13 Best Christian Podcasts with a Focus on Marriage

13 Best Christian Podcasts with a Focus on Marriage


Navigating the journey of a Christian marriage can be challenging.

It is filled with unique trials and triumphs. I've discovered that seeking guidance from Christian podcasts has been a transformative experience for my marriage.

These podcasts provide a valuable source of wisdom, offering insights rooted in faith that resonate with the complexities of married life.

The candid discussions, practical advice, and biblical perspectives shared by experienced hosts have become a guiding light, helping me understand the dynamics of a Christian marriage more deeply.

The shared experiences and down-to-earth insights have made me feel less alone in the challenges and have provided actionable steps to strengthen my relationship.


In the vast landscape of advice available, Christian podcasts stand out for their ability to address modern marriage issues with timeless biblical principles.

They have become a consistent source of encouragement, reminding me that I am part of a broader community navigating similar challenges.

Suppose you're facing the ups and downs of a Christian marriage.

In that case, tuning into these podcasts might just be the guidance you need—offering hope, understanding, and practical solutions for a marriage that aligns with God's design.


Focus on the Family Marriage Podcast

Host: Jim Daly

Dive into Christian marriages with the Focus on the Family Marriage Podcast.

Tailored for Christian couples seeking biblical wisdom and practical advice, this podcast brings a refreshing perspective to the dynamics of married life.

As you listen, gain valuable insights on communication, intimacy, and parenting through a Christian lens.

Whether you're a newlywed or a seasoned married couple, this podcast offers a treasure trove of advice that goes beyond the ordinary.

This is a podcast that I grew up listening to as a Radio Show, and is a podcast I have listened to every week for many years.

With a Christian perspective guiding each episode, the Focus on the Family Marriage Podcast becomes a reliable companion, navigating the intricacies of married life with wisdom, humor, and the shared experiences of couples who've walked the journey.

Listening for practical wisdom and inspiration for your Christian marriage journey would be best.


The Naked Marriage Podcast

Host: Dave and Ashley Willis

This Christian podcast delves into the real issues couples encounter, fostering transparent conversations about intimacy, communication, and personal growth.

I find the name humorous myself. It is a fun reminder to keep the fun in our marriage.

Rooted in God's design for relationships, each episode is like a candid discussion in your favorite small group, where love languages are explored and the secrets to a healthy marriage are unveiled.

Whether you're navigating the early days of marriage or seeking to enrich your longstanding partnership, this podcast offers a genuine and relatable perspective.

Tune in for a dose of wisdom, laughter, and insights that bring God's design for love and connection to the forefront of your relationship.


Real Christianity

Hosts: Dale and Veronica Partridge

Dale and Veronica Partridge delve into the nitty-gritty realities of Christian living, focusing on the intricacies of marriage.

With a down-to-earth approach, Dale and Veronica explore the teachings of Jesus Christ and how they apply to the everyday challenges that couples face.

Navigating the journey of Christian living can be complex, especially within the context of marriage, and that's where Real Christianity steps in.

The hosts draw inspiration from Jesus' teachings to provide practical wisdom and insights for couples seeking to build a Christ-centered life together.

This is a good podcast, not only to help your marriage but also to help your spiritual growth.

A strong marriage needs two people who have a good relationship with Jesus.

Whether unraveling the profound truths found in Jesus' teachings or discussing how these principles can be applied to the dynamics of marriage, Dale and Veronica bring a relatable and authentic perspective.

Through their engaging conversations, they offer guidance on how couples can strengthen their relationship, navigate challenges, and cultivate a marriage grounded in the transformative teachings of Jesus Christ.


One Extraordinary Marriage Show

Host: Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo

Join the dynamic journey of Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo on the One Extraordinary Marriage Show as they share the wealth of experiences and practical advice they have accumulated over years of marriage.

This Christian podcast isn't just about their marriage; it's a guide for couples seeking to transform their relationships into extraordinary ones.

Delving into topics like intimacy, communication, and overcoming challenges, the DiLorenzos bring a relatable touch to their discussions.

With a lot of time spent navigating the complexities of marriage, they offer insights that resonate with those striving to build great marriages of their own.

Tune in for a blend of wisdom, humor, and authentic stories that make the journey toward an extraordinary marriage both enriching and enjoyable.


Marriage After God

Host: Aaron and Jennifer Smith

Embark on a transformative journey with Aaron and Jennifer Smith, the Marriage After God podcast hosts, as they explore the biblical principles of marriage.

With the warmth of best friends, this Christian podcast offers valuable marriage insights that resonate with couples seeking to align their union with God's purpose.

Aaron and Jennifer guide listeners on how to live a marriage after God's heart, encouraging a pursuit of spiritual depth and connection within the marital bond.

In our marriage, we have found that our marriage was the strongest when we were walking close to God.

This is the best thing you can do for your marriage.

As the hosts of this podcast, they create a welcoming space where couples can find inspiration, practical advice, and a shared belief in the beauty of a marriage grounded in faith and love.


Awesome Marriage Podcast

Host: Dr. Kim Kimberling

Welcome to the Awesome Marriage Podcast, where Dr. Kim Kimberling, a marriage expert, takes you on a journey toward stronger marriages.

In this podcast, Dr. Kimberling addresses common challenges couples face with biblical wisdom and practical advice.

Drawing on his expertise, he provides insights that can transform your relationship and contribute to the success of your marriage.

If you're a fan of the Fierce Marriage Podcast and are seeking valuable insights for building and maintaining successful marriages, this podcast is a must-listen.

