14 of the Best Christian Podcasts for Mental Health

14 of the Best Christian Podcasts for Mental Health


Addressing mental health issues within faith communities is essential, and podcasts serve as invaluable companions.

Recognizing the need for open conversations, understanding, and guidance, podcasts like "The Hope + Help Project" with Christine M. Chappell and "The Faith and Mental Wellness Podcast" hosted by Brittney Moses offer a safe space for Christians to explore the intersection of faith and mental health.

These podcasts provide practical insights, personal stories, and biblical perspectives to navigate the complexities of emotional well-being.

In the broader context, churches must embrace a role beyond traditional spiritual guidance.

They can foster environments that destigmatize mental health, encourage open dialogue, and actively support those dealing with mental health issues.

These podcasts offer solace and serve as catalysts for change, urging churches to be allies in the journey toward holistic well-being for every individual in their community.


The Light Network: Under the Juniper Tree

Host: Andrew Crowe

This podcast is not just another Christian podcast—it's a weekly journey into mental health and wellness.

In a world where mental health issues are often overlooked, this podcast provides a refreshing perspective, offering insights and coping strategies from a biblical standpoint.

It's not just about mental illness; it's a thoughtful exploration of anxiety, depression, and various challenges we face.

Andrew's engaging discussions make this more than a Christian podcast; it's a safe space where faith and mental health intersect.

If you're seeking a weekly dose of encouragement and practical wisdom, "Under the Juniper Tree" is your guide for navigating mental health issues with a biblical perspective.


The Bible for Normal People Podcast

Hosts: Peter Enns and Jared Byas

This isn't your average weekly podcast; it's a dynamic exploration of faith and mental health, offering valuable insights for young adults navigating life's challenges.

Each episode provides a fresh perspective, enhancing your best listening experience with updates on different ways to approach faith in today's world.

With a blend of wisdom and relatability, Peter and Jared create a space where the intersection of faith and mental health is not just discussed but explored, offering a thoughtful guide for those seeking understanding and guidance.

This podcast is a unique journey through the complexities of life, where faith meets the everyday experiences of young adults in a relatable and engaging manner.


Your Mental Health First

Host: Dr. Christina Edmondson

This is a holistic journey through the intersection of mental health and faith.

Driven by a commitment to your best listening experience, this podcast explores different topics ranging from grief to trauma, providing valuable insights with the input of mental health professionals.

Each episode is a great way to delve into real conversations about mental health disorders, self-care, and the empowering role of the Holy Spirit.

Dr. Edmondson creates a space where real people share their experiences, making the podcast a genuine and relatable resource for anyone navigating the complexities of mental health within the context of their faith.

Tune in for a compassionate and insightful guide toward holistic well-being.


The Hope + Help Project

Host: Christine M. Chappell

This podcast offers the best listening experience update on mental health, targeting followers of Jesus, faith leaders, and those interested in biblical counseling.

Through engaging interviews with Christian authors, counselors, and mental health professionals, Christine navigates topics like anxiety, depression, and addiction, providing not only practical insights but also biblical perspectives.

Join the conversation for a blend of compassionate understanding and faith-based guidance in mental health.


Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess

Host: Dr. Caroline Leaf

Listen to this podcast for a deep dive into the intricate connections between the mind, brain, and mental health.

As a cognitive neuroscientist, Dr. Leaf sheds light on recovery in various areas of our mental health, offering practical tips for managing stress, anxiety, and overall well-being.

In each episode, she takes a holistic approach, acknowledging the profound impact of mental health challenges on physical health.

With insights that resonate with many people, this podcast is a valuable resource for those seeking to understand and actively engage in cleaning up their mental mess.

You can find a refreshing perspective on mental well-being and actionable steps toward a healthier mind.


The Mindful Christian

Host: Dr. Alex Gee

This podcast is valuable for exploring mindfulness and mental health practices rooted in Christian spirituality.

Dr. Gee, a family therapist and respected voice in the faith community, guides listeners with practical tools for managing stress and promoting emotional well-being.

Whether you're a clergy member, a church leader, or someone seeking God's truth in mental health, this podcast offers a unique perspective.

Join the community and discover how the intersection of faith and mindfulness can transform your approach to well-being.

Listen for insightful conversations that empower you to navigate life's challenges with a mindful and faith-centered perspective.


Biblical Counseling Today

Host: John Kwasny

John Kwasny dives deep into mental health issues.

With insights and guidance, Kwasny integrates faith into counseling, making every episode a beacon of hope and practical advice.

Whether you're seeking therapy sessions or just looking for a little insight daily, this podcast is a must.

Join many people who are finding solace and understanding through Kwasny's compassionate discussions.

Find it on your Spotify app for a transformative journey toward mental well-being.


