20 Christian Podcasts That Focus on Leadership

20 Christian Podcasts That Focus on Leadership


Welcome to a journey of transformation and empowerment through the inspiring realm of Christian leadership podcasts!

I want to tell you how you can hear impactful stories and valuable lessons shared by weekly podcasts that have the potential to shape and refine leaders.

My husband was a truck driver for over ten years. During those years, he listened to many of these leadership podcasts as he traveled nationwide.

He eventually followed his dream and started his own business.

Listening to a weekly podcast gave him the tools to become a better leader and empowered him to leap into entrepreneurship.

He is now a business owner, and these podcasts have helped him. Join us as we explore the profound impact these podcasts can have on aspiring and seasoned business leaders.


The Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast

Host: Craig Groeschel

Unlock the secrets to becoming an effective leader with "The Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast."

Hosted by Craig Groeschel, the senior pastor of Life Church, this Christian leadership podcast offers a wealth of practical leadership lessons.

Groeschel's wisdom extends beyond the pulpit, providing valuable insights applicable to various leadership roles, whether you're leading a congregation, a team, or even worship leaders.

You will love these episodes filled with actionable tips that transcend the traditional boundaries of leadership.

The podcast becomes a guiding light for Christians navigating the intricate world of leadership, offering a unique perspective rooted in faith and practicality.

Take advantage of the opportunity to elevate your leadership skills and set out on a journey toward becoming a more empowered and impactful leader in both your professional and personal spheres.


The Global Leadership Summit Podcast

Hosts: Various

I was able to experience the Global Leadership Summit when I attended the conferences.

I learned so much from this conference that I have used in leading at home and work. Now, you can also experience it without leaving your home!

Listen to "The Global Leadership Summit Podcast" for an immersive journey into talks by influential leaders.

This podcast brings the summit to you, allowing everyone to access transformative insights and inspiration from the comfort of their headphones.


Dive into a world of inspiration and leadership excellence with "The Global Leadership Summit Podcast."

Hosted by various speakers, this podcast brings you highlights from the annual Global Leadership Summit, showcasing talks from influential leaders across diverse fields.

Gain valuable insights, strategic wisdom, and practical leadership lessons from those who have significantly impacted a global scale.

Whether you're a seasoned leader or an aspiring one, this podcast offers a front-row seat to transformative conversations that can elevate your leadership skills.

Join the summit's thought-provoking discussions and equip yourself with the knowledge and inspiration to lead effectively in today's dynamic world.

Take this opportunity to tap into a wealth of leadership expertise and take your leadership journey to new heights.


The GLSnext Podcast

Hosts: Various

If you loved the Global Leadership Summit podcast then check out this podcast.

"The GLSnext Podcast" is an insightful follow-up to the Global Leadership Summit, offering in-depth discussions and interviews with the featured speakers.

Hosted by various voices, this podcast provides a valuable extension of the summit experience, allowing listeners to delve deeper into the leadership insights and strategies shared during the event.

With its diverse lineup of hosts and engaging content, "The GLSnext Podcast" ensures that the impact of the Global Leadership Summit resonates long after the event itself, making it a must-listen for those eager to continue their leadership development journey.


Business Accelerator

Hosts: Michael Hyatt and Megan Hyatt

"Business Accelerator," hosted by Michael and Megan Hyatt, isn't just about short-term victories but aims for sustained achievement.

This podcast, a favorite for many, blends contemporary research with timeless wisdom to unlock the secrets of lasting success.

Whether delving into personal productivity, development, self-leadership, or team dynamics, Michael and Megan provide valuable insights and tools to thrive at work and in life.

It's a must-listen for those seeking a winning strategy that goes beyond fleeting triumphs, offering a roadmap to enduring success in the dynamic world of business.

Take advantage of the wisdom shared by these influential hosts!

This is a podcast that I listen to each week on Fridays when I clean my house.

I always put my headphones on and listen to this great advice while getting my home ready for the weekend of family fun.

The Biblical Insights and leadership skills give me Christ-focused coaching that has changed how I lead my family and business.


The EntreLeadership Podcast

Host: Dave Ramsey

When we were first married, we were given a book by Dave Ramsey. This book changed our lives.

We have been listening to the podcast for many years.

These principles have helped our family with financial support by giving us the knowledge we need to take care of our family.

You will love the real-life, real-time business and leadership coaching with "The EntreLeadership Podcast," hosted by the renowned Dave Ramsey, CEO of Ramsey Solutions.

