21 Amazing Christian Podcasts for Wives to Hear

21 Amazing Christian Podcasts for Wives to Hear


When I am driving my kids to sporting events, grocery shopping, or cleaning the house, I always have a podcast I am listening to.

As a wife and mother, I am so thankful for the great wisdom I have gained from listening to the advice.

From the soothing wisdom of "god's word" to the valuable insights shared in the "top Christian podcasts," it's been a transformative journey.

Each episode feels like a cozy virtual "bible study" session with my favorite girlfriends, offering marital guidance and a sprinkle of spiritual growth.

The excitement of discovering a "new podcast" is like unwrapping a surprise gift full of wisdom that resonates deeply.

It's become a "great way" to balance the chaos, helping me become a better mother and wife while nurturing my spiritual side.

Check out the fantastic lineup of podcasts for Christian women below.

Discover your new favorite Christian podcasts and enjoy a weekly dose of inspiration.

From heart-to-heart conversations to practical wisdom, these are must-listen favorites that will make your weekly podcast routine something truly special.



Host: Hunter Beless

Journeywomen invites listeners into insightful conversations exploring faith, marriage, and the diverse aspects of a woman's life journey.

Through engaging discussions, this podcast provides valuable insights and perspectives on the challenges and joys women face in different seasons of life.

With Hunter Beless at the helm, Journeywomen is a companion for women seeking encouragement, wisdom, and connection in their unique journeys, fostering a sense of community and shared experiences through its diverse and thoughtful discussions.


The Homemaking Foundations Podcast

Host: Jami Balmet

Join Jami Balmet on The Homemaking Foundations Podcast for laid-back conversations about building a Christ-centered home, marriage, and family life.

Jami brings a friendly and relatable vibe as she shares practical tips, personal experiences, and faith-based insights.

This podcast is like chatting with a friend about the joys and challenges of homemaking, making it an easy and enjoyable listen for anyone looking to create a home that reflects their Christian values.

Please tune in for down-to-earth talks that make navigating the world of homemaking feel like a warm and comforting conversation with a trusted friend.


The Women of Worth Podcast

Host: Marijo Tinlin

Get ready for heart-to-heart conversations with Marijo Tinlin on The Women of Worth Podcast! Join in on discussions that dive into the world of Christian women, covering everything from marriage and faith to personal development.

Marijo brings a warm and friendly tone to each episode, making you feel like chatting with a friend over coffee.

This podcast is your go-to whether you're seeking inspiration, practical advice, or just some good company.

Tune in for an uplifting and relatable experience that celebrates the worth of every woman in the journey of faith and life.


Wifey Wednesdays

Host: Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler

Grab your coffee and join the delightful duo, Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler, on Wifey Wednesdays!

This podcast is your go-to spot for candid conversations about marriage, motherhood, and becoming a Christian wife.

With a casual and friendly tone, Emily and Laura share their experiences, challenges, and laughs, making you feel part of their cozy conversation.

Whether you're a newlywed or a seasoned spouse, Wifey Wednesdays offers relatable insights and practical tips for navigating the beautiful journey of Christian marriage.

Tune in for a dose of warmth, wisdom, and a lot of wifey camaraderie.


The Proverbs 31 Ministries Podcast

Hosts: Various

Ladies, grab your earbuds and dive into The Proverbs 31 Ministries Podcast! Hosted by a fantastic lineup of women, this podcast is like a warm hug for your soul.

Picture this: biblical teachings, heart-to-heart discussions, and real talk about everything that matters to women—marriage, family, and beyond.

With a casual, friendly tone, these lovely hosts make you feel part of their circle.

It's not just a podcast; it's a comforting space where Christian women gather to grow, share, and laugh together.

So, join the conversation, and let The Proverbs 31 Ministries Podcast brighten your day!

The fantastic lineup of women hosting creates a warm atmosphere, blending biblical teachings with heart-to-heart discussions.

It's like a comforting space where you're instantly part of the circle, discussing everything that matters to women—marriage, family, and beyond.

With their casual and friendly tone, these hosts make you feel right at home.

It's not just a podcast; it's a soul-soothing experience where Christian women come together to grow, share, and have a good laugh.


The God-Centered Mom Podcast

Host: Heather MacFadyen

Hey moms, tune in to The God-Centered Mom Podcast with the fabulous Heather MacFadyen!

It's like sitting down for coffee with your best friend and chatting about the real stuff—marriage, parenting, and keeping the chaos in check with a touch of divine love.

Heather's warm and relatable style makes every episode feel like a heart-to-heart conversation.

If you're craving practical wisdom and a dose of humor on the wild ride of motherhood, this podcast is your go-to.

So, grab a cuppa, hit play, and let The God-Centered Mom Podcast be your mom-spiration for the day!


Women's Hope Podcast

Host: Kimberly Cummings

Hey lovely ladies, meet your new BFF in the podcast world—Women's Hope Podcast with the incredible Kimberly Cummings!