Christian Psychiatry: The Faithful Psychiatrist

Host: Dr. James L. Schaller

This unique podcast seamlessly integrates faith and psychology to provide valuable insights into mental health.

As a Christian psychiatrist, Dr. Schaller navigates a variety of topics, from anxiety and depression to relational health, all while grounding discussions in God's Word.

His approach reflects a Christian perspective, emphasizing the importance of emotional trauma and the healing power found in the heavenly Father.

This podcast creates a supportive space within the Christian community, offering guidance and understanding for those seeking a holistic approach to mental well-being.

Download for thoughtful conversations that bridge the gap between faith and psychiatry, providing a valuable resource for navigating the complexities of mental health.


The Christian Mental Health Podcast

Host: Josuah Knabb

Joshua Knabb is a licensed therapist who provides a valuable resource for navigating mental health issues within a Christian context.

This podcast offers practical tips and insights that extend beyond the clinical realm, creating a space where individuals and families can find support.

Joshua Knabb's expertise as a licensed therapist brings a unique perspective to discussions about mental disorders, family dynamics, and personal experiences.

Listen for reflection sessions that resonate with the anthem of hope, offering guidance and understanding for those seeking a Christian approach to mental health.

This podcast stands as a beacon, fostering conversations that promote healing, resilience, and a sense of community in mental well-being.


The Faith and Mental Wellness Podcast

Host: Brittney Moses

This podcast covers personal growth, self-care, resilience, and overcoming mental health challenges.

This podcast offers practical insights and resources, making it a go-to for those seeking wisdom daily.

Join the conversations that resonate with members of the body of Christ, exploring the intricate intersection of faith and mental health.

Whether navigating personal challenges or simply on a quest for self-discovery, this podcast provides a comforting and informative space for your journey.


Biblical Counseling Today

Host: John Kwasny

This podcast is a guide through the complexities of mental well-being, offering a unique perspective that intertwines faith seamlessly into the counseling process.

Whether you're a college student grappling with the challenges of self-discovery or a married couple navigating life's twists and turns, Kwasny's conversations provide a reassuring presence.

With each episode, "Biblical Counseling Today" becomes a source of inspiration, illuminating the path toward emotional and spiritual wholeness.

Enjoy this podcast that offers fresh insights and guidance for those seeking healing and hope, making it a valuable resource for anyone looking to integrate faith into their journey of personal growth.


Relevant, The Christian Perspective on Mental Health

Hosts: Dr. Paul Meier and Kristin Walker

This podcast dives into honest conversations about issues like depression, addiction, and relationships from a Christian perspective.

Dr. Meier and Kristin act as guides, shedding light on recovery on topics often shrouded in the dark of shame.

The discussions are a testament to the transformative power of bringing mental health into the open.

For church leaders, faculty development, or many people seeking genuine insights, "Relevant" offers a unique blend of professional expertise and personal understanding, creating a space where the weight of struggles is shared, and the journey toward healing is illuminated.

You will find reassuring conversations that navigate the complex mental health landscape with wisdom and compassion.


God Hears Her Podcast: Mental Health

Hosts: Elisa Morgan and Eryn Eddy

Elisa Morgan and Eryn Eddy navigate various aspects of women's lives.

From mental health challenges to daily struggles, this podcast offers a comforting blend of encouragement and biblical perspectives.

Whether you're looking for therapy sessions or just a little bit of insight daily, join many people who find solace and understanding through these genuine conversations.

Discover it on your Spotify app and embark on a journey of compassion, resilience, and faith with every episode.


Ransomed Heart Podcast: Mental Health

Host: John Eldredge

Eldredge brings a wealth of wisdom to discussions on mental health, tackling topics like identity, emotional healing, and the transformative power of faith.

This podcast is like a guide through the darkest moments, offering a unique perspective that intertwines spirituality and mental well-being.

Whether you're a college student seeking guidance or a married couple navigating life's complexities, Eldredge's conversations provide a reassuring anchor.

With each episode, the "Ransomed Heart Podcast" becomes a source of inspiration, a testament to the strength of faith, and a reminder that even in the depths of struggles, there's a pathway to emotional and spiritual wholeness.

This podcast will be part of your journey toward mental health, offering fresh insights and guidance for those seeking healing and hope.


Navigating mental health challenges as a Christian can be daunting, often in silence.

Churches play a pivotal role in breaking this silence, becoming havens for understanding and support.

Churches must acknowledge mental health issues openly, offering more than just spiritual guidance.

Enjoying these podcasts isn't just about finding solace; it's a call for churches to actively engage, destigmatize, and embrace the journey of mental health alongside their congregations.

Together, we can foster communities of compassion, understanding, and healing.