12 Fun Christian Activities for Children

12 Fun Christian Activities for Children

As parents or teachers, we often struggle to find creative and interesting ways to keep our children entertained, especially during the summer months.

However, with a little bit of imagination and some planning, we can come up with plenty of fun Christian activities that will keep our children occupied and help them learn and grow in their faith.

Here are 12 ideas for enjoyable Christian activities for children.


Dancing and Singing

Do you have a favorite Christian song? Why not teach your children the lyrics and choreograph a simple dance together to go along with it.


Church Picnic

During the summer months, many churches schedule annual picnics for families who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life for a day to enjoy Christian fellowship with other families in their area.

Take your children along for some fun outdoor activities, such as tug-of-war, catch, kickball or volleyball.


Kids' Church

Some churches have special times during Sunday morning worship services when the children are dismissed to their own worship service, usually taught by volunteers who are specifically trained to work with kids.

This is a great way for your children to learn more about the Bible in an interactive setting.


Bible Story Time

Many parents enjoy reading stories from the Bible to their children as a way of teaching them about God's love.

Why not take this one step further by teaching your children how to read the Bible on their own?


Go to the Nature

Take your children to the park and teach them about nature as you venture off the beaten path.

Look for signs of animals, such as animal tracks or dirt mounds, and talk to your kids about how God created our world to be a beautiful place.


Bible story coloring pages


Children can color pictures of Bible stories and learn the stories at the same time.

There are many different coloring pages available for free online, or you can purchase a coloring book specifically devoted to Bible stories.


Service Projects

Many churches have service projects that children can participate in as a way of giving back to the community.

Whether it's making sandwiches for the homeless or packing boxes of food for those in need, your children will learn how to be grateful for what God has given them and gain a deeper understanding of how important it is to share those blessings with others.


Prayer journaling

This is a great way for children to develop a personal relationship with God. They can write down their prayers, thoughts, and concerns.

Prayer journaling can be done over several days, weeks or months and then stapled together into a booklet that can be used as a keepsake.

Prayer beads

These are used to count down how many times a child prays each day or per week. It is a great way for children to become aware of their own prayer habits.


Christian bingo

This can be played just like normal bingo but with Christian-themed words and images.

For example, the words might be "Bethlehem," "Nazareth," "Heaven" or "Prayer." You can play with them by yourself, or with a group of friends.


Christian crossword puzzles


Crossword puzzles is a great way to get children into Bible study. You can make them together, or use a pre-made one.



Some examples of crafting about Christian themes are making a simple cross out of popsicle sticks, creating a bookmark with a Bible verse on it, or making a necklace with a small cross charm.


Final thoughts

These are just a few ideas to get you started. With a little bit of creativity, you can come up with plenty of fun activities that will help your children learn and grow in their faith.

However, keep in mind that as much as they love doing these activities, it is also important for them to spend time with you as well.

Many studies have shown that family time is beneficial to children's development, both spiritually and emotionally.

So be sure to set aside some time each week for just the two of you to talk and enjoy each other's company.