19 Christian Podcasts for Young Adults to Follow

19 Christian Podcasts for Young Adults to Follow


As a mother, it brings immense joy to witness my 20-year-old daughter discovering podcasts that align with her Christian worldview, addressing topics that resonate with her life journey.

These podcasts serve as valuable companions, offering insights and perspectives that resonate with her faith and values.

It's heartening to see her navigate the complexities of adulthood with the guidance of these Christian podcasts, providing a source of inspiration, wisdom, and relatable stories.

Knowing that she has access to content that aligns with her beliefs reinforces my confidence in the positive influence these podcasts can have on her spiritual and personal growth.

As a parent, it's a wonderful feeling to witness her engaging with content that contributes positively to her life.

Here is a list of the best Christian podcasts if you are in your 20s looking for advice from a Christian worldview.


The Bible for Normal People

Hosts: Pete Enns and Jared Byas

Hosted by the dynamic duo Pete Enns and Jared Byas, this podcast is like a cozy fireside chat about how the Bible is not just an ancient book but a guide to navigating today's world.

They dive into the real stuff—common questions, daily challenges, you name it! No fancy jargon, just relatable insights.

It's like getting a coffee with your super-knowledgeable friends who make the Bible feel like a cool guidebook for this crazy thing called life.

So, if you're into laid-back Bible talks without the preachy vibe, this podcast is your go-to!


The Porch

Hosts: Various

Imagine hanging out with your cool, faith-driven friends, diving into topics that make your 20s less confusing.

The hosts feel like the friends you wish you had. This podcast is like a breath of fresh air for young adults.

With new episodes dropping weekly, it's like a steady flow of advice, genuine chats, and a sprinkle of that good old god's wisdom.

It's like they've got the guidebook to adulting, and they're sharing the juiciest bits! If you're into a laid-back, relatable vibe and want to sprinkle a bit of god's word into your week, "The Porch" is your new favorite podcast.

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The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

Host: Jamie Ivey

Hey there, friend! Let's talk about "The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey" – it's like grabbing a cup of coffee with your best friend and chatting about everything from the latest Netflix binge to the deep stuff that tugs at your heartstrings.

With Jamie Ivey steering the ship, you're in for a ride filled with laughter, meaningful convos, and a sprinkle of the good old Christian faith.

It's like eavesdropping on those conversations you wish you were having, covering everything from current events to how the word of God fits into our everyday lives.

Each episode is like a burst of joy, making it the perfect companion for your commute, workout, or chill time.

If you're into real, authentic talks that dive into the heart of things, "The Happy Hour" is your go-to podcast for all the feels and a side of faith.

Cheers to happy hours that feed the soul!


The Young Life Podcast

Hosts: Various

Picture this: a bunch of cool hosts stirring up conversations about the wild ride of faith and life for young adults.

Whether navigating the rollercoaster of mental health, seeking that Christian teen podcast magic, or just feeling the camaraderie of young people figuring it all out, this podcast's got your back.

It's not just a podcast; it's your go-to resource for the good, the challenging, and everything in between.

Tune in for laughs, insights, and a community that feels like a warm hug after a long day.

So, if you're up for some real talk sprinkled with a dash of faith and a lot of heart, "The Young Life Podcast" is your ticket to the good stuff.


Pray As You Go

Hosts: Various

Get ready for daily tranquility with "Pray As You Go." Imagine this: your favorite artists crafting a spiritual playlist, young women seeking solace, and a Christian perspective guiding the way.

In this oasis of good news, you'll find a moment of pause amid life's hustles.

Picture it: a gentle breeze of reflection, the whispers of scripture, and the sweet embrace of Jesus Christ in every session.

It's like a virtual hug for your soul, delivered straight to your ears.

Whether you're a seasoned prayer warrior or just starting your spiritual journey, let "Pray As You Go" be your daily companion.

Dive in, hit play, and let the calming waves of spirituality wash over you. Your heart will thank you.


Q Podcast

Host: Gabe Lyons

It's the right place for those seeking a fresh Christian perspective on cultural issues. Imagine a space where the Holy Spirit meets the latest trends, and the love of God intertwines with today's hot topics.

Whether navigating the twists and turns of modern life or just hungry for spiritual growth, this podcast has your back.

Gabe and his guests bring insights that spark conversations and broaden your understanding.

So, grab your favorite drink, hit play, and get ready to explore the intersection of faith and culture.

Your journey into thought-provoking discussions and spiritual growth starts here.


