19 Christian Bible Study Podcasts to Deepen your Faith

19 Christian Bible Study Podcasts to Deepen your Faith


Are you on a journey through the Bible?

Since I discovered podcasts, I have realized that one way to make Bible study more accessible and enjoyable is to listen to Christian podcasts.

In this digital world, where wisdom meets technology, "The Bible Project Podcast," hosted by Tim Mackie and Jon Collins, stands out as a Christian favorite.

However, the great options don’t end there. From the refreshing take on theology in "The Naked Theologian" to the in-depth explorations of the New Testament in "Bible Project Lectures," there's a podcast tailored for every listener seeking a deeper connection with their faith.

Here is a list of Christian podcasts to get started.


The Bible Project Podcast

Hosts Tim Mackie and Jon Collins.

"The Bible Project Podcast" is a Christian favorite for a reason! It's like a weekly dive into the heart of God's Word, where Tim Mackie and Jon Collins unfold biblical themes and theology in a way relevant to everyday life.

This is a personal favorite of mine and one of the first podcasts I discovered.

I have used their YouTube episodes as part of a Bible Study I host at home.

With new episodes regularly gracing your ears, it's like an ongoing conversation about the Bible.

If you're craving a deeper understanding of your Christian faith and enjoy a weekly podcast that feels like a journey through the sacred scriptures, this one's a must-listen.

Let the wisdom of "The Bible Project Podcast" enrich your spiritual walk with every episode!


The Naked Theologian

Host: Josh Scott

"The Naked Theologian" is the go-to podcast for a refreshing take on theology and faith.

Host Josh Scott brings Jesus Christ into current events and explores scripture in a way that feels like an ongoing conversation with a wise friend.

We all need those wise Christian friends in our lives who can guide and teach us.

But it can be hard to find people to sit down and talk with if you are like me.

With each podcast episode, he dives into the Word of God with a relatable and accessible approach, making complex theological concepts understandable for everyone, including Christian women.

If you're seeking a podcast that combines the timeless truths of Christianity with discussions on current events, "The Naked Theologian" is your engaging and enlightening companion in faith.


Exploring My Strange Bible

Host: Tim Mackie

"Exploring My Strange Bible" is a go-to podcast for Christian women and men, offering a unique blend of wisdom for your daily commute.

Hosted by Tim Mackie, co-founder of The Bible Project, it takes you on a journey, unraveling scripture passages and even diving into short Psalms.

The Psalms have always been a source of encouragement for me and my family.

I love how this podcast focuses on the Psalms.

With a focus on the Psalmist's songs of the Lord and a deep exploration of the Bible's complexity, this podcast not only enhances your knowledge of the Bible but also infuses your daily routine with great love and spiritual insight.

It's a perfect companion for those seeking a meaningful connection with scripture in a busy life.


The Daily Bible Podcast

Host: Various

"The Daily Bible Podcast" is a fantastic resource for the Christian woman navigating today's world.

It offers daily readings and reflections from the Old Testament and a structured Bible study plan tailored to your Christian life.

This is a great option if you are looking for a female voice in a bible study podcast. I have older daughters and am always looking for options for them.

With a daily broadcast, it's the right place for those seeking a consistent and insightful exploration of scripture.

This podcast becomes a great way to dive into the richness of the Old Testament while connecting its teachings to the challenges and joys of contemporary Christian living.

It's like a daily dose of wisdom, making your journey through the Bible accessible and meaningful.


Women of the Word Podcast

Host: Jen Wilkin

The "Women of the Word Podcast" has become a go-to for Christian women seeking in-depth Bible teaching.

Hosted by Jen Wilkin, it offers a Christian perspective on effective Bible study.

If you want to help teenage girls find a place to study the Bible, a podcast focused on Bible study from a Christian woman’s point of view is a great option.

Tailored for young people, especially Christian women, this podcast serves as a guide to engage with scripture meaningfully.

With the best teachers leading the discussions, it's no wonder this podcast has gained popularity.

It's like having a wise friend by your side, providing valuable insights for navigating the rich landscape of the Bible with depth and understanding.


The Bible Recap

Host Tara-Leigh Cobble

"The Bible Recap" has become a favorite for those on the great adventure of exploring biblical teachings.

Host Tara-Leigh Cobble skillfully recaps daily Bible readings, offering valuable insights and encouragement.

This podcast serves as a guide through biblical theology, making it an excellent resource for anyone engaged in Bible studies.