Gain unparalleled insights into entrepreneurship, leadership, and business strategies straight from the source—an accomplished figure in the world of finance, a bestselling author, and a nationally syndicated radio personality.

Ramsey's dynamic approach to coaching offers a unique blend of practical wisdom, real-world experiences, and timeless principles that resonate with seasoned entrepreneurs and emerging leaders.

Whether you're navigating the complexities of business or aspiring to lead with excellence, this podcast provides a direct line to invaluable advice and proven strategies for success in the entrepreneurial landscape.


The John Maxwell Leadership Podcast

Hosts: John C. Maxwell and Mark Cole

"The John Maxwell Leadership Podcast," co-hosted by John C. Maxwell and Mark Cole, is a treasure trove of leadership insights and principles.

Renowned leadership expert John C. Maxwell shares his wealth of knowledge, making this podcast a valuable resource for anyone aspiring to lead with inspiration.

Having had the privilege to meet John Maxwell and attend his conference, I can attest to the transformative impact of his teachings.

Attending this conference changed my life.

Whether you're in ministry leadership, leading a team, or seeking wisdom from top leaders, each episode provides a unique perspective on leadership that resonates across various domains.

Take advantage of this inspiring podcast that continues to shape and uplift aspiring and seasoned leaders.


The Unseen Leadership Podcast

Hosts: Chandler Vannoy and Josh Hunter

"The Unseen Leadership Podcast," hosted by Chandler Vannoy and Josh Hunter, dives into crucial conversations with Christian leaders, covering character, calling, and competence.

This podcast serves as a valuable resource, addressing leadership questions and providing insights applicable to various contexts, including the local church.

Focusing on the often unseen aspects of leadership, it delves into topics essential for those navigating the complexities of leadership roles.

If you're seeking wisdom and perspectives on character development and leadership competence, this podcast offers valuable insights for your personal and professional growth.


The Rainer on Leadership Podcast

Hosts: Thom Rainer and Jonathan Howe

"The Rainer on Leadership Podcast," hosted by Thom Rainer and Jonathan Howe, delivers practical insights on church leadership and ministry.

Thom Rainer, a former CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources, brings his wealth of experience to the forefront, offering valuable perspectives for faith-driven entrepreneurs and leaders.

With weekly episodes, this podcast becomes a go-to resource for those seeking actionable advice and wisdom to navigate the challenges of church leadership.

Whether you're a pastor, ministry leader, or someone involved in faith-driven entrepreneurship, this podcast provides relevant and applicable insights for your leadership journey.

The Christian community needs to hear more leadership podcasts. We have been part of church planting in the past and have found leadership podcasts to be an important part of leadership.


H3 Leadership Podcast

Host: Brad Lomenick

The "H3 Leadership Podcast," hosted by Brad Lomenick, provides insightful discussions on leadership and personal development from a Christian perspective.

Tailored for faith-driven entrepreneurs seeking inspiration and practical advice, the podcast offers valuable insights to enhance leadership skills.

Brad Lomenick brings his expertise to the forefront, creating a space where listeners can glean wisdom and encouragement.

With a focus on faith driven leadership, this podcast becomes a valuable resource for those navigating the intersection of faith and entrepreneurship, providing practical tools to lead with purpose and impact.

In the dynamic landscape of church leadership, today's church leaders often find themselves navigating the complexities of church culture and seeking innovative strategies for sustainable church growth.

This podcast is a great option for Christian Leaders.


Lead Like Jesus

Host: Patrick Lencioni (founder/president of The Table Group), JB Brown (Host of NFL Today), Tricia Goyer (USA Best-selling Author), and more

I grew up in a pastor’s house and I know first hand that it takes great leadership to run a church. But Jesus is a great example of a wonderful leader that we can follow.

The "Lead Like Jesus" podcast, featuring hosts Patrick Lencioni, JB Brown, Tricia Goyer, and more, explores leadership principles through the transformative lens of Jesus' example.

This podcast is a go-to resource for faith driven entrepreneurs, delving into the intersection of faith and leadership.

By dissecting Jesus' leadership model, the hosts provide valuable insights and actionable strategies for those seeking to lead with purpose and integrity.

With a diverse lineup of hosts, each bringing unique perspectives, "Lead Like Jesus" becomes a compelling source of inspiration and guidance for individuals navigating leadership challenges in various domains.

Church leaders today feel the need to embrace the power of leadership podcasts to enhance their leadership skills and glean fresh insights.

These podcasts provide a platform for real-life, real-time discussions, offering invaluable perspectives on leadership challenges and solutions.