Tune in to discover the keys to fostering a thriving, resilient marriage that stands the test of time.

Join Dr. Kim Kimberling on this empowering podcast and embark on a path toward an awesome marriage.


Sexy Marriage Radio

Host: Dr. Corey Allan and Shannon Ethridge

Join Dr. Corey Allan and Shannon Ethridge on Sexy Marriage Radio, a podcast that candidly explores the often-taboo topic of marital intimacy with light-hearted hilarity.

These Christian parents and relationship experts provide honest conversations on enhancing the sexual aspect of marriage, combining spiritual growth with practical insights.

Their discussions go beyond the conventional, offering advice that resonates with couples seeking a deeper connection in their relationship.

Whether you're a new couple or have years of marital experience, Sexy Marriage Radio brings a refreshing perspective, addressing intimacy to foster understanding, communication, and a sense of shared adventure.

So, tune in and let this dynamic duo guide you through the complexities of navigating marital intimacy with wisdom and humor.


The Fierce Marriage Podcast

Hosts: Ryan and Selena Frederick

Ryan and Selena Frederick bring a refreshing blend of down-to-earth insights and godly wisdom to the forefront of your relationship journey.

This dynamic couple dives into various topics, unraveling the intricacies of building a Christ-centered marriage.

It's not just a podcast; it's like conversing with your favorite couple, offering guidance on being a godly wife or navigating the complexities that make a relationship work.

Ryan and Selena's authenticity creates a relatable atmosphere, making this podcast a great companion for anyone seeking a solid foundation for their marriage.

Tune in to explore the biblical perspective on marriage, gaining valuable insights that go beyond the surface.

With a wealth of wisdom and a genuine passion for helping couples thrive, The Fierce Marriage Podcast is not just a great podcast—it's an essential guide for building a strong and lasting relationship.


The Intentional Family Podcast

Host: Doug and Selena Stewart

Hosts Doug and Selena Stewart invite you into insightful discussions on intentional living within the family context.

This podcast is a treasure trove of advice for couples aiming to create a purposeful and thriving marriage.

Doug and Selena bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, making each episode feel like a conversation with friends.

Whether they're exploring love languages, delving into the dynamics of small groups, or sharing their own experiences, The Intentional Family Podcast is a valuable resource for couples looking to navigate the intricacies of married life with intention.

Tune in for many times filled with practical wisdom and heartfelt conversations, enriching your journey towards a purposeful marriage.


The Marriage Podcast for Smart People

Host: Caleb and Verlynda Simonyi-Gindele

This podcast provides the research, truth, and answers you want to strengthen your marriage.

If you're dissatisfied with your current relationship or fear ending up alone while married, this podcast is designed for you.

Caleb, with his Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy, delivers solid, research-based marriage advice each week.

Verlynda keeps things grounded, ensuring practicality in every episode.

Dive into this podcast to discover how countless listeners have transformed their marriages, creating a love that lasts a lifetime.


Marriage Today

Host: Jimmy and Karen Evans

Hosts Jimmy and Karen Evans offer a warm and insightful space to explore the rich tapestry of biblical principles woven into the fabric of successful marriages.

Whether you're seeking wisdom for communication, conflict resolution, or deepening spiritual intimacy, this podcast has you covered.

It's like sitting down with your favorite couple for a comforting cup of coffee and a conversation filled with enough grace to embrace every season of life.

As part of this community, you'll find practical advice and timeless truths that resonate regardless of where you find yourself in your journey.

Jimmy and Karen bring a blend of experience, humor, and authenticity, making each episode a source of guidance and a companion on your marriage adventure.

So, tune in, sip your coffee, and let Marriage Today be your go-to resource for navigating the beautiful complexities of married life.


Husband in Training

Host: by David McVety

Welcome to Husband in Training, the podcast hosted by David McVety, a go-to resource for husbands navigating the complexities of modern marriage.

David brings a fresh and practical approach to Christian marriage podcasts, addressing contemporary issues and providing valuable insights for personal growth within the sacred institution of marriage.

Whether you're seeking advice on marriage counseling or seeking guidance on navigating the challenges unique to modern marriages, Husband in Training has you covered.

David's down-to-earth style and relatable content make this podcast a great companion for husbands on their journey toward becoming better partners.

Tune in for a blend of wisdom, humor, and genuine discussions that aim to foster personal development and strengthen the bonds of marriage.


The XO Podcast

Host: Brent Evans

Brent Evans is a great source for anyone navigating modern marriage issues, focusing on building a sacred and fulfilling partnership.

In each episode, Brent engages with marriage experts and couples to delve into diverse topics, ranging from communication skills to maintaining a healthy sex life.

This podcast stands out in Christian marriage podcasts by offering valuable insights, drawing from licensed marriage experts, and informed discussions.

Whether you're seeking advice on sacred marriage principles or looking for recommendations on marriage books, the XO Marriage Podcast provides a blend of wisdom and practical tips to enrich your marital journey.


Christian marriage comes with its unique joys and challenges. In moments of uncertainty or growth, finding support is crucial.

Christian marriage podcasts provide comfort and offer insights, advice, and shared experiences that resonate with the complexities of faith-centered unions.

These podcasts become companions, guiding couples through the ebbs and flows of their relationship with a blend of biblical wisdom and practical tips.

Whether navigating communication hurdles or deepening spiritual intimacy, the reassurance and guidance from these podcasts create a sense of community and understanding, reinforcing the foundation of a resilient and God-centered marriage.