Godly Dating: The 12 Best Christian Podcasts for Singles

Godly Dating: The 12 Best Christian Podcasts for Singles


Embarking on the Christian dating journey can be a rollercoaster of emotions, filled with excitement, uncertainties, and the quest for faith-based guidance.

Finding the right compass for your dating adventures can be challenging in the vast sea of podcasts.

Fear not! Here is a list of the best Christian dating podcasts that promise to be your guide on this journey to love, offering insights, laughter, and a touch of faith.

Whether you're single, in a relationship, or simply curious about dating from a Christian perspective, these podcasts enrich your experience and bring joy to your heart.


Here is my advice to you: Turn your daily run, car ride, or even a grocery store trip into a motivational journey in the dating world as a Christian by tuning into insightful podcasts.

Let the wisdom of experienced hosts guide and inspire you during your activities.

Whether you're navigating the challenges of singleness, seeking Christian dating advice, or desiring a fresh perspective on relationships, podcasts offer a convenient and enriching way to stay motivated.

Turn mundane moments into opportunities for personal growth and reflection, making each step or mile an empowering part of your journey towards meaningful connections grounded in faith.


Love and Respect Podcast: Unveiling Relationship Secrets

Hosts: Dr. Emerson and Sarah Eggerichs

It is time to go on a journey with the Love and Respect Podcast, hosted by Dr. Emerson and Sarah Eggerichs, as they unveil the hidden relationship secrets.


You will enjoy delving deep into discussions on love, respect, and the intricate dance of relationships; this podcast addresses the hard questions and red flags, offering invaluable relationship advice.

Tailored for single Christians and young adults navigating the single life and dating scene, the hosts blend theology and psychology to provide insights that resonate with both genders.

No aspect of relationships is off-limits as they equip listeners with wisdom to foster healthy relationships in a complex world.


The Boundless Show: Navigating Singleness, Dating, and Relationships

Host: Lisa Anderson

Are you navigating the tumultuous waters of dating life as a single Christian?

Tune in to The Boundless Show, hosted by Lisa Anderson, available on Apple Podcasts.

This Christian podcast is like a heart-to-heart chat with friends, addressing the highs and lows of personal growth, relationships, and dating life.

Offering practical dating tips and Christian dating advice, Lisa creates a space for young adults to lean on each other and trust God through the twists and turns of the dating journey.

Grounded in the Word of God, The Boundless Show becomes a trusted companion in pursuing meaningful connections and personal relationships.


Right to R.E.A.L. Love Radio: A Single Man's Perspective on Dating

Host: Jay Mayo

Join the conversation on love and relationships with Right to R.E.A.L. Love Radio, hosted by Jay Mayo, a single man of faith.

Tailored for Christian singles and Women of Faith seeking a genuine perspective, Jay keeps it biblical, practical, and real.

This Christian dating podcast explores the best things about personal relationships while addressing tough topics like abusive relationships.

Offering insights on finding a life partner and navigating the complexities of being single, Right to R.E.A.L.

Love Radio becomes a trusted guide for those seeking a refreshing take on love grounded in Christian values and authentic experiences.


Positioned with Kimberly Knight: Success in Life, Love, and Business

Host: Kimberly Knight

Do you need a dating coach? Host Kimberly Knight guides Christian women through the difficult stages of relationships, personal development, and success in life, love, and business.

As a certified coach and business consultant, Kimberly shares wisdom on everything from personal relationships to navigating the challenges of being single.

This Christian relationship podcast offers a refreshing blend of inspiration and practical advice.

Positioned becomes a trusted companion for those seeking insights on personal relationships, entrepreneurship, and the journey toward success.

Get ready for a dose of wisdom wrapped in the warmth of a friendly conversation, making every episode a valuable resource for Christian women on the path to fulfillment.


The Godly Dating 101 Podcast: Dating God's Way

Host:Tovares and Safa Grey 

Embark on a transformative journey with The Godly Dating 101 Podcast, hosted by Tavares and Safa Grey.

Dedicated to encouraging believers to navigate the intricacies of personal relationships, this podcast is a guide for single people seeking to date God's way.

With a blend of passion, wisdom, and real-life experiences, Tovares and Safa create a space where Christian singles can find inspiration and practical guidance.

The Godly Dating 101 Podcast becomes a companion for those on a mission to foster and maintain godly relationships, offering insights that resonate with the hearts of individuals navigating the challenges of dating with a Christian foundation.


Heart of Dating Podcast: Unmasking the Ambiguities of Christian Dating

Hosts: Kait & JJ Tomlin

Are you looking for two coaches to help you figure out the dating world? Kait & JJ Tomlin unmask the ambiguous world of Christian dating.

As dating coaches and founders of the School of Dating, they embark on honest conversations, exploring the challenges and joys of navigating the dating world through the lens of faith.