Picture this: cozy chats about faith, marriage, and personal growth sprinkled with a dash of biblical wisdom.

Kimberly, from The Master's University, brings a fresh and relatable vibe to every episode. It's like a heart-to-heart with your wise friend who happens to have a wealth of biblical knowledge.

If you're looking for a podcast that feels like a warm hug, tune in to Women's Hope and let Kimberly guide you on this journey of grace and growth!


The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

Host: Jamie Ivey

Hey friends, let me introduce you to your new happy place—The Happy Hour with the fabulous Jamie Ivey!

Imagine grabbing a cuppa, sitting down with your bestie, and diving into life, faith, and everything in between.

Jamie's conversational style is like a virtual hangout filled with laughter, wisdom, and those heart-to-heart talks you crave.

Whether you're navigating relationships, faith, or just the daily grind, Jamie's got you covered.

Tune in, kick back, and join The Happy Hour—it's like catching up with a friend who always brings joy and a fresh perspective to your day! Cheers to happy vibes!


Risen Motherhood

Hosts: Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler

Hey there, amazing moms! Get inspired by the incredible duo, Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler, on the Risen Motherhood podcast.

It's like a virtual coffee chat with your besties, diving into the real stuff of motherhood and marriage.

From messy hair to messy diapers, they bring the gospel right into the heart of it all.

They laugh, cry, and feel understood as they share their journeys and practical wisdom.

Risen Motherhood is your go-to source for applying the gospel to the beautiful chaos of everyday mom life. It's like having friends who get it!


At Home with Sally

Host: Sally Clarkson

Hey there, lovely moms! Join the heartwarming conversations with the incredible Sally Clarkson on "At Home with Sally."

It's like a cozy chat with a wise friend over tea. Dive into the joys and challenges of motherhood and marriage, and let Sally's wisdom and encouragement brighten your day.

With her soothing voice and insightful stories, it's the perfect podcast for those moments when you need a little pick-me-up or a gentle reminder that you're doing an amazing job.

So, grab your favorite mug, find a comfy spot, and chat about all things home and heart!


The Busy Mom

Host: Heidi St. John

Join the fabulous Heidi St. John on "The Busy Mom" podcast for real talk about the juggling act we call life.

From marriage and family to all the daily adventures, Heidi's got your back. It's like chatting with a dear friend who's been there and gets it.

So, pop in those earbuds during carpool, and let's navigate the chaos together. You'll find nuggets of wisdom, encouragement, and maybe a few laughs because, let's face it, motherhood is a wild ride!

With warmth and relatability, Heidi shares wisdom and encouragement, making every episode feel like a heart-to-heart chat with your go-to mom friend.

"The Busy Mom" is a sanctuary for supermoms navigating the beautiful chaos of everyday life.

Here's to you, supermom!

I would also recommend following her on Facebook. She is a favorite of mine.


The Open Door Sisterhood Podcast

Hosts: Alexandra Kuykendall and Krista Gilbert

Dive into heart-to-heart conversations with Alexandra Kuykendall and Krista Gilbert on "The Open-Door Sisterhood" podcast.

From marriage tales to navigating the twists of faith and personal growth, these ladies are your go-to pals.

Picture a cozy chat over coffee filled with laughter, wisdom, and the comforting feeling of shared experiences.

Whether you're rocking the mom life, chasing dreams, or enjoying a quiet moment, this podcast is your sisterhood sanctuary.

So, grab your favorite mug, hit play, and join the uplifting journey with your new sisters in podcast arms.


The His Girl Friday Podcast

Host: Amanda Bacon

Dive into faith, marriage, and intentional living to boost your Christian woman journey.

Amanda's got the scoop on weaving faith into your everyday moments and adding a sprinkle of intentional joy to life's mix.

This podcast isn't just a listen—it's your weekly dose of warmth, wisdom, and a bit of laughter.

Tune in to make every day feel like a Friday, where faith meets fun!


Thriving Beyond Belief

Host: Cheryl Scruggs

Get cozy as she dives deep into conversations with incredible Christian women about faith, marriages, and personal journeys.

Cheryl's bringing you real stories, real talk, and a lot of inspiration to help you thrive in every aspect of your beautiful life.

This podcast isn't just a listen—it's your weekly reminder that you're not alone on this journey. So, grab a cuppa, hit play, and let's thrive beyond belief together!


The Fierce Marriage Podcast

Hosts: Ryan and Selena Frederick

These two are on a mission to help you build a strong, fierce marriage grounded in those sweet Christian vibes.

They've got your back from date night tips to navigating the quirks.

So, grab your partner, hit play, and let the Fredericks guide you on this epic journey of love, laughter, and fierceness!


Revelation Wellness

Host: Alisa Keeton

"Revelation Wellness" with Alisa Keeton is like fresh air in Christian podcasts.

