13 Favorite Christian Comedies That Will Bring Your Family Joy

13 Favorite Christian Comedies That Will Bring Your Family Joy

The Christian faith is a serious thing. The king of the universe died to save us from eternal punishment. But that does mean we can’t have fun and laugh.

Most Christian cinema is serious and has a message of faith and hope. But Christian comedies give the gospel message in a creative way.

My favorite thing to do with my family is to laugh. Laughing with your family is one of the best ways to bond together.

Here are 13 Christian comedy movies that I know you will love.


Mom’s Night Out

I was excited to see this movie when it was in theaters. I went to see it with a bunch of my friends from church. The movie is the story of Allyson, a stay-at-home mom who is raising her three children.

Her husband is very busy with work, and she feels lost in the shuffle. I find the purpose for herself she starts a mommy blog and then decides that she needs a night out with friends.

But everything goes wrong. My friends and I all loved this movie. It was funny and relatable, and we all felt inspired to be the best mothers we could be.

We needed to make sure we don’t lose ourselves in the day-to-day of motherhood.


Family Camp

I have always been a fan of the skit guys, and Family Camp is a faith-based comedy starring the skit guys Tommy Woodard and Eddie James.

This is their first feature film and I hope there are many more to come. If you want to get your children excited about church camp, watching this movie as a family will do that.

This movie will remind us of the importance of family time and why God uses family as a picture of his love for us.

He is our father, the church is his bride, and we are brothers and sisters in Christ. We are family. Enjoy this movie together.



I have always loved a good family road trip. This movie is a romantic comedy about a guy named Fatty Melvin a man who works as a janitor in a small town who wants to be a motivational speaker.

Fatty decides he has to face his fears and finds happiness in the present instead of always looking for the future.

If you are looking for a movie to watch for your next family road trip this would be a great idea.


Access Control

Faith-based movies are shown every year at the international Christian film festival, and in 2023 Access Control was nominated for most inspirational film. This is the story of an ex-cop and a newlywed.

They team up as hospital security guards to solve a local pill thief case. We learn in this movie to value our relationships and put differences aside.

With God’s help, we can restore our broken lives.


Small Group

I heard about this movie a long time ago and was excited to see it. We were attending a small group at them time and saw firsthand the power of prayer.

But we also have the power of laughter. And this movie does just that. If you are looking for a good movie to watch with your small group, this is a great option for you.

The story is of a documentary filmmaker named Scott Cooper who moves to Georgia to document the dwindling influence of Christianity.

His producer, Ballard, exposes him to the church, forcing Scott and his wife to infiltrate a small group.

As their relationship grows, Ballard's intentions become clear, putting Scott and Mary in an awkward position.



I am always looking for a good movie to watch with my teenagers. I like to find one that we can laugh together, and it also has a good lesson.

Switched is a movie for the whole family about an unlikely friendship that is formed when Cassandra Evans and Katie Sharp switch bodies. This is a movie for the whole family.

Cassandra Evans' unpopular prayer for her nemesis, Katie Sharp, is answered when they get "Switched" and forced to walk a day in her shoes.

The girls learn to have forgiveness showing grace and compassion.


Selfie Dad

I am always teaching my children about social media so finding a good movie with family-friendly content that talks about the issues around social media is something I am always looking for.

Christian films are hard to find, and comedy can be even harder. Being a parent is no joke! Relationships are hard, but parenting relationships can be the hardest.

In this humorous family movie, a father overcomes a mid-life crisis and rekindles his relationship with his children while holding his Bible and phone in each hand.

Chonda Pierce and Michael Jr are two of my favorite Christian comedies and I love that they are in this film together.


The Committee

I grew up in a pastor’s home and also worked on staff at a church for a few years. So, I saw firsthand everything that went on behind the scenes.

I can say it is not always a happy-go-lucky time. Working at a church can be a hard time, and it takes a leap of faith to trust the Holy Spirit to work. Making a comedy about the behind-the-scenes at a church is a genius idea.

This is a movie about Chuck a visionary who wants to help a church rebuild. But his ideas are a little out of the box and might now work out the way he planned.

The Big Fix I watched the movie Freaky Friday as a kid, and I loved it. This is a Christian version of the Freaky Friday movie. The Big Fix is a story of a family on the verge of breaking down.

But then they suddenly find themselves locked within one another's bodies. The parents are struggling with their marriage and when they're not fighting with each other, a distant father and an intrusive mother are at odds with their teenagers.

They look for help to fix the other person but when they are stuck in the body of the other members of the family they suddenly understand.

While the parents are sent back to the wilderness of high school, the kids are now in charge of operating their parent's restaurant. In this touching comedy, they must all learn how to work together and love one another if they want to survive.

This is a movie to watch with your whole family, or with your youth group.


Thou Shalt Laugh

Everybody Loves Raymond was one of the shows I always watched. I have been binge-watching it lately when I am doing work around the house and need something in the background.

Patricia Heaton is so funny, and when I learned she was a Christian it didn’t surprise me. I follow her on social media and she is very inspiring to me.

Thou Shalt Laugh is hosted by Patricia Heaton and features seven of the best Christian comedians.

Thor Ramsey, Michael Jr., Jeff Allen, Teresa Roberts Logan, Joby Saad, Gilbert Esquivel, and Taylor Mason are among the lineup's top comics, and their electrifying performances are appealing to audiences of any age, racial background, or gender.

Nothing is off bounds, including your wife's disposition, your husband's "eccentricities," the neighbors who don't like us, and those pesky kids!

Your requests for hilarious have been granted if you're looking for it! This is a laugh-out-loud comedy for the Christian family.


Chonda Pierce Presents: Stand Up for Families - Family Is Forever and Ever, Amen

When I was in high school people called me church girl. I wish I would have had options such as this movie for entertainment that would have given me a way to see the laughter and comedy that could help me get through high school.

This movie has a bunch of short films featuring guest comedians like Michael Jr., Kay Dodd, Joby Saad, Michael Junior, and Rik Roberts


Brad Stine: God's Comic

I love a good comedy with Christian themes. Brad Stine is a great Christian stand-up who has hilarious discussions on a variety of Bible-related topics, including why animals aren't our children, why napping is preparation for dying, and the monkeys that aren't our cousins.


Michael Jr.: Laughing on Purpose

Comedy is the perfect cure for just about anything. This is scientific. When we laugh, we decrease stress hormones and increase immune cells, Laughter releases endorphins the body’s natural happy chemicals.

I first discovered Michael Jr on Tick Tock and since then I have loved his comedy.

This is his debut solo comedy special, and his family-oriented, laid-back manner is pure hilarious genius.