6 Christian Movies About Singers That Will Remind You of The Importance of Humility Grace and Family

6 Christian Movies About Singers That Will Remind You of The Importance of Humility Grace and Family

I love music. I enjoy listening to music and I want to watch movies with music and about music. These are popular movies for pre-teens as well. If you have pre-teens in your family, you know what I mean.

But do you want your children to watch the many Disney musicals such as summer camp, one more time, or do you want a Christian musical that will remind your children of the importance of family, and showing humility and grace?

Here are some family-friendly movies about singers that you will enjoy watching with your family. You will see your favorite Christian musician sing. You're going to love this.


Grace Unplugged

This is one of my kid's favorite movies. We have it on DVD, we usually just watch on streaming platforms, but this is one that we got for a road trip. I like the story and the music is good as well.

This is the story of a teenager named Grace who is a great singer. She sings in her church choir and helps her father who is the church worship pastor.

But she wants to be famous. When a former manager comes to visit the church, he gives her the opportunity she has always wanted. She heads to Los Angeles and New York to find fame.

However, she is pressured by the entertainment industry to break her Christian faith. What she learns is that fame frequently has a steep price to pay and that putting her talent to use for God is a greater dream.

Chris Tomlin does a guest appearance in this movie.


I Still Believe

When we watched this movie as a family, the whole family was in tears. Every single one of us, even my husband. This is a true story about the life of Jeremy Camp one of my favorite singers.

Jeremy is a young man who leaves his family to attend Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta, California. And that is where he meets Melissa Henning.

The two fall in love but their relationship is disrupted when Melissa is diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer. The two are married and begin the battle of cancer treatment.

Throughout her battle, Jeremy witnesses Melissa’s unwavering faith in God, believing that her life would be worth it if only one person's life was changed for the better.

Jeremy's faith is strengthened by Melissa, who believes she will be healed by God and writes songs reflecting his emotional state during her illness.

We see in the movie how God does a miracle and saves the life of Melissa. It is easy to worship and praise God after a miracle, but what do we do when a miracle doesn’t come?

God is good all the time and all the time God is good. Jeremy questions God but his faith is restored after reading Melissa's journal and writing the lyrics to the hit song "I Still Believe."


I Can Only Imagine

I love contemporary Christian music. Bart Millard is a Christian musician whom I greatly admire. The story from his childhood is a story of God’s forgiveness and riding a life that has been shattered.

Bart Millard's father, Arthur is an abusive alcoholic. It is through recommitting to his faith and rediscovering his love for Bart that the two men find grace.

Years later, as the lead vocalist of the Christian band MercyMe, Bart draws inspiration from his troubled upbringing and his repaired connection with his father to pen the hit song "I Can Only Imagine."

This song has helped so many people work through their grief. This movie was supposed to be on the big screen but the lockdowns started on its opening weekend.

But one more miracle happened. Since everyone was home they watched on streaming sites and suddenly it was a hit.


The Jesus Music

I only discovered this movie last week. As a fan of Gospel Music, I was excited to learn more.

The executive producers Erwin Brothers investigated the history of contemporary Christian music with an honest deep look at what happens behind the scenes.

In this Christian film, you will see favorite singers such as Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, Kari Jobe, and Lauren Daigle share their experiences. As I fan, I love seeing the behind-the-scenes footage.

If you love CCM you will enjoy this in-depth examination of the origins and development of Christian music features interviews with and footage of more than 25 performers, and it is certain to amuse viewers and spark open discussions among industry insiders.


To Joey with Love

I first heard about the Feeks when the story of Joey became national news on social media. USA Today covered the story of a cancer victim who was choosing to end her own life.

Joey who was diagnosed with the same form of cancer stood against assisted suicide showing that you can live and die with dignity. A lot of people were inspired by her story and her family tragedy turned into a message of hope.

I followed the story of Joey and Rory Feek, husband-and-wife singing team. Before cancer, they had already simplified their lives by putting their music career aside and staying at home.

They believed God would give them a great story, and they did. The new movie documents their journey from the birth of their daughter Indiana, born with Down Syndrome, to Joey's struggle with cancer and ultimately surrender to it.

The film promises a love story for the ages, inspiring hope and faith in those who experience it.

This is one of the best Christian movies that no one knows about. This is a story of faith you need to see. This is the story of a strong woman with faith in God.


Like A Country Song

Here is one more example that comes with faith-based films that feature the story of singers. This is the story of Jake Reeson a country singer heading toward stardom.

But like many people who find themselves in the spotlight, Jake struggles with his ego and his career, which falls apart due to partying and music. That is when an old girlfriend named Becca enters his life.

This is a story of falling in love, family secrets, a long-lost father, and a life built on lies. There are many plot twists that will remind us of all that family is important.

"Like a Country Song" is one of many faith-based films that teach us the importance of humility, forgiveness, and redemption in the face of pain.

This is a movie with Christian Content that you can watch as a whole family.