Alisa, your guide on this journey, is not just a host; she's a freedom bringer.

Her podcast is a reminder that growth happens under pressure in a world that often feels tense.

This isn't just about physical health; it's about the Body of Christ, diverse and united.

Alisa's encouragement is contagious, especially when she reminds us that not being perfect at something new doesn't disqualify us.

So, if you're into Bible studies, enjoy discovering new episodes, and want a podcast that speaks to the challenges of everyday life while exploring your favorite things, this is your go-to.

Let's start this journey together.


From Head to Heart

Host: Jessica Hottle

"From Head to Heart" with Jessica Hottle is a refreshing journey into healing and honoring feelings from a Christian perspective.

Jessica, your guide on this podcast, is on a mission to teach Christian women how to navigate their emotions and find healing.

If you've ever felt like your feelings didn't matter or were overwhelmed by them, this is the right place for you.

Jessica creates a safe space to explore your emotions, providing a Biblical framework to guide you through the healing process.

As she says, feelings have a seat at the table, but they're not the centerpiece.

Get ready to ditch overwhelm, confusion, condemnation, shame, and guilt and embark on a transformative journey toward healing with God.

Through this empowering podcast, your prayer life and Christian faith will find new depths.


The Stefanie Gass Show

Host: Stefanie Gass

Get ready for life-changing content and empowering insights with "The Stefanie Gass Show," hosted by the incredible Stefanie Gass.

This podcast is a game-changer for faith-led women eager to partner with God in life and business.

Stefanie has you covered if you're looking to start a God-centered online business while maintaining presence, intention, and purpose in your life.

With hours of free training and live business coaching, she helps you discover your 'thing' and build a passive income business through podcasting, courses, and authentic marketing strategies—all grounded in faith.

It's not just a podcast; it's your go-to resource for creating a thriving Christian life and business.

Tune in and embrace the good news Stefanie Gass is bringing your way!


Jesus Over Everything

Host: Lisa Whittle

Embark on a journey of faith and practical wisdom with "Jesus Over Everything," the delightful podcast hosted by best-selling author and speaker Lisa Whittle.

This 2-day-a-week podcast is tailor-made for the on-the-go listener aged 20-60, offering a perfect blend of encouragement, Bible teaching, and Christian living how-tos.

Lisa's relatable style and passion shine through as she explores important topics, shares life experiences, and delves into pursuing God-given dreams.

Each episode reminds you to hold Jesus above everything, making this podcast an essential companion on your daily adventure.

Let Lisa's inspiring voice guide you through faith and life's important conversations!


Prayer In A Noisy World

Host: Val Woerner of Val Marie Paper

Step into a haven of tranquility with "Prayer In A Noisy World," hosted by Val Woerner of Val Marie Paper.

Val's mission is clear: to create practical tools and content that cultivate an awareness of the Lord's presence in our noisy, everyday lives.

In this podcast, the transformative power of prayer and practical application converge, offering young women a sanctuary to navigate the demands of today's world.

Val's gentle guidance and insightful conversations make "Prayer In A Noisy World" a source of inspiration and encouragement for women seeking to deepen their connection with God in life's clamor.

Tune in, embrace the peace, and embark on a journey of prayer that resonates with the challenges and joys of today's world.


The Christian Health Club

Host: Chelsea Blackbird

Join Chelsea Blackbird in "The Christian Health Club," where a passion for transforming bodies aligns seamlessly with faith.

As a dedicated nutritionist, wife, and mom of three, Chelsea's podcast is a holistic approach to healthy living from a Christian perspective.

She addresses health issues and mental well-being by focusing on real food as God intended.

"The Christian Health Club" offers practical insights, blending faith and nutrition to guide you toward a healthier, more vibrant life.

You can tune in for a dose of inspiration that combines the goodness of real food with the richness of Christian living.


Listening to Christian podcasts has become my secret weapon in juggling being a mom and wife.

These podcasts aren't just a source of inspiration; they're like a lifeline to wisdom and encouragement.

In the chaos, hearing relatable stories and practical advice from fellow Christian moms and relationship experts feels like having a supportive friend in my ear.

It's like a mini-retreat where I can recharge my spirit and find solace in God's word.

These podcasts are invaluable because they address real-life struggles and offer a Christian perspective on parenting, marriage, and daily challenges.

They provide a space for me to reflect on my faith, helping me grow spiritually while navigating the ups and downs of family life.

Christian podcasts have become my go-to companions, whether it's learning new parenting hacks, gaining insights into a thriving marriage, or simply finding a moment of peace in a busy day.

There's something incredibly reassuring about hearing others share their experiences, knowing that I'm not alone in this journey.

It's a reminder that, as a mom and wife, I'm part of a larger community striving to live out our faith in everyday life's messy, beautiful tapestry.

So, with earbuds in place, I continue to soak in the lessons, laughter, and love these podcasts offer, making me a better mom and wife, one episode at a time.