9 Inspiring Bible Stories about Faith & to use for Your Life! (Complete Break Down)

9 Inspiring Bible Stories about Faith & to use for Your Life! (Complete Break Down)

The Bible is filled with amazing characters who had been saved from many tormenting experiences. And so here are a few Bible stories on faith that can also help you steady your faith while you are going through your storm.



Bible stories about Faith in Difficult times.

Judges 4:1-24 images pictures quotes

1. Story about Deborah’s faith in hard times. [Judges 4:1-24]

Deborah was known to be a wife, judge, prophetess, and most importantly, a like Mary, Elizabeth, Naomi, and many others, she was powerful woman of Faith. She was a woman who heard from God and would carry out his instructions no matter the difficulty whether it was easy or hard.

One day she was commanded by God to instruct a man named Barak to take with him 10, 000 men to Mount Tabor. There, God would help him and the Israelites defeat the Canaanites army who had been oppressing them for years.
Now even though Barak had his army, he was still afraid to lead them on his own and so he begged Deborah to go with them, which she then agreed, and told them that God had already gone ahead of them. (Judges 4:14) It was because of Deborah’s faith, her zeal, and acting on God’s Word, the Israelites were led to a crushing victory.
Life application: It’s no doubt that we face our own version of difficulties and though we might not be going into a physical war like the Israelites, we will be faced with spiritual attacks.

We just have to take God at His Word, because being fearful and drawing back will only hinder our victory, so let’s step out on faith like Deborah, and watch the enemy be defeated. And remember, the battle is not yours, it’s the Lord’s.

Esther chapters 1-9 images pictures quotes
2. Queen Esther story of Faith in Hard Times [Esther chapters 1-9]

“If I die, I die, but I must see the King.” These were the famous words of Queen Esther. A Jewish woman named Esther, was among the young maidens who were in the running to be the wife of King Xerxes. Charmed by her beauty, Ester was chosen to be Queen.

However, her cousin/ adoptive father Mordecai told her not to reveal that she was a Jew because during those days her people were hated.

During her reign as Queen, Mordecai found out that a man named Haman had petitioned the King to kill all Jews. Mordecai then told Esther about the plot and told her that she needed to talk to the King about spearing the Jews’ lives.

See in those days, no one was allowed to approach the King without being summoned or else that would cost them their lives, and so Esther was afraid. However, Mordecai Told Esther that God had placed her in a position to help save others and that she should put faith over fear.
And so Queen Esther decided she would, but not before going on a three-day fasting with all the other Jews.

During that time she also prayed for courage, more faith, and guidance. Esther decided to step out on faith regardless of whether or not it might cost Esther her life, but she needed to save her people.
Life application: Have you ever heard of the 5-Fold ministry? Those who are pastors, teachers, leaders, etc? (Ephesians 4:11-12) As believers, God puts us in certain positions to help save His people.

And yes, sometimes taking up this mantle might cost us friends, family, or worse, our lives, and with that in mind, we get scared. However, Esther’s faith taught us a valuable lesson, in that all you need to do is put faith over fear and God will take over.
Remember, even if you don’t know what the outcome will be, God is preparing you for your destiny. And like Abraham who was instructed to sacrifice Isaac, or leave his home. (Hebrew 11:8).

He had no idea what God was planning, but still obeyed God’s instructions. He knew that God had great things planned for him, and so he believed and trusted in Him, and encourages us to do the same.

Bible Stories about Faithfulness

Faith is a key element in the Christian journey and as such, here are a few remarkable Bible stories about faithfulness. The Bible says to be faithful, even to the point of death, and He will give you life as your victor’s crown.

Daniel 3:1-30 images pictures quotes
3. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego story of Faithfulness [Daniel 3:1-30]

Do you remember the story of the three Hebrew boys, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego? A couple of Jewish captives were taken from their homeland to serve in the Babylonian empire.

But even having to adjust to the ways of this empire, their commitment to God did not change. Still, and just like any faithful men of God, their faith was put to the test.
King Nebuchadnezzar commanded that a golden statue be made and ordered that every person must bow down and worship it. However, when it was time for the three men to bow down like the rest, they refused, and this angered the King.

Because of their refusal, they were thrown in a fiery furnace which was turned up seven times the normal temperature.

The fire was so hot that it scorched the guards that were standing outside, but when the King looked inside expecting to see nothing but fire, he saw not three but four men.
Filled with shock, he immediately ordered for the men to be removed from the fire. Because of the three men's faith in God, he showed up while they were going through their fire. The King made a new declaration that they were now going to worship the God of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Like Elijah the three stood bodly for Christ, and it was through their faith that other persons begun worshiping the true and living God.
Life application: Would you stand for God if you were faced with a situation where it was either life or death?