This podcast serves as a Christian dating service, offering resources, real stories, and insights that empower men and women to own their stories.

Kait & JJ bring a refreshing perspective to tough topics, fostering healthy conversations about relationships.

This is a podcast you can binge-listen because there are many episodes. Launched in 2018, the Heart of Dating Podcast is more than a podcast;

it's a ministry dedicated to helping individuals discover clarity, vision, and purpose in life and relationships, all centered around the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Join the conversation to laugh, gain insights, and redefine what it means to date with intention and purpose in a healthy relationship with Jesus Christ.


Dating Done God's Way with Tolu Falode: Picking the Right Partner for a Godly Marriage

Host: Tolu Falode

Ladies, dive into Dating Done God's Way with Tolu Falode, your friendly Christian Relationship Counselor.

Tolu's podcast offers practical dating advice and expert insights on picking the right partner for a godly marriage.

Navigating the complexities of dating is made easier with Tolu's mix of humor, wisdom, and real talk.

From discussions on Christian dating sites to relationship prescriptions, Tolu provides a single Christian's perspective with resonating personal stories.

It's not just advice; it's a journey through God's plan for love.

Listen to find valuable insights, free trials of wisdom, and the tools you need to navigate the dating world gracefully and purposefully.


Christian Girl in a Godless World: Navigating Pressures in Today's Society

Host: Dominique Dewar

Step into real talk with Christian Girl in a Godless World, hosted by Dominique.

This podcast delves into the challenges and joys of living out your faith in today's society.

From dating dilemmas to navigating the music scene, Dominique and her guests share insights from a biblical perspective.

In a world that often feels godless, this podcast gives many people valuable space to discuss their pressures.

Moreover, it's not just about faith; it addresses mental health, offering a holistic approach to navigating the complexities of being a Christian in a society that sometimes seems disconnected from God.


The Art of Relationships Podcast: Navigating Complexities with Biblical Wisdom

Host: Dr. Chris Grace and Dr. Tim Muehloff

You got to listen to The Art of Relationships Podcast with hosts Dr. Chris Grace and Dr. Tim Muehlhoff as they navigate the complexities of relationships using biblical wisdom and scholarly insights.

This podcast gives young people a new perspective on dating, marriage, and the intricate dynamics of human connections.

Offering biblical advice becomes a practical foundation for addressing marriage problems and aligning spiritual beliefs.

In a world of Christian online dating sites and social media, The Art of Relationships Podcast guides listeners in finding the right person while fostering a thoughtful approach to building and maintaining meaningful connections.


Relationship Prescriptions with Dr. Carol

Host: Dr. Carol Texas, US

You can listen weekly to Relationship Prescriptions with Dr. Carol, hosted by Dr. Carol in Texas, US, for a weekly dose of wisdom.

This podcast is your prescription for healthy romantic relationships, personal connections, and joyful spirituality.

Dr. Carol explores tough topics and fosters healthy conversations, offering insights into Christian relationships and the good things that come from aligning your life with the teachings of Jesus.

I love that there are new episodes regularly; this podcast becomes a valuable resource for individuals, couples, and anyone seeking guidance on building strong connections within their local church and beyond.


Building relationships

Host Dr. Gary Chapman

Welcome to Building Relationships, the transformative 54-minute weekly podcast hosted by the renowned Dr. Gary Chapman and Chris Fabry and Andrea Fabry.

Dive into life-changing insights and realistic advice deeply rooted in the timeless wisdom of the Word of God.

Dr. Gary Chapman, celebrated for his expertise in personal relationships, fearlessly addresses tough topics, fostering healthy conversations that resonate with individuals seeking guidance.

Drawing inspiration from the Book of Genesis, the podcast delves into the marks of a biblical husband, providing a roadmap for building strong, meaningful connections.

Get ready for an enriching journey through the intricacies of personal relationships with Building Relationships.



Host Candice Candelaria and Matt Barrios

Are you dating in the city? Then check out Dateology, the voice for Christian, metropolitan dating.

Hosted by marriage and family therapist Candice Candelaria and pastor/spiritual director Matt Barrios, this podcast, based in the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area, has been delivering honest stories since its establishment in February 2018.

Ideology guides those navigating the complexities of modern dating, offering liberating wisdom for discovery and companionship.

With a unique blend of professional insights and spiritual perspectives, Candice and Matt create a space where listeners can find valuable advice and relatable stories to enhance their dating experiences.


Embarking on the Christian dating journey is a unique adventure, and these podcasts serve as valuable companions.

From insightful discussions on love and respect to practical advice on dating God's way, these podcasts cover various topics that resonate with individuals at every stage of their romantic journey.

So, whether navigating singleness, exploring the world of Christian dating, or seeking wisdom on building a godly marriage, these podcasts inspire, encourage, and bring a touch of faith to your love story. Happy listening!