The 13 Best Christian Podcast for Black Women and Men of Faith

The 13 Best Christian Podcast for Black Women and Men of Faith


Here is a great list of the top Christian podcasts tailored for Black Christians.

Let these podcasts redefine your listening experience, providing enriching conversations, empowering insights, and a unique perspective on faith, culture, and life.

Welcome to the world of top Christian podcasts for Black Christians—where every episode celebrates strength, resilience, and sisterhood.


Truth's Table

Host: Michelle Higgins, Christina Edmondson, and Ekemini Uwan,

Truth's Table, a fantastic weekly podcast, is like pulling up a chair to a conversation that delves deep into the intersections of race, faith, and gender.

Hosted by the dynamic trio—Michelle Higgins, Christina Edmondson, and Ekemini Uwan—the discussions are not just conversations but empowering journeys into the heart of the matter.

This podcast brilliantly navigates current events, Christian faith, and pop culture, creating a vibrant space at 'Truth’s Table.' It's where insightful dialogues unfold, challenging norms and providing a unique perspective on the issues that matter.

In this lively setting, they're not just discussing; they're sharing, learning, and, most importantly, embracing the truth together.

So, grab a virtual seat and join the conversation—it’s the kind that leaves you enlightened, encouraged, and eager for more.


Pass the Mic

Host: Jemar Tisby and Tyler Burns

Pass the Mic, the go-to weekly podcast from the Reformed African American Network (RAAN), is like a lively chat with your insightful friends Jemar Tisby and Tyler Burns.

Dive into rich discussions where theology, culture, and the African-American church experience take center stage.

It's not just a podcast; it's a dynamic exploration of current events, Christian faith, and the intersection of it all.

From deep theological dives to unpacking the pulse of pop culture, "Pass the Mic" creates a space where voices are heard, stories are shared, and perspectives are broadened.

So, if you're looking for a podcast that is more like catching up with friends than just listening, join Jemar and Tyler as they pass the mic, inviting everyone to the table of engaging, thought-provoking conversations.


Black History Bootcamp

Host: Variety

Step into a daily dose of inspiration with "Black History Bootcamp," the brainchild of GirlTrek.

It's not your average podcast—it's a lively blend of faith and wellness. Hosted by various voices, it celebrates Black history while championing physical and spiritual health.

This isn't just about Black women; it's a space where stories come alive, and every episode is a vibrant celebration.

It's like a wellness journey infused with the spirit of Black history.

So, if you're into Christian podcasts that redefine your best listening experience, especially navigating single life as a Black Christian, this one's a gem.

It's more than a podcast; it's your daily dose of empowerment, harmonizing history, faith, and health.


A Greater Story with Sam Collier

Host: Sam Collier

A Greater Story with Sam Collier is not just a podcast; it's an engaging journey through the lives of influential voices in the Black Christian community.

Hosted by the dynamic Sam Collier, this podcast goes beyond the surface, delving into personal stories, faith, and the impactful contributions of these voices to culture.

For a best listening experience update, especially for the single Black Christian navigating real issues, this podcast is a gem.

It's like having a heart-to-heart conversation with Sam and his guests, where stories intertwine, faith deepens, and the Black Christian collective finds a powerful, resonant voice.

So, if you're looking for a podcast that goes beyond the ordinary, inviting you to explore greater stories, this one's a must-listen.


Evolve with E

Host: Eboni Polite

Evolve with E, the brainchild of the incredible Eboni Polite isn't just a podcast—it's a journey of personal development and spiritual growth.

With new episodes constantly adding value, this podcast is a beacon for Black Christian women seeking empowerment.

Eboni's inviting tone creates a space where conversations are more than words; they catalyze positive change.

It's not just about a new podcast; it's about exploring the intersections of personal growth, spirituality, and the richness of Black culture.

If you're looking for a podcast that feels like a reassuring conversation, guiding you through the complexities of life, "Evolve with E" is your go-to.

It's where Black Christian women find inspiration and practical insights, making every episode a delightful journey toward evolution.


Our Point of View

Host: Lionel Mosby Jr

Welcome to "Our Point of View," the podcast that offers a unique perspective on various topics from a Black, Christian, Male worldview.

Hosted by Adrian, Justin, and Lionel Mosby Jr., this podcast is like stepping into the conversations that resonate within Black communities.

It's not just about African Americans; it's a dynamic exploration of the experiences and insights that shape the Black church and beyond.

The hosts bring a refreshing blend of authenticity and humor in each episode, making it a favorite among those seeking genuine discussions.

Whether you're familiar with Black Christian perspectives or exploring them for the first time, "Our Point of View" offers an enriching experience beyond the surface.

Tune in and join the hosts in navigating the intersections of faith, identity, and culture in the vibrant tapestry of Black communities.



Host: Jemar Tisby

Dive into the dynamic world of current events with "Footnotes," your go-to guide for navigating the week's news through the lens of black communities, justice, and politics.

Hosted by Jemar Tisby, this podcast is like your Sunday morning companion, offering a curated exploration of the latest happenings.

News can be overwhelming, but Footnotes provides the details you need to be an informed citizen, activist, and believer.

In a fast-paced world where it's challenging to discern trustworthy voices, Jemar brings clarity to the chaos.

As a person of color and a black Christian, his commentary adds a unique perspective to complex issues.