The Liturgists Podcast

Hosts: Mike McHargue and Michael Gungor

Have you ever felt the magnetic pull between faith, science, and art?

Enter "The Liturgists Podcast," your ticket to exploring the profound with hosts Mike McHargue and Michael Gungor.

Tune in as they navigate the intricate dance of these realms, delving into questions that keep us up at night.

They bring a refreshing perspective from the cosmos to God's Word, like a comforting chat with friends.

Available on Apple Podcasts, this cosmic journey offers a biblical perspective that paints the complexities of life with strokes of curiosity and wonder.

So, if you're ready to ponder life's mysteries and embrace the beauty of the unknown, hit play and let the exploration begin!


Young Adults After Hours

Hosts: Various

Need a little something extra for those post-sunset vibes? Look no further than "Young Adults After Hours," your go-to podcast for candid conversations about faith, relationships, and the rollercoaster of young adulthood.

Hosted by a squad of awesome voices, this show feels like chatting with friends after the lights dim.

Whether you're unwinding after a long day or seeking wisdom for the journey, these hosts have your back. With Bible studies, laughter, and insights from church leaders, it's the perfect blend of your favorite things.

So, grab your earbuds, hit play, and let the after-hours wisdom flow.


The RELEVANT Podcast

Hosts: Various

Hosted by an awesome squad, this show is like a cool mixtape for your soul, dishing out the best podcast vibes in town.

Dive into discussions on issues near and dear to the hearts of young adults, all with a sprinkle of humor and good vibes.

It's like sitting down with friends to talk about the stuff that matters.

So, hit play, join the convo, and get ready to ride the wave of relevance!


Fun Therapy

Host: Mike Foster

Need a break from the chaos? Dive into "Fun Therapy" with the soothing host, Mike Foster.

Part of Relevant Magazine's podcast family, this show is like a warm cup of cocoa for your soul.

In just half an hour, Foster creates a serene space for reflection, discussing real-life issues with his guests.

It's a therapeutic escape from the hustle, offering a candid look into the challenges people are facing.

So, if you're yearning for some downtime to process emotions and unwind, "Fun Therapy" is your audio sanctuary. And for a sporty twist, don't miss out on "Relevant Is Doing a Sports Podcast" – an energetic departure from the norm!


The Naked Theologian

Hosts: Brett Johnson and Joel Holm

Hey, theology buffs and curious minds, have you ever wished theology could be as cozy as your favorite blanket on a rainy day? Well, meet your match with "The Naked Theologian"!

Hosted by the dynamic duo Brett Johnson and Joel Holm, this podcast dives into the big things – and we mean BIG – like the entire Bible, giving you a roadmap for understanding your Christian life on a whole new level.

Unfolding the layers of theology, this show is your ticket to a deeper understanding of faith, all while feeling like a chat with friends.

So, Christian teenager or lifelong learner, let's make theology your cozy companion on this journey of understanding.


Reformed Millennials

Hosts: Jesse and Tony

Ready for a refreshing dose of real talk and a side of faith? Look no further than "Reformed Millennials"!

Hosted by the dynamic duo Jesse and Tony, this podcast is your go-to spot for candid conversations about faith, culture, and all those quirky challenges unique to our millennial tribe.

From daily hope to dissecting the best ways to handle those body image blues, these guys are trying to make your millennial journey fun and faith-filled.

So, grab your headphones, hit play, and navigate this adventure together.


SHE with Jordan Lee Dooley

Host: Jordan Lee Dooley

Hey there, fabulous ladies tuning in for inspiration and a dash of faith!

Welcome to "SHE with Jordan Lee Dooley" - your haven for faith, personal growth, and purpose.

Hosted by the incredible Jordan Lee Dooley, this podcast is like your daily audio hug, offering insights from recent releases and diving deep into Bible studies.

It's the perfect companion for your daily routine –commuting, hitting the gym, or unwinding after a day of conquering the world.

So, if you're searching for a podcast that feels like a chat with your best friend and leaves you ready to tackle life, look no further!


The Bible Project Podcast

Hosts: Tim Mackie and Jon Collins

ever wonder how to make the ancient wisdom of the Bible feel like the coolest coffee chat with your besties?

That's exactly what Tim Mackie and Jon Collins bring to the table on "The Bible Project Podcast"!

These guys are the best teachers, breaking down the Bible's big themes into little things you can apply to your everyday, faithful life. Need practical advice?

Dive into episodes that turn complex concepts into relatable nuggets of wisdom.

It's like having your favorite teachers guide you through the epic story of the Bible – making it the ultimate podcast for anyone curious about life, love, and a little bit of everything in between.


