13 Top Christian Podcasts on Spotify to Grow Your Faith

13 Top Christian Podcasts on Spotify to Grow Your Faith


Listening to Christian podcasts offers a unique blend of learning and entertainment.

You can gain valuable insights into navigating life's challenges, parenting with purpose, and deepening your spiritual understanding.

The shared experiences and advice from podcast hosts can be a source of encouragement and guidance.

One excellent platform to access this wealth of knowledge is Spotify.

Its user-friendly interface and extensive library make it a top choice for podcast enthusiasts.

You can access Christian podcasts tailored to various interests and ages with a few taps.

So, whether you're seeking parenting tips, marriage advice, or a fresh perspective on your faith, Christian podcasts on Spotify are a fantastic resource.

It's not just about personal growth; it's about creating a positive ripple effect that resonates within your family, fostering an environment of shared values and continuous learning.

So, plug in those earphones, hit play, and let the transformative journey begin.


The Village Church – Sermons

Host: Pastor Matt Chandler

This weekly podcast invites you to dive deep into the heart of the Christian faith, providing sermons that resonate with everyday life.

From insightful Bible studies to practical advice on mental health, each episode tackles current events and various aspects of Christian living.

It's more than just a weekly sermon; it's a companion for your spiritual journey.

For Christian women seeking a connection to their faith amid busy lives, this podcast delivers new episodes that blend timeless biblical wisdom with a relevant perspective on today's challenges.

You will find inspiration and guidance, making 'The Village Church – Sermons' a must-listen on your weekly podcast playlist.


Copper stuff

Host: John Cooper

Thought-provoking commentary and genuine insights with 'Cooper Stuff Podcast,' hosted by John Cooper, the lead singer of Skillet.

This podcast is more than just a favorite; it's a weekly journey into the heart of cultural analysis from a traditional Biblical perspective.

Cooper Stuff aims to unravel these complexities if you've ever felt overwhelmed by the noise of modern culture and questioned its influence on your worldview.

John combines wisdom, humor, and simplicity, boiling intricate issues into digestible conversations.

It's like having a Bible study on the go, providing a trustworthy voice in a world filled with screaming influences.

Perfect for young adults navigating the complexities of life, Cooper Stuff offers a refreshing perspective rooted in God's word.

It is my weekly podcast I never miss and a companion for those seeking good news and the right place to ground their thoughts.

And for those hungry for more, check out John Cooper's books, extending the conversation beyond the podcast into your reading list.


Alisa Childers Podcast:

Host: Alisa Childers

Alisa Childers equips Christians with the tools to navigate the complex landscape of beliefs.

This podcast is a favorite among those seeking a deeper understanding of Christianity from a thoughtful and discerning perspective.

Alisa delves into the core beliefs of historic Christianity, providing clarity and wisdom that resonates with the holy spirit of truth.

In a world filled with diverse perspectives, 'The Alisa Childers Podcast' helps listeners discern the authenticity of Christian teachings and face the challenges of Progressive Christianity and skeptical claims against the gospel.

It's not just another podcast; it's a reliable guide for those who proclaim the gospel with clarity, kindness, and, most importantly, truth.

If you're looking for top Christian podcasts that offer a biblical worldview, this one is a must-listen, promising to enrich your understanding and strengthen your faith journey.


Behold Israel

Host: Amir Tsarfati

As a native Israeli and a Messianic Jew, Amir brings a unique perspective to the podcast landscape.

This podcast is committed to delivering accurate reporting and developments from Israel and the surrounding region.

Amir's teachings on the Bible add an extra layer of richness.

With a deep understanding of the original Hebrew, he unveils the profound meaning behind Old Testament teachings, providing listeners with a more nuanced and authentic grasp of biblical truths.

For me, "Behold Israel" is a non-negotiable listen—the podcast I never miss. Whether you're drawn to current events in the Holy Land or eager to unravel the intricacies of the Old Testament, Amir's podcast is a captivating journey.

