12 Christian Movies About Heaven - Place of Peace and Love

12 Christian Movies About Heaven - Place of Peace and Love

There are many tv shows and Christian films about heaven. Whether it is Easter weekend, or a family movie night watching faith-based films about the power of the Holy Spirit and Heaven is the best kind of movie to watch.


Heaven’s War

I was in college when the towers fell. I first heard what was happening outside of a class, and I thought the guy telling me was pranking me, I didn’t believe it.

But as I went into class the teacher began to tell us what was happening, and as the day progressed, we heard more and more. One of my best friends spent the day trying to get in contact with his mother, sisters, and nieces.

Every girl in the family was on a road trip and possibly on one of the flights. Thankfully they had not gotten on the flight and were found safe at the end of the day.

This was the first time I came face to face with the idea of terrorism. And what I have learned over the years, is that this battle is one between Heaven and hell.

This movie uses the story of Senator Jonah Tomas to show that terrorist is from the spirit realm.


I Believe

I ran Bible clubs for kids in the backyards of families for five years. There were a couple of times when a child came to Christ and their family did not approve.

This was always a difficult situation. If you are looking for family-friendly movies to watch this movie tells a story like this. Brian, a 9-year-old boy, Brian discovers Christians and their faith.

Brian’s family is opposed to his faith, but his prayers for veterans, sick children, and the opposition show others the power of faith.

This movie will inspire you to defend your faith and give you the courage and knowledge to stand strong.


Heaven is For Real

My children were very young when I first heard the story of the little boy who claimed to have gone to heaven and then returned back to earth.

I was obviously skeptical, and still today not sure what I think about it. But I did go to see the movie and enjoyed it. The young boy in the movie has a very compelling story.

Four-year-old Colton who underwent emergency surgery, tells the story of his near-death experience was well-received in the Christian drama film Heaven Is for Real. Colton describes seeing Jesus.

He also sees family members who have passed away. Even if his father a pastor is skeptical, Colton's account of Jesus matches the visions of a Lithuanian girl.

This is a great option for a family movie night.


Miracles From Heaven

This is a favorite movie in our family. I think my children watched it more times than I can count. If you are looking for a family movie to share hope and love with, this is the one I would recommend.

Jennifer Garner plays a mother who seems to have a perfect life, but when her 10-year-old daughter Anna has an incurable disease, a rare digestive disorder, the little girl seems to have no hope for the future.

The medical specialists can give her no answers. The main character shows she trusts Jesus and the power of prayer, and she shares her peace with other children in the hospital.

Then a freak accident changes everything. You do not want to miss this amazing movie by Sony pictures entertainment.


90 Minutes in Heaven

If you are looking for movies with Christian themes, here is a great option for you. This is a story of a man who faced a terrible accident. He has to battle to get his life back.

This movie is based on a true story. And if you are looking for a story to remind you that God is still in control, this is a great option for this.


A Matter of Life and Death 1946

I love watching old movies. My favorite movies are the old black-and-white movies from the beginning of cinematography history. If you are a fan of old movies, here is a great classic.

As a follower of Jesus Christ God is an essential part of my life. This is the story of Peter Carter a World War II aviator who has Jesus Christ as the essential party of his life as well.

He travels an escalator from heaven to earth. Although the movie was made in 1946 it uses cutting-edge cinematography for its time.


Letters to God

One Christmas our family exchanged family gifts. Each family gave a gift to one other family. My sister’s family gave us movie snacks, blankets, and a movie.

A perfect family movie night. This is the movie she gave us. Tyler Doherty, an eight-year-old boy, faces a terminal illness with courage and grace.

His faith in Jesus Christ and prayers are expressed through letters he composes and mails daily. When these letters reach Brady McDaniels, the town postman, he decides to share them, and the town discovers the power of Tyler’s unshakable faith.

Viewers of all ages will love this Dean Cain movie.



Sometimes life can seem pointless. We wake up, work, clean the house, feed our families, fall asleep, and then wake up to do it all again.

However, what seems like a list of pointless tasks can add up to a life that matters. I love movies where people find their purpose in life. Such films bring reminders to us to see the blessing around us.

This movie tells the story of Jonathan Stone. Jonathan is a paramedic who thinks his life has no purpose. But one day he finds himself suddenly in Heaven and learns what the purpose of his life was.


Heaven How I Got Here, A Night With The Thief on The Cross

The first films that had a spiritual impact on me was a movie that told the story of the thief on the cross. I was a young child when I watched it, and I don’t remember the name of the movie.

But that night I lay in bed and had such a long conversation with God, that even today 40 years later I remember it. This movie is a story of the death of Jesus Christ.

This Gospel movie is a story of eternal life from the point of view of a thief on the cross. The thief receives the ultimate gift of salvation.

The film’s title, Heaven How I got here, A Night with the Thief on the Cross, is the perfect title. This story shows forgiveness, grace, and new life.

If you are looking for a movie for church groups to watch, this is a great Easter option.


Little Notes to Heaven

I am a foster mother, and I am always on the lookout for movies that show you don’t have to continue generational trauma. This movie Little Notes from Heaven is a great example of that.

Amelia spent her life in an abusive family. Her stepbrother abuses her and there seems to be no hope in her life. Until she meets Kyle, who shows her the love of Jesus Christ.

In this movie, your family will learn about teenage romance, and how to deal with conflict and grief. There are many examples of possible conversations to have with your kids after watching this film.


Heaven is Waiting

My girls are grown. My oldest is 20 now, and my youngest is 17. The boys they are bringing home are now men. That can be a little upsetting as a mom.

But it can also be awesome. I am so thankful that I adore these young men as if they were my own sons. But it is an adjustment to start seeing your daughters as adults who have other men wanting to take care of them.

After Ned’s wife dies, he is left to raise his daughter alone. And when she reaches an age where she has a serious boyfriend, he is not sure what to do about it.

As a protective father, he vows to destroy the relationship and sees help from a neighbor, a single lady living in the area.

This is a story of love and humor. It is a perfect date night movie. Watch this faith-based movie with your family.


Heaven Bound

I was once told if someone kidnapped you, you would probably witness to them until they became Christians. That is a good, and somewhat funny reputation to have. And that is exactly what happens in this movie.

Comedies make the best Christian movies. This comedy is the story of a couple who rob the story of a Christian owner whom they hold captive.

The Christian then takes that opportunity to witness to them and try to convince them to come to Christ.