There is also a great YouTube option for you to listen to if you would rather watch a video then listen to a podcast.

If you want to travel through the Bible then either the video or the audio option is great.

It's like embarking on a fulfilling journey through the pages of the Bible, with each episode providing a thoughtful reflection and enhancing the overall experience of exploring the great adventure Bible timeline.


Read Scripture Podcast

Hosts: Jerome Lavelle

"The "Read Scripture Podcast" has gained popularity for its unique approach to providing an audio Bible experience.

Created by the minds behind the Read Scripture app, this podcast enhances the understanding of the Bible by incorporating visuals and explanations.

I first found an audible Bible when I was in college. It was a cassette tape set. We have come a long way since then.

Today, we can subrace to a podcast and have a daily section downloaded onto our phone every morning when we wake up.

But this podcast goes beyond traditional audio Bible podcasts, offering a dynamic and engaging journey that fosters a deeper understanding of the Bible.

It's like having a guided tour through scripture, making the exploration of God's word accessible and enriching for listeners.


The Ten Minute Bible Hour Podcast

Host: Matt Whitman

"The Ten-Minute Bible Hour Podcast" has become a favorite for those seeking insightful and engaging content in bite-sized episodes.

Hosted by Matt Whitman, this podcast delves into various aspects of the Bible, theology, and Christian living.

When I wake up in the morning, I like to create a playlist with all my daily subscriptions.

Having short 10-minute episodes is a great way to break up my playlist. This is one of my favorites.

And it is a favorite of many others as well.

Its popularity lies in the unique approach of delivering rich content within a manageable timeframe, making it a perfect "happy hour" for listeners eager to explore church history, understand the Holy Spirit, and dive into new podcast episodes that offer a quick yet enriching perspective on matters of faith.


She Reads Truth Podcast

Host Amanda and Raechel

The "She Reads Truth Podcast" has skyrocketed to top podcast charts, offering good news for those craving discussions on big things in scripture.

The She Reads Truth community explores themes, insights, and practical applications for daily life in a way that captivates listeners.

This is another great option for the women in your life.

I know many women who are great fans of this podcast and never miss an episode.

This podcast has become one of the best, providing informative and engaging content.

It is a go-to source for those seeking biblical discussions in no particular order yet finding a perfect blend of depth and relatability.


The Bible Study Hour

Host: Dr. James Boice's

"The Bible Study Hour" has secured its spot in the list of the best Christian podcasts and has become a favorite among listeners seeking insightful content.

I have only a few daily podcasts on my list of subscriptions, and this is one of them. There is so much wisdom in each episode. It is a great way to start your day.

This daily podcast, stemming from Dr. James Boice's ministry, delivers in-depth Bible teachings, studies, and discussions.

Its popularity is rooted in the rich exploration of various biblical passages and themes, providing daily wisdom and understanding for those hungry for a deeper connection with scripture.


Knowing Faith

Hosts: Jen Wilkin, JT English, and Kyle Worley

"Knowing Faith" has rightfully earned its place among the best podcasts, quickly becoming a favorite for those seeking engaging discussions on theology, biblical studies, and Christian living.

Hosted by Jen Wilkin, JT English, and Kyle Worley, this podcast stands out for its ability to provide depth and clarity, making complex topics accessible and enjoyable for a broad audience.

It's a go-to choice for individuals looking to enrich their understanding of faith in a format that feels like a conversation among friends.


The Bible in a Year Podcast

Host: Fr. Mike Schmitz

Ascension’s Bible in a Year podcast isn’t your typical Bible journey—it's a revelation.

Guided by Jeff Cavins' innovative Bible Timeline, each episode, joined by Fr. Mike, unravels the intricate tapestry of salvation history.

It's not just about reading the Bible in a year; it's grasping how every piece aligns in a captivating narrative relevant to your life.

In 20-25 minutes, you dive into scripture, absorb Fr. Mike's reflections, and engage in guided prayers, fostering a profound connection with God's Word.

Get ready to read, comprehend, and live the Bible, experiencing a transformative lens in daily life.


Preaching and Preachers

Host: Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

In the seasoned voice of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, with 42 years of ministry echoing through his words, the podcast passionately declares the enduring relevance and urgency of preaching in today's church.

Bucking the trend of dismissing preaching as outdated, Dr. Lloyd-Jones asserts it as God's intended vehicle for imparting His Word through the ages.

