6 Christian Movies With Dean Cain

6 Christian Movies With Dean Cain

You probably know actor Dean Cain from the TV series Lois and Clark's New Adventures of Superman based on the DC comics where he played the role of Clark Kent.

Today he is more famous for being an American actor in our favorite movies in the Faith-based films genre. The Pure Flix streaming service is the best place to look for his films.


I love to listen to podcasts and one of my favorite podcasts is the Andrew Klavan podcast on the Daily Wire. He has written 41 books and the screenplay for five movies.

Gosnell is one of the movies he wrote, and this true story is in my opinion his best one. I remember when the trial of Gosnell was happening. The press was refusing to cover it and ignored the horror that came out of the trial.

When the movie came out, I was excited to learn the story was being told. Gosnell is the story of Dr. Kermit Gosnell's Philadelphia abortion clinic. His clinic was a house of horrors, with rumors of his involvement in the 1972 Mother's Day Massacre.

The movie Gosnell's Trial, Gosnell: The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer, focuses on one baby, Baby A, and the tragic case of an immigrant woman who died after Gosnell's unlicensed workers gave her a fatal dose of painkiller.

This is not an inspirational true story, it is a story of horror, but one we need to hear. We all go about our daily lives while the horrors of abortion happen behind closed doors.

If we don’t as people of faith stand and speak for the unborn who will? This is a hard movie to watch but one that we all need to see. Young people especially should watch this movie, and I recommend it for youth groups to watch.

Sometimes we may think that one single person can’t change the horrors of abortion, but if we all do our part we can end the horrible practice. The large majority rise up and speak. This is my favorite movie with Dean Cain.

Sweet Inspirations

There is a little shop in our town across from the local elementary school. It is a thrift store and the proceeds from the shop go to help local families that are struggling.

The shop was the brainchild of a group of moms from the elementary school. When I hear about Sweet Inspirations I thought about these moms right away.

When four middle-aged women start a novel fundraising campaign to prevent a nearby women's shelter from going into foreclosure, they find meaning and push their friendship and personal boundaries.

Dean Cain plays the husband of one of the four women on the mission to save the shelter in this inspirational film that will encourage charitable giving in the entire community.

We can help rebuild the lives of others. There are a whole bunch of different things we can all do to help the charities in our community.

Maybe watching this movie will inspire your family to find a way to help others.

The Way Home

Sometimes as parents, we can work so hard that we forget about what is most important. Our children are suddenly grown, and we missed it because we were busy on our phones or working.

This is a movie that will remind you to keep your family as your priority. In this movie, Cain's character Randy Simpkins is a busy father struggling to balance work and home life.

His wife, Christal, asks him to watch the little kid, leading to horror when their son disappears. Despite the tragedy, the story becomes a story of hope as the whole community rallies around the family to search for the missing two-year-old son Joe.

The desperate search will keep you on the edge of your seat. Christian films are a great way to teach a lesson. When we see the entire community search for the missing son, we are reminded to love others and show grace and compassion.

Faith Under Fire

We will be here on earth until it is God’s time for us to go home. That is probably the hardest lesson for us to learn in life.

Family films are a great way to help our family learn this important life lesson. In Cain’s feature Faith under Fire Cain plays Tom Hatcher, a firefighter, who is at his wits' end.

Tom is a great guy who saves lives, but he was unable to cure his wife's cancer. The fight is now being waged by his daughter. In his most difficult moments, Tom receives a challenge from an unlikely friend to confront his loss and embrace faith.

No Vacancy

There are a lot of people who struggle with hard times in our world today. Homeless families living in a homeless shelter. We can help by serving the local community.

As Christians, we should be the first ones to help out. In the movie No Vacancy a reporter Brandi Michaels in Leesburg, Florida, as she investigates Pastor Cliff Lea and the First Baptist Church of Leesburg's efforts to support homeless people.

The film's Christian, biblical, moral worldview emphasizes prayer, trusting God, redemption, and unity. The film is engaging and supports the church's call to care for the needy.

Meant to Be

Life is so valuable, and as a pro-life speaker, I am always looking for good films that show the value of every life. This movie does show the value of every life.

Dean Cain and Erika Eleniak star in "Meant to Be," a touching movie about Mike and Linda's struggles with regret and their son's rejection. Linda's life challenges her faith, but she becomes a symbol of love and compassion when counseling a pregnant girl.

The film highlights the value of life in an entertaining and thoughtful manner. Doing the right thing is a great way to find relief from life’s struggles. One little decision can change your life forever.

Every life can have a radical transformation when we let God have power and control of our life.