It's more than a source of information; it's a doorway into the heart and soul of Israel, guided by someone with a genuine connection to the land and a passion for sharing its stories.

Let Amir Tsarfati be your trusted guide through the tapestry of Israel's past, present, and future.


Revived Devos

Host: Troy Frasier

This podcast is full of the wisdom of history's greatest theologians with 'Revived Devos,' hosted by Troy Frasier.

This podcast, one of my all-time favorites, is a daily dose of inspiration that brings devotionals from renowned theologians to life.

Troy's commitment to delivering fresh, insightful content daily ensures you start your morning on a spiritually enriching note.

As a listener, you get to sit back and absorb the teachings of these historical giants, gaining a Christian perspective that transcends time.

'Revived Devos' is more than just a podcast; it's a portal into the profound thoughts and insights of those who have shaped the Christian faith throughout history.

This one deserves a top spot if you search for podcasts seamlessly blending faith, history, and daily inspiration.

Could you connect each morning with the teachings that have stood the test of time?


The church History Podcast

Host: Lorelee Siemens

Unravels the rich tapestry of God's work from the time of Jesus Christ to the present day.

This podcast is not just a historical account; it's a compelling narrative of men and women fueled by the Holy Spirit who dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ.

Each episode unfolds the stories of these remarkable individuals, offering a glimpse into the challenges, triumphs, and unwavering faith that shaped the Church.

From the earliest days of Christianity to the contemporary landscape, 'The Church History Podcast' captures the essence of those who played pivotal roles in building God's Church.

Lorelee Siemens skillfully weaves tales of devotion, resilience, and spiritual fervor, making history come alive.

It's more than a podcast; it's an immersive experience connecting us to our faith's roots.

Tune in to rediscover the profound impact of these men and women who, through the ages, contributed to the enduring legacy of the Church.


The Cold-Case Christianity Podcast

Host: J. Warner Wallace

In this thought-provoking podcast, Wallace, a seasoned cold-case detective, applies his investigative skills to examine the claims of Christianity.

As you navigate the pressures of life, Wallace guides you through the evidence, making complex theological concepts accessible and engaging.

Unlike your average blog post or podcast, Wallace delves deep into the "cold cases" of Christianity, exploring topics like the historical Jesus, the Gospels' reliability, and the rationality of belief.

It's not just about favorite things or everyday pressures; it's a journey into the robust evidence supporting the Christian faith.

Whether you're intrigued by apologetics or grappling with questions about Christianity, this podcast offers a unique perspective.

The Cold-Case Christianity Podcast is more than just a podcast; it's a forensic examination of faith, providing intellectual and spiritual sustenance for those seeking answers in a world filled with pressing questions.

Join J. Warner Wallace on this investigative adventure, where the pressures of life meet the profound truths of Christianity.


Let’s Read the Gospels

Host: Annie F. Downs

This podcast invites you to explore the life experiences of Jesus through a fresh perspective, weaving together faith, culture, and the timeless truths found in the Gospels.

Annie F. Downs, known for her engaging style and insightful commentary, brings a unique blend of humor and wisdom.

As you navigate the pages of the Gospels, she unpacks the cultural issues of the time, providing context that enhances your understanding of these sacred texts.

This isn't your typical podcast; it's a conversation that transcends the ordinary, inviting you to connect with the Gospels meaningfully.

Annie F. Downs, much like your favorite artists, creates an immersive experience that feels like a lively discussion among friends.

Whether you're a seasoned Bible reader or approaching the Gospels for the first time.


The Gospel Coalition Podcast

Host: Various

Featuring various hosts, this podcast is a treasure trove for anyone seeking discussions on theology and Christian living from a reformed perspective.

It has become one of my favorite Christian podcasts for its rich content and diverse perspectives.

Whether you're looking for a Bible recap, exploring a new podcast, or seeking to deepen your understanding of faith, 'The Gospel Coalition Podcast' delivers.

With contributors from The Gospel Coalition, each episode is a journey into the heart of Christian thought and practice.