Whether you're catching up on the week's events or seeking insights to guide your activism, Footnotes delivers the news with a thoughtful touch.

It's not just a podcast; it's your weekly briefing, your Sunday morning conversation partner, and your key to staying informed in a world that's always on the move.

Tune in for a fresh take on current events, where Footnotes adds the details that matter.


Theology Q&A

Host: Pastor Earon James

Welcome to Theology Q&A, where Pastor Earon James is your guide through faith, personal development, and community, specifically for Black men.

In recent years, the need for the right place to address the unique challenges faced by Black men has become increasingly apparent.

Pastor Earon James dives deep into the questions, dilemmas, and joys that arise in the lives of Black men, always grounding the discussions in the transformative teachings of Jesus Christ.

This podcast isn't just a Q&A session; it's a safe space where Black men can explore, question, and grow together in faith.

If you've been seeking the right place to engage in meaningful conversations about life, faith, and being a Black man, Theology Q&A is where you want to be.


Black Girl Theology

Host: Ashtyn Washington

Welcome to Black Girl Theology, the podcast that's not just about faith; it's a celebration of the incredible spiritual journeys of Black women.

Hosted by the wonderful Ashtyn Washington, this podcast dives into the depths of faith, self-discovery, and empowerment.

It's a space where the voices of Black women, young and seasoned, resonate with the wisdom of womanist theologians.

Here, the rich tapestry of experiences, rooted in a Christian worldview, comes alive.

If you're a Black woman or someone eager to understand the diverse perspectives of women of color, Black Girl Theology is the place to be.

It's not just a podcast; it's a vibrant community where faith intersects with the everyday lives of extraordinary women, making every episode a celebration of strength, resilience, and sisterhood.


Black Wealth Under God

Host: Joe Breeze

Dive into the world of financial wisdom with "Black Wealth Under God," your go-to podcast hosted by Joe Breeze.

It's more than just a podcast; it's your guide to financial literacy tailored for the Black Christian Community.

Joe Breeze seamlessly combines valuable insights with a casual tone, making each episode a delightful journey into money matters.

As one of the favorite podcasts among the community, it goes beyond conventional financial advice.

With a sprinkle of social justice and humor, "Black Wealth Under God" transforms financial literacy into an engaging conversation.

So, whether you're scrolling through social media or exploring new podcasts, make this your top pick—financial wisdom meets the essence of community empowerment.

Tune in, and let Joe Breeze guide you to financial well-being under the banner of Black Wealth Under God.


Sensual Faith Beats with Lyvonne Briggs

Host: Lyvonne Briggs

Get ready to vibe with 'Sensual Faith Beats' hosted by the amazing Lyvonne Briggs.

This podcast isn't just about faith; it's a groove through the beats of life, relationships, and spirituality, all from a Black Christian perspective.

Lyvonne brings a fresh energy to the podcast scene, especially resonating with young women looking for insights rooted in a calling to God.

Drawing from her experiences and sharing stories, each episode feels like a soulful conversation.

As seen in Essence Magazine, 'Sensual Faith Beats' captures the essence of different generations, blending the wisdom of the past with the rhythm of the present.

It's not just a podcast; it's a space where faith gets a melody, relationships find their rhythm, and life becomes a harmonious journey.

Tune in and let Lyvonne Briggs guide you through the beats of Sensual Faith.


Limitless Faith

Step into the world of Limitless Faith, where the latest and hottest topics are explored through a black Kingdom millennial's natural and spiritual eyes.

It's like conversing with your best friend—one filled with wisdom, wonder, and the Word.

Each episode is a journey through life experiences, offering a unique faith perspective that resonates with the dynamics of today's world.

Tune in for the latest episodes and let the controversy unfold as conversations flow seamlessly.

Limitless Faith is your go-to podcast for insights, inspiration, or a genuine connection.

With a new show every week, don't miss out on the opportunity to navigate life's complexities with a fresh and empowering perspective.

Welcome to Limitless Faith—where conversations are limitless, and faith takes center stage.


All the Things with Melissa Danielle

Host: Melissa Danielle

Welcome to 'All the Things with Melissa Danielle,' where life gets a refreshing perspective from an incredible host.

Melissa Danielle isn't just about podcasts; it's a journey through various topics, blending faith, mental health, and personal growth with a genuine touch.

It's like diving into a meaningful conversation with a friend who shares life experiences, all seen through a Christian perspective.

This isn't your regular Bible podcast; it's a guide for living a purposeful life with insights that resonate deeply.

Melissa Danielle unravels the threads of calling God into the tapestry of everyday existence.

If you're looking for a podcast that blends wisdom and warmth, where mental health meets faith, 'All the Things' is the perfect place.

It's not just a podcast but a companion to purposefully living.


This list presents a diverse array of the top Christian podcasts tailored for Black Christians, inviting you to redefine your listening experience.

These podcasts offer enriching conversations and empowering insights that provide a distinctive perspective on faith, culture, and life as you tune in and welcome to a world where every episode celebrates strength, resilience, and sisterhood.

Embrace the narratives, engage in the discussions, and let these podcasts be your companions on a journey of faith and understanding.

With each episode, discover a vibrant tapestry of voices that collectively contribute to a rich and empowering listening experience, uniting the Black Christian community in shared stories and strength.