We are now living in a time where our faithfulness is tested, and it’s going to come a time where you have to decide who you will stand for. Life or death.

And the pressures of life sometimes will be turned up like it did for those three men, but once you stand for God, he will show up for you amid your fiery trials.

The Bible says when you pass through the waters, he will be with you, or when you walk through the fire you will not be burned, for he is the Lord your God. (Isaiah 43:2-3)

 Genesis chapters 6-8 images pictures quotes
4. Noah and his Faithfulness story  [Genesis chapters 6-8]

Noah, another famous story is one we all know too well. God spoke to Noah about the wickedness in the world and warned him of the flood that he was going to send. And so God instructed him to build an arc that would be big enough for his wife, sons, and a pair of every kind of animal; one male and a female.
Now during that period, they hadn’t seen rain for years and so his neighbors would mock and laugh at him.

Some might have even called him crazy. After the arc was done and Noah and his family along with the creatures were on board, God shut the door.

And so the flood came and destroyed everything and anyone outside of the arc. By faith, Noah being warned of things not yet seen was able to save his family.
Life application: Now unlike Noah, we may never be called to build an arc, but sometimes we are called upon to do things that seem much large for us. And sometimes while walking in obedience to God and carrying out His will, we might get criticized and laughed at.

We have to learn how to maintain our faith despite what others around us might say. Through our faith, we can live to save and be a blessing to so many others, and we shall surely be rewarded.

 Job chapters 1-42 images pictures quotes
5. Job and his story of Faithfulness [Job chapters 1-42]

Job was a wealthy and faithful servant of God. One day the Devil approached God and asked if he could put Job’s faith to test.

God was always boasting how much of a faithful servant he was and Satan told God that the only reason he was so faithful is because He gave Job everything he wanted.

And so God allowed the Devil to destroy everything in Job’s life except his life, in order to see if he would remain faithful. Job lost everything; his family, animals, wealth, and was even full of leprosy. Days, weeks, and months he suffered, and was even told to “Curse God and die.”

Ultimately, Job succumbed to his suffering and began asking why he would let evil people thrive and a faithful man like him suffer.

God then replied to Job saying he will not always understand the things He does and why He does the things He does.

It was in that moment, Job understood that he just had to trust in how God works. But even through his suffering, Job never completely lose faith in God, and eventually his suffering ended and was blessed even more abundantly.

Life application: Even though we are believers, it doesn’t excuse us from having our share of sufferation, or dissapointments due to unfulfilled expectations.

There will be moments where we will wrestle with our faith, feel like just giving up, our even doubt God, I mean look at Thomas’s story, but it’s a good thing we’re saved through grace.

We won’t always know the reason behind God’s doings but he always has a plan for us, and once we put our trust in Him, there will always be a blessing behind our pain, or a testimony through our test. 

Daniel 6:1-28 images pictures quotes
6. Story of Daniel's Faithfulness and the Lion’s den [ Daniel 6:1-28]

Daniel was a faithful man of God, some would even say a prayer warrior who built his relationship with God by kneeling before Him 3 time a day and praying earnestly. He was favored above the presidents and princes because of his calm and humble spirit.

Then because of jealousy, all the other princes wanted to find something to accuse him of and the only thing they could fault him with was that he was praying to his own God and wanted to use his faith against him.

And so these men had a meeting with the King to make a law that anyone found praying to any other God or man would be thrown into the Lion’s den.
However hearing of this threat/decree, Daniel did not stop praying and his faith in God didn’t waver, and so he was thrown into the Lion’s den. Even surrounded by danger, in this case, the lions, God was there for a faithful Daniel.

In the book of Daniel 10:12, God said “Fear not Daniel, for from the first day that thou didst set thine heart to understand, and to humble yourself before thy God, thy words were heard, and I am come because of your words.”
Life application: In truth, our faithfulness to God will always be tested. We are every day surrounded by Demonic influences or temptations, and because of who we serve, we might experience our own symbolic “Lion’s den”.

But just Like Daniel, our own faithfulness will be rewarded, and we can come out of our troubles without even scratch. 

Bible Stories about Faith for Youth.

The Bible says “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” And so here are the excellent inspirational bible stories on faith that can assist you to build your faith and trust in God, the almighty. 

Mark 14:24-33 images pictures quotes
7. Story of Peter stepping out in faith [Mark 14:24-33]

Peter was a disciple and a fisherman by trade. One day he was out on his out sea as usual and came upon an unexpected storm. Seeing the rough waves, Peter and other disciples were now rocked with fear.

