Faith Unleashed: Top Christian Podcasts for Teens in Church

Faith Unleashed: Top Christian Podcasts for Teens in Church


Welcome to a space where faith meets the digital airwaves!

As a parent of four teenagers navigating the tumultuous waters of adolescence, I understand the importance of fostering a connection between their Christian values and the technology-driven world they live in.

Today, I will guide you in discovering and sharing the best podcasts tailored for Christian teens.

As I put this list together, my goal is to provide a resource that aligns with the faith we hold close to our hearts and engages and enriches the lives of our teenagers in today's fast-paced digital age.

Join me on this exploration of podcasts that speak directly to the hearts of Christian teens, offering insights, guidance, and inspiration for their unique journey of faith.


Passion and Purity Podcast

Hosts: Alyssa and Jefferson Bethke

The Passion and Purity Podcast, hosted by Alyssa and Jefferson Bethke, offers insightful discussions on relationships, purity, and navigating the teenage years with a Christian perspective.

As a parent of four teenage girls, the importance of these topics in our home is undeniable.

This podcast stands out as one of the best Christian podcasts for Christian teen girls, providing guidance rooted in God's Word.

Its focus on purity and addressing the challenges teens face today serves as a valuable resource for families navigating the complexities of adolescence while maintaining a strong connection to faith.


The Rebelution Podcast

Hosts: Alex and Brett Harris

The Rebelution Podcast, hosted by Alex and Brett Harris, empowers teenagers to rebel against low expectations and embrace a life of impact for God.

As a parent of college-bound teens, this podcast resonates with the Christian teen view, providing weekly inspiration for everyday life.

With its emphasis on teen Bible study and teachings rooted in the Word of God, The Rebelution Podcast becomes a valuable resource for teenagers seeking a Christian perspective on navigating the challenges of adolescence while fostering a sense of purpose and impact.


Viral Jesus Podcast

Host: Matt Langford

The Viral Jesus Podcast, hosted by Matt Langford, offers invaluable insights for Christian teens navigating relevant issues in their daily lives.

As a parent dedicated to fostering my teenagers' daily walk with God, this podcast has become a cherished companion.

With a Christian teen view, it delivers a weekly dose of guidance, making it a must-listen teen Christian podcast.

Matt Langford's teachings, rooted in teen Bible study, provide a unique perspective, offering practical wisdom for the challenges teenagers face today.

The Viral Jesus Podcast becomes a source of inspiration for teens seeking a faith-based approach to their everyday experiences.


The Porch

Hosts: Various

The Porch, featuring various hosts, delivers impactful sermons and discussions tailored for young adults and teenagers.

A great resource for spiritual growth, it explores various topics relevant to the youth, making it a favorite among listeners.

From discussions on Jesus Christ to the love of God, The Porch serves as a beacon of good news.

With its availability on Apple Podcasts and the podcast's main website, it stands out as one of the popular shows in youth ministry, providing a valuable platform for young women and men to engage with faith-based content and strengthen their spiritual journey.


Grounded with Dinah and DeSandra

Hosts: Dinah and DeSandra

Grounded with Dinah and DeSandra, hosted by the dynamic duo Dinah and DeSandra, is a podcast for teenage girls seeking guidance on faith, relationships, and the tumultuous adolescent journey.

Having previously run a Bible study for teen girls, I'm thrilled to discover this podcast as an excellent resource.

Drawing on the hosts' expertise, grounded in their experiences, the podcast likely resonates with young girls navigating the waves of adolescence.

With a promising connection to the Waves Girls Conference Ministry Podcast and a commitment to Christian values, Grounded provides a valuable platform for teenage girls, offering insights, encouragement, and a sense of community as they navigate the challenges of faith and relationships during these formative years.


Project Zion Podcast

Hosts: Various

The Project Zion Podcast, hosted by various voices, explores the intersection between faith and culture, delivering thought-provoking discussions tailored for Christian teens.

With a focus on the teen perspective, the podcast dives into the nuances of the Christian teen view, providing valuable content that resonates with the unique challenges and experiences of the teenage years.

This podcast skillfully invites teens into meaningful conversations, offering a platform to engage with their faith, navigate the complexities of teen culture, and participate in thought-provoking teen Bible study discussions.

As a resource that aligns with the zeal of the Sunday school class, Project Zion Podcast becomes an invaluable companion for teens and their families, fostering a connection to faith in the dynamic context of their lives.


Youth Bytes with Chad Daniel

Host: Chad Daniel

Youth Bytes with Chad Daniel, hosted by Chad Daniel, is a beacon for Christian teens seeking guidance through the tumultuous teen years.

This Christian teen podcast expertly navigates teenagers' challenges, offering a teen Christian view on various issues.

Chad Daniel provides a unique perspective by incorporating teen Bible study teachings into discussions, creating a space where teens can explore their faith in the context of their everyday lives.

Tailored for teens with the zeal of a Sunday school class, Youth Bytes becomes a valuable resource for teens and their families, addressing issues with biblical insights and fostering a deeper connection to faith during these formative years.


Lead THE Cause Podcast

Hosts: Greg Stier and various guests

The Lead THE Cause Podcast, hosted by Greg Stier and various guests, serves as a rallying cry for teenagers to live out their faith in their communities boldly.

With a focus on teen Bible study teachings and the enthusiasm reminiscent of a Sunday school class, this podcast equips teens with the tools and inspiration to navigate their faith journey confidently.

Offering practical insights and stories from various guests, Lead THE Cause becomes a valuable resource for teenagers seeking to make a meaningful impact for Christ in their everyday lives, providing them with the guidance to lead with purpose and zeal.


The Real Talk Podcast

Hosts: Jonathan and Sarah Teixeira

The Real Talk Podcast, hosted by Jonathan and Sarah Teixeira, offers genuine conversations about faith, relationships, and the unique challenges Christian teenagers face.

Serving as more than just youth pastors, the hosts create an open-armed space where listeners can navigate hard times, engage in deep Bible studies, and find companionship on their spiritual journey.

The Real Talk Podcast provides a platform for real and relatable dialogue, from happy hour discussions to recent releases.

It is a valuable resource for Christian teenagers seeking authenticity and guidance in their faith walk.


The Bible Project Podcast for Kids and Families

Hosts: Tim Mackie and Jon Collins

The Bible Project Podcast for Kids and Families, hosted by Tim Mackie and Jon Collins, creatively explores biblical truths in an engaging and accessible manner.

From Academy Days to Stranger Sessions, the podcast connects ancient wisdom with the challenges of the modern world, fostering a deeper understanding of biblical teachings and promoting mental health through the love of Christ.

Today's episode invites listeners on a journey, unveiling the armor of God and uncovering timeless lessons for families and teenagers alike.


The Hillsong Youth Podcast

Hosts: Various

The Hillsong Youth Podcast, featuring various hosts, delivers messages and discussions tailored to the spiritual growth of Christian youth.

With tracks that resonate with teens and insights from youth leaders, this podcast becomes a powerful tool for my teen daughters, who attend a small Christian school, to embrace the mighty power of faith.


Revolutionary Student Ministries Podcast

Host: Various

Revolutionary Student Ministries Podcast, hosted by various speakers, offers sermons and discussions geared towards teenagers.

Covering topics relevant to their faith journey, this podcast embraces open arms and deep studies to equip teens against peer pressure, making last year's first episode a powerful resource for spiritual growth.


These podcasts cover various topics, offering spiritual guidance, encouragement, and practical advice for Christian teenagers. Enjoy exploring them!