It's like a yearly podcast gift that keeps on giving, offering fresh insights and thoughtful discussions on the timeless truths of the Bible.

If you're searching for a podcast that combines theological richness with practical wisdom, make 'The Gospel Coalition Podcast' your go-to.

It's a must-listen for those who appreciate favorite podcasts consistently providing depth and substance to their Christian journey.


Elevation with Steven Furtick

Host: Steven Furtick

As one of the best Christian podcasts, it's a refreshing addition to my yearly podcast lineup.

Steven Furtick brings a unique perspective that resonates with listeners' daily lives, offering messages rooted in the Word of God.

This is more than just a podcast; it's a great way to infuse your daily routine with a Christian worldview.

Steven Furtick's insights and teachings are a beacon for those seeking to navigate life's challenges with faith and resilience.

For church leaders and anyone looking to expand their list of the best Christian podcasts, 'Elevation with Steven Furtick' is a must-listen.

Elevate your spiritual journey with this podcast that blends the profound and the practical.

It's not just a podcast; it's a guide for integrating the word of God into your everyday life, making each episode a transformative experience.


She Reads Truth Podcast

Host: Raechel and Amanda

The podcast unfolds like a heartfelt conversation with friends, making it a favorite among Christian moms and anyone seeking a comforting companion amid life's challenges.

With daily episodes, She Reads Truth offers a consistent source of inspiration and encouragement.

Whether you're unwinding after a long day or looking for a moment of reflection, this podcast has become one of the best things in your routine.

Raechel and Amanda bring a unique blend of authenticity and wisdom to each episode, making She Reads Truth more than just a podcast—it's a community.

Tune in to join the conversation, explore apologetics, and discover the best things life has to offer through faith and fellowship.


The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast

Host: Carey Nieuwhof

Carey's interviews go beyond the ordinary, diving into the experiences and expertise of everyday people who have significantly impacted their fields.

Whether you're a Christian author, a follower of Jesus, or simply looking for practical insights on leadership, this podcast is a great resource.

Carey's approach is not just about leadership in organizational settings; it's about loving others well, making a positive impact, and navigating the complexities of leadership in a rapidly changing world.

Tune in for a refreshing perspective that transcends the typical leadership discourse, providing actionable advice and inspiration for seasoned leaders and those aspiring to lead purposefully.

Accessible through your favorite podcast app, 'The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast' is your go-to destination for valuable leadership insights from diverse voices shaping today's culture.


The Liturgists Podcast

Host: Michael Gungor and Mike McHargue

The hosts delve into deep conversations that challenge conventional perspectives, creating a space where contemplation becomes a powerful tool for understanding the world around us.

Accessible on platforms like Google Podcasts, this podcast opens the door to a rich tapestry of ideas and insights.

Each episode is an invitation to explore the profound connections between faith and the diverse expressions of human creativity.

As you navigate the realms of science, art, and spirituality, The Liturgists Podcast offers a refreshing perspective, making it an essential addition to your playlist of great podcasts.


The Bible in a Year

Host: Mike Schmitz

What sets this year's podcast apart is its structured reading plan inspired by The Great Adventure Bible Timeline, developed by Catholic Bible scholar Jeff Cavins.

As you listen to the latest episodes, you'll find the duo of Mike Schmitz and Jeff Cavins providing insights that enhance your understanding of salvation history.

This isn't just another podcast; it's a journey through the pages of the Bible, accompanied by thoughtful commentary.

Whether you're a devout follower or a newcomer to faith-based podcasts, The Bible in a Year is a compelling resource.

Tune in for a podcast that brings big things—spiritual growth, understanding, and a deeper connection to the scriptures—right to your ears.

Happy hour with the Bible awaits!


Embarking on the journey of listening to Christian podcasts isn't just a personal endeavor—it's a way to enrich your entire family.

By listening, you open the door to a treasure trove of wisdom and insights that can positively impact your life and, by extension, your family's.

These podcasts cover various topics, from faith and family to personal growth and practical living. I hope you enjoyed this list of Spotify podcasts I recommend.