11 Christian Movies with Black Actors That Will Inspire Us to See Different Points of View

11 Christian Movies with Black Actors That Will Inspire Us to See Different Points of View

We live in a time of racial tension. But as Christians, we know that our identity is not in the color of our skin but in the savior that we follow.

We are all brothers and sisters in Christ. We need to be reminded of that sometimes. It is important to me that my family sees people who are of a different race than them worshiping God.

This is why it is important to have black actors in our Christian films. If you are an African-American family, then it is vital that your family sees a black cast in the Christian movies you watch.

When we see black and white actors side by side serving Jesus Christ we see a beautiful picture of the church Jesus created.


Nothing Without God II

This is a very low-budget film, but it is a movie you can watch on YouTube. I like to see the movies of new producers because I know when they make some money from a movie that gives them a better budget for the next one.

We can’t expect the same level of film production that we would see in mainstream entertainment. This is the second movie by this group.

In this second chapter of his journey, we see a young man named Keenan Robinson who just finished college. He is struggling to find his true calling in life and keeps his head above water.

Keenan takes Marvin, his younger foster brother, under his wing in order to encourage him to walk more closely with God.

Keenan understands that this life is not all about him and that he has a purpose from God to help others, the only thing is he has his own set of personal struggles to overcome.

Together, they face a variety of hurdles, problems, and decisions related to mortality.


War Room

The movie War Room is an example of a movie that has a larger budget because people were patient as Alex Kendrick made movies. Each one has a larger budget and was produced at a higher quality.

Every person I talked to who watched the movie War Room has told me they were impacted in a huge way. In this movie, we see an African-American family that is struggling.

The husband is about to have an affair and is making some unethical and illegal business choices. The wife, Elizabeth, is ready to leave her husband, and their beautiful daughter is a young girl lost in the middle.

On the outside, this family looks perfect but as we look inside, we see the family is about to collapse. But then we meet Miss Clara, an older, wiser woman who wants to help the family.

Elizabeth begs God to "make him love me again” Miss Clara shows God’s answer is in the power of prayer. She creates a payer closet and finds the peace of God when she prays.

A lot of godly people have forgotten that our heavenly father is there to help us when we reach out and ask him. This great film will remind you of the role of faith in our family.

We also see the importance of a strong nuclear family, and how a good earthly father will point our children to our heavenly father.


He Who Finds a Wife

This is a movie that is a warning to avoid temptations. For a long time, the entertainment industry has shown sexual immorality in a good light.

But in this movie, we see that a lot of temptations lead to destruction. In the movie He Who Finds A Wife, the soon-to-be-married pair Ansel and Lauren find themselves facing the results of falling for the temptation Satan has put before them.

On the surface, everything seems perfect, but beneath the surface, uncertainty is simmering and posing a threat to everything they have accomplished together. When Ansel begins working with a new, gorgeous woman, things only get worse.



This is another movie made by the Kendrick brothers. They make the best Christian movies.

I appreciate how the Kendrick brothers always have black people in their movies and show them as productive important people in society.

Overcomer is an example of this. In this movie, we see the Christian principal, a strong black woman, who is the one who leads the rest of the cast to move them to overcome their challenges.

She is the person we all want to be. She is a positive picture of a woman people look to for guidance.

When unexpected news deflates his high school basketball team's hopes of winning the state championship, coach John Harrison's world is flipped upside down.

The difficulties John and his family are facing must be overcome. When the principal of the school asks John to fill in and coach a sport he doesn't know or like, John is unhappy and questions if his life has any value anymore.

Then he finds a student who is struggling with her own trip. She is the only person on the track team.


My Brother’s Keeper

Growing up Joey Lawrence was one of my favorite actors. In fact, I had a poster of him on my wall as a teenager. So, I was excited to see this new movie. This is an outstanding example of a faith-based film  -My Brother's Keeper.

If you're looking for a movie with a positive message of hope and faith in the face of pain, go no further than this one. In this movie, we see the story of SFC Travis Fox (TC Stallings), a veteran who is dealing with PTSD after a near-death experience.

Fox and his best friend, SFC Ron "Preach" Pearcy (played by Joey Lawrence), are serving their sixth combat tour when SFC Ron "Preach" Pearcy and his entire Ranger unit are tragically slain by an IED strike.

Travis returns to the small town where he grew up. He had to deal with his parents' affairs after they passed away. During his time dealing with his parent's affairs, he runs into a fresh PTSD challenge.

He receives assistance from Tiffany Robertson, a church counselor played by Keshia Knight-Pulliam, and gradually rediscovers his faith in God until he learns a secret.

Travis learns a secret that his best buddy Donnie Berry (Robert Ri'chard) has been keeping, which interferes with his growing faith, and brings back his pain and regrets.


Hav Faith

I grew up in a pastor’s home. So, when I see a movie about church life I am always interested. There has been a flood of faith films in recent years, especially with pure flix coming on the screen.

But when I see a movie about a pastor then I want to see it.  In the movie Hav Faith, we see Hamilton A. Vaughn, a performer who lands an interesting job.

In a shocking turn of events, he finds himself in the new position of church leader. His life gradually begins to have a new purpose once he reconnects with his old buddy Faith.

But nothing is as flawless as it appears to be. His appointment is opposed by certain churchgoers, particularly the son of the previous bishop.

To overcome challenges and prosper, Hamilton A. Vaughn will need to find faith and strength within himself.

This is an example of a movie that falls into the genre of black Christian movies, and it is a great movie with themes of faith and strength.


Down by the River

I am always looking for a movie that shows a true story. The historical accuracy is important, and the movie Down by the River is both of these things.

This is the story of a family with a beautiful daughter diagnosed with sickle cell disease. As a mother I found this movie to be very moving.

This is a movie that would be enjoyed by more than religious audiences. This is a movie for everyone.


The Gospel

This is a story about the power of The Gospel. I love a movie that shows Christian values. I am a church girl; I have spent my whole life in the church.

I have seen a huge culture shift latency. People don’t see the importance of church like they once did. David is leading a fast-paced, trend-setting lifestyle; he enjoys success, wealth, and a sizable social network.

When David's father develops a serious illness, he goes back to his childhood home. This is when we begin to see the true power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



Here is another example of a true story. The American film takes place in the 1960s and 70s. This is the story of a talented high school football player who must learn to value both his talent and faith as he battles racial tensions both on and off the field.

This is the true story of an Alabama high school football team and the rise of Tony Nathan, a former Miami Dolphins running back.

In this movie, we see how a man of faith is able to lead the school through racial tensions and show them we are all one people. People created by God.


Harriet Tubman: They Called Her Moses

Harriet Tubman is one of my favorite historical heroes. In this biographical film, we see the story of the real Harriet Tubman! In American history, Harriet Tubman is a well-known and revered figure.

But few are aware of the specifics of her story, the depth of her character, or the inner motives that fueled her. It doesn’t matter if you have white or black children, all our children need to know the story of this great hero.

Harriet Tubman, who was born into slavery in Maryland in the 1820s, would go on to perform incredible acts of bravery and self-sacrifice as a result of her steadfast Christian faith.

Hundreds of African-American slaves were freed because of her noble efforts. Because of her unwavering faith in God and compassion for humanity, Tubman was known as "the Moses of her people.

I want to see such films as this great story of Harriet Tubman to be shown in our schools. I am a homeschooled mother, so this is a film I showed my children as part of their education.


Not Easily Broken

Here is one final movie your family will love to see. T.D. Jakes is a great preacher, and this movie is based on a novel he wrote.

This is a story of Clarice who is injured in a car accident and then reexamines choices in her life.