By incorporating the wisdom shared in leadership podcasts, church leaders can stay ahead of the curve, foster a thriving church culture, and implement effective strategies for church growth.

In a world where leadership dynamics constantly evolve, these podcasts serve as a vital resource, equipping church leaders with the knowledge and inspiration to lead their congregations with vision and impact.


The Lead Story Podcast

Hosts: Todd Adkins and Chandler Vannoy

"The Lead Story Podcast," hosted by Todd Adkins and Chandler Vannoy, unfolds weekly conversations about leadership, drawing insights from diverse Christian leaders.

This engaging podcast is a valuable resource for business owners and anyone seeking wisdom in leadership.

Its regular release schedule provides a consistent and informative platform for listeners to glean practical tips and perspectives from experienced leaders across different domains.

Listen to discover the stories, strategies, and lessons contributing to effective and impactful leadership in various spheres.


The Leadership Collective Podcast

Hosts: Jo Saxton and Stephanie Williams

"The Leadership Collective Podcast," hosted by Jo Saxton and Stephanie Williams, serves as a valuable resource for individuals in ministry and business.

Through engaging discussions and thoughtful exploration, this podcast delves into leadership topics, offering practical insights and lessons.

Whether navigating the complexities of ministry or seeking to enhance your leadership skills in the business world, this podcast provides a platform for learning and growth.

Join Jo Saxton and Stephanie Williams as they share wisdom, experiences, and actionable advice to inspire effective leadership in various contexts.


The Life Church Leadership Podcast

Hosts: Craig Groeschel and various guests

"The Life Church Leadership Podcast," hosted by Craig Groeschel and various guests, offers invaluable insights into leadership, culture, and innovation within the context of a large church.

With a wealth of experience, Craig Groeschel shares practical wisdom and explores the dynamics of leading in a thriving church community.

This podcast is a resource for those in leadership roles or aspiring leaders, providing relevant discussions and strategies to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities within a large church setting.

Tune in for inspiration and actionable advice on fostering effective leadership in the life of a vibrant church.

Part of spiritual growth is learning how to lead others the way God wants us to lead them.

This podcast offers practical training to help us lead during cultural issues of our day.


The Resolute Podcast

Hosts: Vince Miller and various guests

"The Resolute Podcast," hosted by Vince Miller and various guests, is a dynamic exploration of leadership, men's ministry, and personal development from a Christian perspective.

With a commitment to relentless living, this podcast addresses key issues facing men today and provides insights to empower personal growth and effective leadership.

Each episode delves into topics relevant to the challenges and opportunities men encounter in their faith journey.

Whether discussing leadership principles or navigating the complexities of personal development, "The Resolute Podcast" is a valuable resource for men seeking to live purposefully and positively impact their communities.

You will love the in-depth interviews that transcend the ordinary, offering a depth of knowledge and wisdom that can reshape your perspectives and change your life.

Each episode brings you a great interview, a rich tapestry of experiences, and profound conversations that delve into the heart of various topics.

These interviews are more than just discussions; they are gateways to new perspectives, providing you with the tools and inspiration needed for personal and professional growth.

Prepare to be captivated, enlightened, and empowered as you embark on a journey of great interviews that promise to leave an indelible mark on your life.


Catalyst Podcast

Hosts: Various

The "Catalyst Podcast," featuring various hosts, offers interviews and discussions with influential Christian leaders.

Dive into insightful conversations that explore cutting-edge leadership principles and provide valuable perspectives on navigating leadership challenges in the contemporary world.

Whether you seek inspiration, practical guidance, or a deeper understanding of leadership dynamics, this podcast delivers engaging content that resonates with a broad audience.

With a focus on catalyzing positive change, each episode brings forward the wisdom and experiences of accomplished leaders, making it an enriching resource for those passionate about growth and effective leadership.


The Kingdom Leadership Podcast

Hosts: Various

The "Kingdom Leadership Podcast," featuring various hosts, unfolds insightful conversations about leadership in building God's Kingdom.

Delve into discussions illuminating the intersection of leadership principles and Christian values, providing a unique perspective on leading with purpose and divine guidance.

Whether you're a seasoned leader seeking inspiration or a budding visionary looking for guidance, this podcast offers valuable insights to empower and equip individuals on their leadership journey.

Tune in to explore the dynamic interplay between leadership and the eternal principles of God's Kingdom.


These podcasts offer a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for Christian leaders seeking to grow in their roles. Enjoy listening and learning!