That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs

Host: Annie F. Downs

Every episode feels like a lively chat with a good friend. Host Annie F. Downs crafts a space where long-form interviews become delightful conversations with influential Christian music and theology figures.

From chart-topping artists like Steven Curtis Chapman to dynamic speakers like Christine Cain, Annie explores the stories and faith journeys of those shaping culture.

Laughter and heartfelt moments permeate each episode as guests open up about ministry, God's impact on their lives, and the joy found in living a life that sounds fun.

The show's recent inclusion in the Relevant family adds to the excitement, offering a broader podcasting experience within a community of diverse voices and perspectives.


The Boundless Show

Host: Lisa Anderson

It's a top-tier Christian podcast tailored for young adults, hosted by Lisa Anderson and produced by Focus on the Family.

Lisa skillfully leads through roundtable discussions, insightful guest interviews, and thought-provoking answers to audience-submitted questions.

Each episode brings fresh perspectives, ensuring the content resonates with young individuals, especially single ones.

While the show serves fun, it fearlessly tackles the real stuff—dive into conversations about mental health, the intricacies of faith-sharing, and much more.

It's like chatting with a friend who's been there, done that, and isn't afraid to discuss the tough stuff.

Whether you require advice, a good laugh, or genuine insights into young adults' challenges, "The Boundless Show" has your back.


Sports Spectrum

Host: Jason Romano

Are you looking for a great sports podcast from a Christian point of view?

"Sports Spectrum," hosted by the dynamic Jason Romano, is your Christian podcast haven.

Romano, a former ESPN producer, dives into the world where faith and sports intersect.

Forget the usual sports banter; here, he engages with top-tier athletes, commentators, and Christian thinkers.

From pro ballplayers to ESPN icons, the guests go beyond the game, sharing personal insights and exploring the deeper connection between faith and sports.

So, if you're a fan seeking more than the standard sports commentary, join Romano for a unique, faith-infused perspective. It's a slam dunk for any sports fan!


The Dave Ramsey Show

Host: Dave Ramsey

Who knew finance could be fun? Enter "The Dave Ramsey Show," where the financial wizard himself, Dave Ramsey, breaks down money matters practically and enjoyably.

Now, finance might not be the most thrilling topic for young adults, but let's face it: it's crucial.

As a parent with two children currently navigating their college years, I'm keenly aware of the financial challenges they'll face as they transition into adulthood.

The landscape has shifted since my journey, and I recognize that homeownership and financial stability may pose greater hurdles for them.

My kids must have the financial literacy to tackle these challenges head-on. It is a priority to understand how to manage student loans, make informed financial decisions, and plan for their financial futures.

I'm grateful for resources like "The Dave Ramsey Show," which provides practical and relatable advice.

Ensuring my children are financially savvy is not just about the present; it's an investment in their long-term success and security.

From tackling student loans to navigating the labyrinth of homeownership, Dave Ramsey's straightforward and actionable advice provides the roadmap we all need.

Sure, not every episode may feel tailor-made for your situation, but the show consistently delivers smart and relatable conversations essential for anyone navigating the adulting journey.

After all, who would want to avoid securing a solid financial foundation and avoid those retirement setbacks? Ramsey's got your back!


The Briefing

Host: Albert Mohler


 I saved my favorite one for last

"The Briefing with Albert Mohler" is like having a wise friend break down the complexities of today's news from a Christian worldview.

In a world bombarded with information, it's refreshing to have a podcast that not only keeps young people informed but also helps them process these events through the lens of their faith.

Albert Mohler's casual and conversational style makes complex topics accessible, offering insights that connect current events with timeless Christian principles.

It's more than a news recap; it's a tool for young minds to navigate the world with discernment and understanding.

In a society where headlines often seem overwhelming, this podcast serves as a guide for young Christians, empowering them to engage thoughtfully and critically with the world around them.

So, if you want your young folks to stay informed and grounded in their faith amid the noise, "The Briefing" is the go-to podcast for a fresh, Christian perspective on the news.


These podcasts offer spiritual insights, cultural discussions, and practical advice for Christians in their 20s.

I hope you discover your new favorite podcast in your quest for meaningful content.

With the vast landscape of weekly podcasts, many options exist to explore and find what resonates with you.

Whether you're looking for your next weekly ritual or eager to uncover your favorite Christian podcasts, podcasting offers many choices.

Happy listening, and may you stumble upon the best podcasts that become your favorites, enriching your days with valuable insights, inspiration, and perhaps a few laughs.