Then all of a sudden they noticed what had seemed to be a spirit, but then Jesus replied to them saying “Don’t be afraid, it is just me.” However, Peter being a little skeptical said, "Okay God if that is really you, ask me to come out on the water with you," which Jesus then replied, "Come."
Peter got out and was walking on the water, but when he felt the raging waves, he got distracted, which tampered with his faith, and so he began to sink.

While he was sinking he cried out to God for help, in which God stretched his hands to save him and said, "Your faith is so small, you stepped out without fear and was near to me, so where did this doubt come from?"

And when they went back inside the boat they realized that He was truly the son of God.
Life application: The story of Peter story symbolizes again how we sometimes step out on faith but then at some point face the storms of life rocks us, and fear takes over. Peter also teaches that if we take our eyes off God, we will be weighed down by our problems.

But as humans, we are not perfect, and sometimes we might sink, but we have to keep our focus on the Lord. And If God can raise Lazarus from the dead, tear down the wall of Jericho, he can also to calm the storms in our lives.

 Exodus chapters 3-14 images pictures quotes
8. Story of Moses delivering Israelites through faith [Exodus chapters 3-14]

A decree was made by Pharaoh that all Hebrew boys were to be slaughtered. And so in an effort to save his life, Moses was placed in some tall grass by river Nile by his mother, who was later found by Pharaoh’s family and was raised as one.

Years later, having learned of his family and how they were treated, he chose to leave. While he was living in Midian, God spoke to Moses from a burning bush and told him that he needed him to lead the Israelites out of bondage and bring them to the Promised Land.
Hearing this task, Moses never saw himself as being this great leader or worthy enough to be used by God or to carry out this talk.

However through faith, he brought them out of Egypt, and even when they were trapped by the red sea, with great faith Moses told the frightened Israelites “Do not be afraid. Stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD, which He will accomplish for you today.

For the Egyptians whom you see today, you shall see again no more forever. The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace.” (14:13)
Life application: Each of us are made for a purpose and whatever that purpose is, your future is in God’s hands. And yes, you might be afraid but listen, “Do it afraid!”. And when you come across the Red Sea of your life just stretch forth your hands and watch God take you through.

Also, you are not too imperfect to be used by God. Jacob (Israel) was a deciever, Gideon and Jonah was a coward, and Samson was a rebel.

And these are just a few flawed person who God still used to bring Him glory. And remember, you are not on this journey alone.

Like the Israelites who had Moses and Joshua, God has chosen leaders who can help you on your journey to the Promised Land.

Children Bible stories about Faith 

As kids, the word faith can be a tricky concept to grab. This stories below will break it down for the youngsters so they understand that life can be tough but that whatever life throws their way they can have faith in God no matter what.

1 Samuel 17:1-58 images pictures quotes

9. Story of David and Goliath [ 1 Samuel 17:1-58]

In this well-known story, we learn about a 40 days war between the Israelites and the Philistines who was led by the giant Goliath. One day Goliath challenged them to bring forth a soldier who could come up against him, but no one in the Israelite army was brave enough to challenge him.

Hearing all Goliath’s boasting, hear came a little Shepherd boy David who told King Saul that God had given him victory over all the animals who had threatened his sheep and he had faith in God that he would help him defeat this giant too.

Hearing David’s testimony, King Saul gave David the best suit of armor so he could at least stand a better chance but David refused and told him no, all he needed was his faith and his hands.
So going out to face the Philistines, Goliath saw this boy David who had nothing but a slingshot, and he laughed and mocked him.

Then David replied to all his jokes saying “Well you come with your sword, spear, and all your armor but I come against you in the name of the Lord, God Almighty.” And with great strength, David drew his sling and sent it flying straight towards this giant’s forehead.

The story told in many different ways all had the same outcome, Goliath was defeated. [1 Samuel 17:49-50] David’s faith in God proved to be bigger than any giant. His faith was not moved by this huge problem that he faced because he knew his God was much bigger.
Life application: The story of David and Goliath teaches not only adults but kids that no matter how big our problems are, once we have faith in God, we too can conquer the giants in our lives. Nothing is impossible for Christ, Jesus.

Sometimes people might look at us and laugh at us because we might come in these small packages and say we will never amount to anything, and even because of how we look or our background.

But David’s example teaches that God doesn’t look at the outward appearance, all he cares about is your heart. And that whatever challenges you face, it’s the faith you have in Him that matters, no matter how small it is (Luke 17:6).

I hope you enjoyed these stories :) Please check out our other articles about the Bible!