Acknowledging the church's imperfections, he resoundingly places preaching at its core.

Delving into the reasons for the perceived downgrade of preaching, the podcast scrutinizes the skepticism towards eloquence and the diminishing perceived need for preaching in an age of abundant information.

Dr. Lloyd-Jones warns against substituting oratory flair for the sacred text, emphasizing the distinction between essays and sermons.


Sermon Series

Host: Dr. Albert Mohler

 "Sermon Series" is a hit podcast thanks to Dr. Albert Mohler's engaging discussions with preachers and scholars.

This podcast delves into the art and science of effective biblical preaching, making it a favorite among those seeking to hone their preaching skills or gain insights into the craft.

Dr. Mohler has been an inspiration to my spiritual life.

I have learned so much from listening to his podcasts, and this is a great one.

With a casual and conversational tone, Dr. Mohler creates a space where listeners can learn from experienced preachers, fostering a sense of community for both seasoned pastors and those aspiring to communicate the Word more effectively in their own contexts.



Host: Matthew Bates, Matthew Lynch, Erin Heim, Dru Johnson, Amy Brown Hughes, & Chris Tilling

"OnScript" has gained popularity for engaging interviews with scholars, authors, and theologians, providing listeners with valuable insights into their research and contributions to biblical studies.

The casual and accessible tone of the podcast makes complex academic discussions relatable and enjoyable for a broad audience.

By offering a behind-the-scenes look at the work of these experts, "OnScript" appeals to both seasoned scholars and anyone eager to deepen their understanding of the Bible and related fields.

It's a go-to podcast for those seeking intellectual stimulation and a deeper connection to biblical studies.


The Bible Project for Kids Podcast

Host: Various

"The Bible Project for Kids Podcast" has become popular for parents and caregivers seeking a fun and educational resource for children.

With its engaging approach, the podcast brings biblical stories and themes to life, making them accessible and enjoyable for young listeners.

When my kids were little, I always looked for podcasts to help them grow spiritually.

I also want to make sure my children have Biblical literacy. This podcast is a great option for that.

The hosts create a lively and interactive atmosphere, making the Bible relevant and exciting for kids.

Parents appreciate the podcast as a valuable tool for introducing their children to foundational biblical teachings entertainingly and educationally.

It's a go-to podcast for families looking to instill a love for the Bible in their little ones.



Host: Dr. Ken Boa

 " Reflections " has gained popularity for seamlessly blending leadership principles with timeless biblical wisdom.

Dr. Ken Boa, the host, navigates the intersection of leadership and faith, offering valuable insights for personal and professional growth.

Listeners appreciate the practical applications of biblical teachings to real-world leadership challenges.

Dr. Boa's engaging approach makes complex concepts accessible, making it a go-to podcast for those seeking wisdom in their leadership journey and spiritual walk.

It's a must-listen for individuals looking to integrate enduring biblical principles into the dynamic leadership landscape in today's world.


The Bible for Normal People

Hosts: Peter Enns and Jared Byas

"The Bible for Normal People" is a popular podcast because hosts Peter Enns and Jared Byas bring biblical discussions down to earth.

They unravel complex topics in theology and faith, making them easily understandable for everyday listeners.

The hosts foster an atmosphere that encourages open-minded exploration of the Bible, catering to those who may find traditional theological discussions intimidating.

This podcast's approachability, combined with its deep insights, creates a space where listeners feel comfortable delving into the complexities of the Bible without feeling overwhelmed.

It's the perfect blend of intellectual depth and relatable conversation.



Host: Mike Winger

"BibleThinker" is popular thanks to host Mike Winger's deep dives into diverse biblical topics.

Mike engages with theological questions, offering thoughtful and accessible insights that resonate with those looking to deepen their understanding of scripture.

The podcast's appeal lies in Mike's ability to break down complex subjects, making them digestible for a broad audience.

Whether you're a seasoned theologian or a curious listener, "BibleThinker" provides a welcoming space to explore the intricacies of the Bible with clarity and depth.

Mike's approachable style makes the podcast both informative and enjoyable.


Whether you're a seasoned theologian, a busy Christian woman seeking daily doses of wisdom, or a parent aiming to instill biblical values in your little ones, this curated list of podcasts offers a rich tapestry of insights.

Each podcast provides a unique lens through which the Bible comes alive, making it relevant to the challenges and joys of contemporary life.

Let these podcasts be your companions on the faith journey, enriching your spiritual walk with every episode.