War 1 or 2 to watch with my children.

We always made a big deal about it, favorite snacks and cuddling on the couch together. We would later talk about the movie that told us about the war.

I love historical pieces and this movie tells the story of a pastor during World War 1.

The whole world is going through a hard time and Pastor Fredrick Lehman wants to sing a song to help people remember the love of God.

With the help of his ten-year-old son, and Jewish Rabbi Pastor Fredrick writes a song that helps people remember Who God is.


Amazing Grace

I read the book Amazing Grace by Eric Metaxes and it changed my life. I was so inspired to see what one man could do in a world full of evil.

I am a public speaker and I have used the life of William Wilberforce in many different speeches. This is a story every Christian should know.

This movie is the story of William Wilberforce and John Newton and the historical evidence of the actual movement that ended slavery.

The main character in this movie is William Wilberforce and other historical characters such as his best friend William Pit and John Newton. The real events of a divided nation and the radical love that brought freedom.

John Newton is the pastor in this movie. He was the captain of a slave trade ship, who then helped William Wilberforce change the world by leading the abolitionist movement.

John Newton would write the song Amazing Grace. While this movie takes place in England what happens affects American history and the rest of the world.

If you are a homeschooling mother this is a movie you do not want to miss. This is a man who fought and created a counterculture movement.


Jesus Revolution

I was so excited to see this movie with my husband when it came out. When we were first married my husband was a youth pastor at a church in a small town.

We began to bring many youths from the community into the church and we were met with the same harsh criticism that Pastor Chuck Smith faced when he first started bringing youth into his church.

During the movie, we kept looking at each other and almost laughing out loud because we could relate so well to those scenes.

Kelsey Grammer stars in this movie that tells the true story of Pastor Chuck Smith who meets Lonnie Frisbee a charismatic hippie street preacher who impacts a sea of young people including a college student and a young girl who grows up to marry a pastor.

This is the story of Two pastors, Chuck Smith, and Greg Laurie. This is also the story of young Greg Laurie who attends a Christian Church after meeting Lonnie Frisbee and gives his heart to Jesus Christ.

This movie did very well at the box office, and for good reasons! This is a movie that you should watch as a family.



One day a man from America visited a museum in German and learned the story of Martin Luther. He was touched by his story that he changed his name to Martin Luther, Martin Luther King, and he then named his son Martin Luther King Jr.

This is the true story of a man who changed the course of church history.

Martin Luther, an idealistic German monk who was repulsed by the materialism of the Catholic Church, starts the conversation that will eventually result in the Protestant Reformation in the early sixteenth century.

His new life changes the world and is a turning point in Church History. The church had walked away from the Bible and relied more on tradition.

But this was when the church returned to the Bible Scripture as the authority for the church.


The Apostle

My husband and I love to find old movies to watch for our date night. If you are looking for a throwback movie then check out this movie.

Farrah Fawcett and Robert Duvall star in this movie about a man from Texas who fakes his death changes his name, moves to a small southern town in Louisiana, and begins preaching on the radio after his joyful life spirals out of control.

The town is not sure what to do with this town stranger and the mystery of where he came from.

The man has a secret he can’t hide from the Holy Spirit. As he begins to preach, he realized the hardest soul to save is his own.


The Christmas Candle

I love to watch Christmas movies. One of my daughters is the only one that will watch sappy Christmas movies with me. I think we have seen every hallmark Christmas movie that has ever been made, some a few times.

If you like Christmas movies I have one about a pastor, you don’t want to miss. This is the story of a small town pastor changed by a Christmas candle.

Every 25 years, an angel comes to the candlemaker in the small town of Gladbury and grants a miracle to the person who lights the Christmas Candle.

Except for the new pastor, Rev. David Richmond, the entire town adheres to the candle's teachings. The Haddington family manufactures candles in 1890, and the town and church use them.

The pastor lectures about Advent themes and lights a candle every Sunday during the Christmas season.

He tries to persuade the villagers to trust in God rather than candle miracles.


Big George Foreman

In recent years we have seen more true stories of great men and women who have had their lives changed by the power of God’s love. If you love true stories, I think this is one of the newest movies in that genre.

I have heard of Gorge Foreman my whole life and I didn’t know he was a pastor! I knew him as the boxer and Gorge Foreman grill man.

This is the true story of Gorge Foreman an atheist who learns that the power of God can change lives in Jesus’ name.

If you love good movies, you will love this new movie that shows that God’s love can overcome life choices that may have left your life in shambles.

After God changes his life, his newfound faith lead him to work with young children who are at risk.

He uses his time to help spread Christian values to the community he grew up in.


The Second Chance

If you are looking for black gospel movies that tell the story of preachers, then this is a great movie for you. The Second Chance is an example of black Christian movies that will inspire your whole family.

This movie stars one of my favorite Christian singers Michael W. Smith Two pastors love God, however, that's where the similarities between Ethan Jenkins and Jake Sanders end.

White and affluent Jake is a street-smart African-American who pastors to the gang members, adolescent moms, and drug users of the urban Second Chance;

Ethan is at ease in his music ministry at the media-savvy suburban mega-church The Rock.

Ethan learns there is no distinction between the streets and the sanctuary as they are unexpectedly compelled to work together in a rough neighborhood.

But will their shared religion help them put aside their differences and give themselves, as well as a failing urban church, a second chance?


No Way Home Homeless in America

My brother played football through high school, college, and pro in Europe for a year. So, we love football around here.

If you are looking for another example of a movie that fits into the genre of black Christian movies your whole family will love, here is another one I recommend.

This tells the story of some who had everything anyone could dream of, and he left it all to help end homelessness.

No Way Home tells the story of a former NFL Football player turned Pastor and his mission to address the growing homeless epidemic in America today.

By creating a resource fair that gives people the tools they need to transition from homelessness to self-sustainability, the pastor is transforming people’s lives.


Torchlighters: The St. Patrick Story

If you are looking for Christian content that tells the history of our church, Torchlighters is a great resource for toddlers or young children. To be honest you will probably love it as well.

This is the story of St. Patrick. Patrick, a little boy, spends his days caring for sheep until the day he was kidnapped.

He spends years in slavery until he escapes from the Irish tribe and druid priest who held him captive. After six years he escaped and returned home.

But later he returns to the same area that held him as a slave, but this time he is a missionary.


Boundless Salvation; William Booth and the Salvation Army

Today when we think of the salvation army, we mostly think of the people ringing bells at Christmas of the place we go buy used clothes. But the salvation army started as was the church.

The church was started by the pastor William Booth. If you are looking for a documentary for homeschooling this is a great four-part documentary.

John Cleary, the host, explores the history of this influential movement from its inception to the present.

You will learn how The Salvation Army developed into a force for social reform and evangelism of the gospel.